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Cyberpion, a cyber security firm based in Silicon Valley, recently announced that it had secured a $27 million Series A funding round. This funding will extend the company’s operations and capabilities to protect against external attack surface management and protection threats.

This news raises the profile of Cyberpion as a leader in the rapidly evolving security market. This article will examine Cyberpion’s place in the external attack surface management and protection market.

Definition of external attack surface management and protection

External attack surface management and protection is an area of cybersecurity that focuses on proactively assessing, monitoring, and mitigating threats against an organization’s external assets. This includes physical assets such as computer networks, servers, laptops, endpoints, and cloud-based services and data.

Organizations use external attack surface management and protection solutions to assess their current level of risk by identifying all potential attack vectors, understanding their threat environment, using threat intelligence to detect new threats before they reach their environment, analyzing logs for advanced insights into malicious activity or suspicious behavior, setting rules to monitor external attacks in near-real time, implementing security policies to control access control lists (ACLs) in real time and applying adaptive firewall rules.

The main goals of external attack surface management solutions are preventing breaches—deliberately avoiding the situations that cause a breach—and providing insight and actionable intelligence to help organizations respond more quickly when responding to a potential issue. Hence the goal of this type of solution is to enable an organization’s security team with the visibility required to quickly detect threats from outside their network’s perimeters by scanning public facing services such web servers then allowing them take proactive measures against them.

Cyberpion is a market leader in the External Attack Surface Management Solutions space by building out best-in-class products that include asset discovery & reconnaissance (ADR), vulnerability assessment & modeling (VAM), application fraud protection (AFP), identity & privileged access analytics (IPAA). Additionally, multi-factor authentication enabled solutions around external attack mitigation & prevention With offices spread across India , Israel , Singapore , Nigeria among others – Cyberpion today has secured $27M Series A Funding led by Ten Eleven Ventures which brings its total funding so far up to $38M .The company will now focus on its leadership position in core product suite and extend its attack surface protection capabilities into areas like Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) while expanding its Global footprint across Europe & Americas .

Overview of the external attack surface management and protection market

The external attack surface management and protection market is an emerging sector in the cyber security industry. It is estimated to rapidly expand in 2021 as organizations globally focus on protecting their organizations from external threats. This surge has been fueled by increased large-scale data breaches and increasing resources directed toward cyber security.

Existing solutions typically focus on combating internal threats, such as antivirus protection and penetration testing, while leaving organizations vulnerable to advanced external threats. In response to the need for improved protection, several vendors have emerged with solutions designed to target the risk posed by malicious third parties outside an organization’s direct physical boundaries. This includes automated scanning and discovery tools, visibility devices, threat intelligence networks, dedicated security services and analytics platforms designed to detect and protect against potential external threats.

Cyberpion is one such vendor that recently secured $27M series A funding round for its external attack surface management and protection platform. The platform leverages automation for continual monitoring of accessible network components. It reviews them for areas of exposures or vulnerabilities based on open source intelligence sources gathered through internet-wide scanning activities providing visibility into enterprise assets at scale.

Cyberpion Secures $27M Series A Funding for Extending External Attack Surface Management and Protection

Cyberpion, a leader in external attack surface management and protection, recently secured $27M Series A funding, which will help the company expand it’s offering in the market. This follows a successful launch of their product in 2020, which has seen increasing user adoption.

For companies looking to better manage and protect their external attack surface, Cyberpion provides the necessary security and peace of mind. So look closely at Cyberpion’s place in the external attack surface protection market.

Cyberpion’s technology and services

Cyberpion is a pioneering cyber security company, with a mission to secure the extended attack surface of organizations and protect them from external attacks. Their award-winning technology and services leverage proactive threat intelligence, advanced analytics, automated incident response, and machine learning capabilities to protect customers from even the most sophisticated attackers.

Cyberpion series u.s. partnerslardinoistechcrunch

cyberpion series u.s. partnerslardinoistechcrunch

Cyberpion’s proprietary platform provides comprehensive visibility into the external attack surface of an organization by delivering insights on detected threats before they become damaging incidents. This includes real-time monitoring of activity and alerts on malicious network activity, DNS traffic, malicious URL discovery in emails and documents, and data exfiltration attempts for compliance purposes. It also offers an automated incident response capability that allows organizations to respond to externally initiated incidents in minimal time. This helps reduce the time required for remediation which is critical when organizations face rapidly evolving threats or limited resources.

Furthermore, Cyberpion’s platform can be integrated with 3rd party intelligence services such as virus protection systems or domain reputation services for effective malware detection and preventing access attempts via phishing activities. Its solutions are tailored for enterprise environments such as those within finance and healthcare sector where data confidentiality is crucial – especially when extended outside premises via cloud applications or other mobile technologies that may not be protected sufficiently by traditional security measures; making Cyberpion Secures $27M Series A Funding round strategically beneficial globally.

Cyberpion’s competitive advantage

Cyberpion’s ability to unify the numerous weapons in the fight against external attacks sets it apart from its competitors. Cyberpion developed a comprehensive platform that includes orchestrated asset scanning, threat intelligence, policy compliance assurance and proactive risk analysis depending on the selected modules and feature packages. In addition, cyberpion is the only company with a unified platform that has reconfigured consulting services to help customers fully understand their attack surface.

One of the biggest advantages of Cyberpion is how its platform can quickly detect misconfigurations and provide real-time remedial actions for any discovered threats. Its platform monitors for new changes in an organization’s attack surface by identifying historic and emerging threats to reduce time spent on compliance processing and system optimization.

Another advantage of signing up with Cyberpion is its multi-vector strategy stemming from partnerships between machine learning and human intelligence, adding extra protection against malicious actors. This approach reduces risks associated with other companies, such as employees unaware of all the potential data points, making it easier for cybercriminals to access sensitive information or cause other serious issues.

Through securing $27M Series A funding, Cyberpion is cruising ahead, leveraging security systems to further protect organizations from various attack vectors staying ahead of its competitors within the external attack surface management and protection market.

Cyberpion’s recent $27M Series A funding

Cyberpion has recently secured a $27M Series A funding round to expand its external attack surface management and protection platform. This capital injection is expected to help the company keep up with the quickly changing threat landscape and make security easier for customers.

This investment will strengthen Cyberpion’s position in the External Attack Surface Management and Protection market by allowing further scalability, innovation, and customer-focused upgrades. Cyberpion says these new resources will be critical for continued product development, customer onboarding, customer training, strategic hiring efforts, and developing go-to-market initiatives.

cyberpion 27m partnerslardinoistechcrunch

The company is now poised to become a leader in helping customers build resilient digital security measures that can persevere in today’s ever-changing environment and support improved visibility into cyber risk across their digital attack surfaces. With this investment event, more businesses will have access to robust security solutions that can protect their systems against cyber threats coming from the external environment.

The External Attack Surface Management and Protection market is a highly competitive sector that requires constant innovation – companies must be able to stay ahead of adversaries by proactively managing threats before they happen. This new injection of capital will significantly aid Cyberpion’s development and help it gain an advantage over its competitors in an increasingly crowded space.

Benefits of Cyberpion’s Technology

Cyberpion has developed a comprehensive security platform to extend the external attack surface management and protection. The platform has been designed to offer automated assessment, identification, and remediation capabilities that help organizations identify and respond to external attacks faster and more easily.

In this article, we will discuss the various benefits associated with Cyberpion’s technology and explain why the company has been able to secure $27M Series A funding for further development and distribution of products.

Increased visibility and control of the external attack surface

Cyberpion, the leading provider of external attack surface management and protection solutions, recently announced the successful close of its Series A funding round totaling $27M. This will allow Cyberpion to continue broadening its capability to guard against high-severity threats targeting the extended enterprise.

Using multiple technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and graph analytics, Cyberpion enables organizations to quickly and effectively identify threats in their external attack surface while protecting against them in real time. The company’s unparalleled visibility into the external environment uses a proprietary data-centric approach that considers multiple parameters including IP address, domain name system (DNS) information, whois lookup, certificate details and more. Ultimately, this gives customers greater control over their external ecosystem by giving them real-time knowledge about all activity occurring within it to create proactive defenses.

Regardless of size or regulatory requirements, Cyberpion equips enterprises with a comprehensive approach for all areas of risk management about external attack surfaces. This includes identifying potential risks due to hosted content or applications, phishing campaigns for credential harvesting purposes, malware proliferation over email networks or webpages, malicious domains redirecting users away from legitimate websites and networks and other types of malicious activity targeting the extended company network boundaries from the outside world.

Organizations worldwide seek comprehensive security solutions that provide immediate protection from advanced threats while offering resilience against future attacks. As this need continues to remain critical amid rapid digital transformation initiatives across industries worldwide, Cyberpion has been able to meet this demand confidently by securing $27M in Series A funding to further enhance threat detection capabilities and enable enhanced visibility as well as control of their external attack surface offerings for enterprise customers worldwide.

Automated threat detection and response

Cyberpion is a leader in using AI-driven security to protect customers from external threats. The company provides automated threat detection and response capabilities to detect, analyze and respond to external attacks on customer networks immediately. In addition, by leveraging its security platform and analytics engine, Cyberpion helps companies identify the attacker’s lateral movement via a threat map, allowing its customers to determine how long an attack has been in progress, what data has been accessed and where it came from.

The Cyberpion platform enables organizations to take proactive measures against potential threats that are difficult or impossible for traditional security products to detect. Its integrated applications automatically discovers, prioritizes and responds to external threats across corporate networks’ entire front-end attack surface. This allows customers to quickly identify network activity anomalies that would require more manual investigation and analysis.

Furthermore, Cyberpion’s AI-driven technology provides enhanced endpoint protection by automating identifying malicious changes in user behavior over time. In addition, the company offers active management capabilities around privileged accounts within their customer environments both on premise as well as in cloud systems such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. This allows customers to easily manage complex environments without disrupting existing workflows or deploy additional resources as needed.


Cyberpion has secured $27M Series A Funding for extending its external attack surface management and protection portfolio.

With this funding, Cyberpion is looking to expand its customer base globally and strengthen its security operations in the market.

In conclusion, Cyberpion is well-positioned for continued success in the external attack surface management and protection market.

Summary of Cyberpion’s place in the external attack surface management and protection market

Cyberpion is an external attack surface management and protection platform that helps organizations identify, defend, and respond to external threats. The company recently secured $27M in Series A funding that will help it expand its capabilities into more markets and add more features. Cyberpion integrates with security tools to provide comprehensive visibility of the threat landscape. As a result, organizations can securely maintain their digital assets, protect against phishing attacks, detect anomalous activities, automate incident response processes such as automated scans for malicious code, application vulnerability assessments, endpoint protection for sensitive data, active threat intelligence feeds for improved accuracy of threat detection & response, user access control & authorization across web & mobile applications. Cyberpion also provides continuous risk scoring for known and unknown threats which helps organizations track their security posture in real-time.

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Cyberpion’s intuitive dashboard allows users to monitor their organization’s cyber-risk score while providing immediate insights into ongoing attack trends within the environment by surfacing actionable insights on discovered problems across web application vulnerabilities and advanced persistent threats (APTs) on a single screen. Additionally, with automation powered by machine learning algorithms complete with a drag-and-drop interface, users can create custom workflows based on particular incidents rather than writing manual scripts wherever possible.

Overall Cyberpion is positioned as an attractive force in external attack surface management protection market due its impressive depth of features combined with pricing attractive to small-medium sized businesses wanting more comprehensive external attack surface management protection than currently available in marketplace.

Implications of Cyberpion’s recent Series A funding

Recently, Cyberpion, a provider of external attack surface management and protection solutions, secured a $27 million Series A investment from Riverwood Capital and existing investors. This capital injection indicates the increasing importance of external attack surface management and protection.

With the new funding, Cyberpion will continue to develop its renowned product portfolio by extending its cloud-agnostic platform to meet enterprise needs for security in an increasingly hybrid IT landscape. This includes expanding capabilities for identity and access policy enforcement (IAP) to secure public cloud workloads from unauthorized manipulations or intrusions. The company also plans to expand its geographic reach, currently services the North American market only, into other regions through strategic partnerships with local players in geographies including the Middle East & Africa (MEA), Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Latin America (LATAM).

The recent investment in Cyberpion signifies growing interest among enterprises in using more comprehensive external attack surface management and protection solutions. As growing numbers of organizations shift critical infrastructure components such as computing and data storage outside their secure network perimeters, they need tools capable of providing a high level of security that extend beyond basic firewalls or AV/anti-malware – encompassing users’ identity validation methods as well as dynamic policy enforcement based on contextual information gathered from the network or applications. Cyberpion’s technologies help customers secure their environment against unauthorized manipulation or intrusion posed by malicious actors outside and within the organization.