Do you enjoy playing games? Are you good at it? Do you have charisma and a good sense of humor? You should start a gamer career, then. Gamers are people who play interesting things, record gameplay on pc or phone, do online translations, and earn huge cash by living their best lives. Sounds great, isn’t it? However, the ability to solve puzzles, to be not afraid of screamers in horror games, and to come up with a suitable joke aren’t the only things you have. Gamers need proper game recorders to make their videos look good. That’s why we’re here! We prepared a bunch of sites that may be useful for you. So, get ready!

To begin with, you’ll need a fairly powerful computer to consistently record or stream your gameplay online without lags. If your computer does not allow you to stream LoL or the champion fight in Dota 2, try to start with simpler games. Here we go!

Movavi Video Suite

A multifunctional solution that allows you to capture video with an audio track from almost any source and in reasonably high quality. It can be captured from the screen, from a modern or even a VHS video camera. The software features include processing and cutting the recorded video, converting it to the desired format, and adding titles and various effects. However, to edit a video, you will have to purchase another component – Screen Capture.

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The program will run on computers with any current version of Windows and MacOS. When used for free, videos are watermarked, and the recording time is limited to 5 minutes. After 7 days, the trial period ends, and the user is offered to subscribe to the paid version of Movavi Video Suite.


This is a utility whose main purpose is to capture video from the screen. It is used to record gameplay and movie excerpts and to create training videos. The result is high-quality and does not take up much space in the PC’s memory. When recording, you can select a specific part of the screen or the entire area. This feature will be useful when working with two screens or creating a video of a specific area without unnecessary demonstration of the desktop.

Additional features of the program include low system requirements and minimal CPU load, as the ability to save videos in AVI, MPEG-1, XviD, and MJPEG formats. It also allows you to pause the recording and use hotkeys.

Bandicam works only on Windows PCs. Among the disadvantages of the program is the limitation of its free version, which allows you to record a video lasting only 10 minutes. Also, such a video will show a watermark with the editor’s name. You can get rid of it by paying for a perpetual license. But there is a plus: Bandicam has no trial period, and you can use the program for free as long as you want.

OBS Studio

A fairly functional and, most importantly, free utility. It allows you to record videos and upload them to various streaming services, including Twitch and YouTube. It allows you to record user actions and gameplay, simultaneously conduct several broadcasts and save videos in high quality in MP4 or FLV formats.

The program supports hardware acceleration to reduce the conversion time, but it works fine on a modern office PC.

Among the disadvantages of the program are the inability to run on Windows XP computers and the appearance of black bars on the image when recording video in full-screen mode. However, it will run on PCs running Windows 7 and higher, as well as on MacOS 10.0 and later and modern versions of Linux. You can use the capabilities of OBS Studio free of charge and without any restrictions.

UVScreenCamera 6

A simple and convenient program used to record games and create educational content. It allows you to record the entire screen, only a rectangular area selected by the user or a selected window with the interface of the desired application.

It is possible to manually adjust the size of the captured area, as well as record audio from a microphone, speaker, or other devices along with the video. In the built-in editor, you can add sound to the finished video, completely replace the audio track, or edit the audio. When capturing the screen, the utility can highlight mouse clicks and show pressed keyboard shortcuts.

The list of disadvantages of the program, which runs on both Windows and MacOS, includes the possibility of sound loss when recording long videos. And when recording short videos, the editor converts them to their format. In addition, some menu items are not available in the free version. UVScreenCamera 6 does not have a trial period, and you will have to pay for a license to get all the features.