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Microsoft’s xCloud service is an ambitious streaming platform that allows users to play games over the internet. It is currently in preview and is available for web browsers, Android devices, Windows 10 PCs, and more.

This overview will go through the system requirements for xCloud, what you need to use the service, and how you can get started:

What is xCloud?

Microsoft’s xCloud is a new game streaming service from Microsoft that allows gamers to play console-quality video games on their smartphones, tablets, PCs and more. The service puts powerful gaming experiences at the fingertips of more people than ever before, regardless of device or platform.

xCloud is still in preview, but you can try it today on iOS and Android smartphones with an Xbox Wireless Controller connected via Bluetooth. You also have the choice to use touch controls or other accessories such as Razer’s Kishi mobile controller dock. Currently available in over 22 countries, xCloud will expand further in the coming months.

Microsoft is also introducing xCloud for the web later this year, making it easier for gamers to access cloudgaming experiences from practically any device with a browser – including Macs and PCs for example. Here’s a first look at what you can expect when using xCloud for the web:

  1. Support for multiple browser environments – Access cloud games on Chrome, Edge and Safari browsers.
  2. Support up to 1080p with 60 frames per second and 4K UHD quality gaming experience – Games look beautiful with details that bring your favorite titles to life like never before.
  3. System requirements without sacrificing performance – Bitrate throttling ensures smoother gameplay while consuming minimal data even on low bandwidth connections.
  4. Easy sign-in – Sign in with your Xbox account so you don’t have to remember your userID and password every time you want to play games via the cloud.
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xCloud is an exciting way for gamers around the world to experience console-quality games no matter what device they use or where they are located – at home or on vacation – all without waiting hours upon hours in downloads! Gamers of all ages are sure to appreciate its convenience and accessibility advantages over traditional gaming models.

What are the features of xCloud?

Microsoft’s xCloud is a cloud-based gaming platform that allows the user to stream games from the cloud for play on any device. The platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure, a reliable, global cloud based system.

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With xCloud, you can play your favorite Xbox One and PC games on devices including your home console, Windows 10 PCs, iOS devices, Android devices and more. Games are streamed in 1080p resolution with up to 60 frames per second over the internet. As with all streaming services bandwidth requirements apply.

The service requires at least 10 Mbps downstream connection speed or higher for good performance; however Microsoft recommends 15Mbps or higher for the optimal gaming experience. You will also need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for access to the service; no additional charges apply.

xCloud also offers a variety of additional features including:

  • Cloud saves which allow players to keep their data securely stored in the cloud so they can easily resume their game on another device if needed.
  • Remote play which allows users to use an Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth support over USB or Bluetooth connection.
  • Party Chat options are available between platforms so you can coordinate game sessions with friends and family members who may be playing on different systems.
  • Direct xRay integration which allows gamers to access premium features not available through traditional consoles such as special audio effects and controller input optimization.

System Requirements

Microsoft recently released xCloud as part of their new gaming service. This new service allows gamers to play their favorite games anytime, anywhere. Before using xCloud, you’ll need to make sure your system meets the minimum requirements.

Let’s go through the system requirements you’ll need to properly use Microsoft’s xCloud:

Operating System Requirements

Microsoft’s xCloud technology is available on both Android and iOS devices. However, while accessing xCloud on either of these platforms requires an active internet connection, it also requires an up-to-date operating system.

For Android users, the version of your device’s OS must be Android 5.0 or higher to access the xCloud streaming service. To check your device’s operating system version, go to Settings > About Phone > Android Version.

On the iOS platform, for iPhones and iPads running iOS 13 or above you will be able to take advantage of this streaming technology from Microsoft. For those still running iOS 12 or lower will not have support for xCloud at launch time but will have access soon after launch date. To check what version your device is currently running please go to Settings > General > About and look for Software Version which should display the device’s current system software version.

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Users are encouraged to ensure their mobile devices are kept up to date so they can take advantage of all the features included in Microsoft’s new cloud-based streaming service, including world-class gaming titles available through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription services.

Network Requirements

To run Microsoft xCloud on the web, it is important to meet network requirements. This will ensure that the streaming experience through xCloud runs smoothly and without interruption. Here’s a look at the network requirements:

  • An Internet connection of 10 Mbps down and 4 Mbps up is required for full 1080p HD streaming with 30 FPS.
  • A 5GHz wireless router is highly recommended for the best experience, but not required.
  • xCloud’s adaptive streaming technology can adjust performance based on bandwidth availability and can run at 480p resolution with minimal latency with 4 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up (or equivalent).
  • Most public networks such as airports and cafes are well suited for xCloud gaming. Additionally, whitelisting or allowing traffic on UDP port 8876 or 443 might be needed if a player experiences any lag or connection issues while connected to a public network like this.

Hardware Requirements

To access the upcoming xCloud streaming service, there are a few hardware requirements you’ll need to meet.

The main hardware requirement to access xCloud is a Windows 10 system with at least 8GB of RAM and a compatible graphics card. An Intel Core i5 processor or better is also recommended. On the plus side, having more RAM and a more powerful processor will result in higher performance when streaming games.

In addition to this, you will also need an Xbox One controller for use with xCloud. To ensure compatibility with your chosen PC, you should make sure that it has Bluetooth 4.0+ or USB port support for Xbox controllers as well as any additional accessories or controllers used.

Lastly, please bear in mind that depending on your connection type and wifi range, you may experience reduced performance while playing online games via xCloud. If so, simply check again at a later time when connectivity is improved.

Cost of xCloud

xCloud, Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, enables users to play their favorite console or PC games on any device. Despite the exciting prospect of being able to stream games from the cloud, you must factor in the cost associated with xCloud. Fortunately, Microsoft offers an extensive range of subscription plans that can accommodate most gaming budgets. Let’s explore the costs of using xCloud further.

Pricing Plans

Microsoft has lots of options to choose from when it comes to the cost of its xCloud service. The cloud platform offers services for a variety of different levels, allowing users to meet their exact needs and demands.

At the lowest tier, users can purchase an Azure Support Plan for $100 per month. This plan should be sufficient for small businesses and individuals who don’t require many resources or assistance and can manage their account on their own.

For more serious requirements, Microsoft offers three professionally managed Enterprise Plans with varying levels of support.

These plans are ideal for larger businesses that need additional scalability, provisioning, strategizing, and monitoring:

  • Premium Plan: Starts at $1,200/month
  • Standard Plan: Starts at $800/month
  • Basic Plan: Starts at $400/month

For users needing extra specialized help with custom projects or development work there is also a Professional Services option available. This package provides professional consultations on numerous technology related topics as needed by customers who may not otherwise have access to such expertise. Pricing is negotiated by Microsoft based upon the project’s scope and magnitude and requires significant investments.

Free Trial

Microsoft’s xCloud for the web is now available with a free trial and offers full access to the entire Xbox Game Pass library. It has system requirements that are very reasonable and can run on most computers without an issue. The xCloud Trial runs directly from your web browser and does not require you to download any additional software.

To begin your free trial, all you need to do is create an account on the Xbox website and use it to log into the xCloud. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be taken through some simple steps to get started with your trial. During this process, you’ll need to agree to Microsoft’s Terms of Service as well as verify some basic information about yourself, such as your name, email address, and zip code. Once that’s complete, you’re ready to start playing!

The beauty of the xCloud trial is that it offers gamers a great first look at what the platform can do without breaking their budgets or investing heavily in hardware setup costs. It may just be a taste of what’s available from Microsoft through its cloud gaming service— but it provides a great way for gaming enthusiasts of all levels of experience and technical aptitude to try before they buy. Plus, with no software required other than a compatible web browser (Chrome, Edge or Safari), once Xbox fans sign up they can hit the ground running right away!

Here’s a first look at Microsoft’s xCloud for the web

Microsoft’s xCloud is a streaming service that allows users to access and play console games on their PC, phone or tablet. This service requires a certain hardware and software setup. Here’s a first look at the system requirements for xCloud for the web. We will cover the minimum and recommended system requirements, the supported browsers and operating systems, and more.

User Interface

Microsoft’s xCloud for the web features an intuitive user interface that quickly helps you find the entertainment you need. From your gaming favorites like PUBG, Overwatch and Rocket League to streaming services like Netflix, YouTube and Hulu, all your entertainment choices are made quickly and easily with a few clicks of the controller.

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The interface also allows you to connect to both Xbox Live and PC multiplayer games with your friends.

To take advantage of xCloud for the web, users must have a Microsoft account with verified identity through or Game Pass Ultimate. Depending on your device, you may be able to use Chromecast for streaming content directly from xCloud or else connect wirelessly via web browser or Android phone. If your device does not meet the system requirements for xCloud, then other streaming apps can still be used on devices running iOS and Android 6 operating systems.

Supported Games

Microsoft’s xCloud for the web allows games to be streamed directly to your web browser with no downloads or installs. Currently, only a selection of games are supported, but more will be added in the coming months.

At launch, gamers can play more than 30 Xbox titles on their PCs through xCloud for the web – from fan-favorite action games like “Gears 5” and “Forza Horizon 4”, to family favorites like “LEGO Movie 2 Videogame” and “Uno”. The full list of supported Xbox Games can be found here.

More games will be added in the future, so it’s worth checking back regularly. As part of its commitment to bring gaming experiences closer to gamers anywhere, Microsoft is also continuing work on Project xCloud across a variety of platforms including PC, mobile and streaming devices as well as continued expansion into new markets.

Performance and Quality

Microsoft’s xCloud gaming service was originally developed for mobile devices, however, it has now become available on web browsers. It provides an immersive gaming experience, with excellent performance and quality even running over the internet.

So what are the system requirements for you to have a great experience gaming on xCloud?

  • To get started playing games with xCloud, your device must meet certain minimum requirements. These include an up-to-date version of Chrome or Edge (the Chromium version is recommended), at least 8GB of RAM and a dedicated graphics card with 3GB VRAM or better.
  • Additionally, you will also need a reliable internet connection with good ping rates and low latency to ensure good streaming quality. A 5GHz wireless link is recommended for optimal performance.

Once your device meets these requirements, you’ll be able to access and play the impressive library of games available with xCloud on the web. To ensure smooth gameplay even over variable network conditions, Microsoft provides several cloud servers located around the world that offer local access and stronger connections than their competitors can provide.

If you need an extra boost in power while playing your favorite game on Xbox Live or any other gaming platform like Steam or PlayStation Network, Microsoft’s cloud server can help improve performance. It is possible to increase your game’s resolution size whenever needed by calling additional compute resources from the server located closer to you. This greatly reduces latency and lets players take full advantage of graphical upgrades when available without having to worry about connectivity issues or lags during online gameplay sessions.