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Cyberpion has recently raised a whopping $27M Series A to develop its External Attack Surface Management Platform. Cyberpion is a cloud-based platform that helps organizations detect and protect against external threats. It provides coverage of the complete attack surface – from web apps to APIs.

Let’s look closer at the platform and what types of threats it can help protect against.

What is Cyberpion?

Cyberpion is an external attack surface management platform that provides the most comprehensive view of an organization’s digital assets, including all devices, network infrastructure and systems. It enables deep visibility into real-time attack vectors targeting organizations and blocking malicious activity before they can expand their reach or cause harm. Powered by agents deployed on customers’ endpoints and networks, Cyberpion offers a unified view of application security vulnerabilities, Internet-facing assets and other threats that organizations need for a modern security posture.

Cyberpion has recently raised $27 million in Series A funding to fuel organizational growth and expand its platform capabilities for the modern IT landscape. It plans to use this capital to scale up its platform offerings in the areas of:

  • Continuous discovery of external services
  • Identification of misconfigured services
  • Comprehensive monitoring of network traffic
  • Analytics on enterprise exposure
  • Data aggregated from multiple sources
  • Inventory management capabilities

What is an external attack surface management platform?

An external attack surface management platform is a solution tool that monitors and helps secure an organization’s online presence from external threats. As cyber-attacks on corporate networks increase in frequency and sophistication, organizations need a comprehensive security platform to continuously monitor their external attack surfaces for potential threats.

Cyberpion’s External Attack Surface Management Platform is an advanced solution that helps organizations protect digital assets, detect dormant malicious actors, and respond to incidents quickly and effectively. The platform uses artificial intelligence technologies to generate granular visibility into digital attack surfaces.

Cyberpion’s External Attack Surface Management Platform also allows companies to prioritize threat mitigations based on the age of the threat and its probability of malicious intent; accelerate incident resolution with integrated ticketing; receive detailed reports regarding all potential attack surface vulnerabilities; automate compliance audits; and manage user access security in real-time. With all these features, Cyberpion enables organizations to protect their company data while ensuring continuity of operations at all times.

Cyberpion’s Features

Cyberpion is a powerful external attack surface management platform that helps to secure networks against incoming attacks. In addition, it offers a wide range of features that can help protect your system from various threats.

In this article, we will discuss the features of Cyberpion and why it has become so popular amongst businesses who want to secure their networks.

Automated asset discovery

Automated asset discovery is an essential component of CyberPion’s external attack surface management platform and it enables users to quickly identify, document and monitor an organization’s external infrastructure.

Through its automated asset discovery feature, CyberPion allows users to gain visibility into their externally exposed assets—including cloud-native applications, third-party services, and associated threats. Scanning the network for unsecure IT assets (such as public facing web pages and vulnerable web applications). CyberPion can detect deviations from normal behaviors, such as slow loading times or changes in a web page’s content. This helps organizations stay on top of newly exposed assets or vulnerabilities in their exterior infrastructure.

Moreover, Cyberpion automates continuously monitoring external services to detect vulnerable networks, enabling faster remediation timelines and improved overall security posture.

Vulnerability detection

Cyberpion’s advanced vulnerability detection technology allows organizations to detect, prioritize, and manage external attack surfaces. Its deep-seated scan capabilities are designed to accurately identify security misconfigurations on public facing assets, host vulnerabilities and weaknesses on Internet-facing applications (HTTP headers, TLS versions, certificate status etc.), and application vulnerabilities.

Cyberpion 27m series u.s. partnerslardinoistechcrunch

cyberpion 27m series u.s. partnerslardinoistechcrunch

Cyberpion’s Vulnerability Detection feature allows organizations to:

  • Find out whether public IP addresses are exposed to potential external attackers.
  • Identify any vulnerable open ports or services running on those IP addresses.
  • Examine host vulnerabilities for web applications and other services such as FTP, DNS etc.
  • Scan SSL/TLS configurations for websites and report whether they are vulnerable to attack.
  • Analyze certificates from online resources such as /recon and Shodan for careless use of private keys.
  • Check HTTP headers for weak credentials or missing information.
  • Scan web applications for common application vulnerabilities such as SQL injection,Cross Site Scripting (XSS), directory traversal etc..

Continuous monitoring

Cyberpion offers continuous monitoring of external attack surfaces and networks, helping organizations build and maintain better security posture. The platform gives visibility into external attack surfaces, enabling organizations to detect risks and create immediate mitigation plans.

It uses real-time automated scanning and incorporates augmented threat intelligence to improve accuracy, focus resources on potential threats, and save costs associated with manual interventions. Cyberpion is designed to detect unauthorized changes in vulnerable environments by leveraging advanced analytics such as ML/AI. The visual interface provides an easy way for people of all technical expertise to consume information regarding the current state of their external attack surface.

With Cyberpion, organizations have a red-flag-based system that helps quickly and accurately identify high-risk anomalies. In addition, the Continuous Monitoring feature proactively helps you track new issues while reducing the likelihood of false positives by providing context-based risk scoring that shifts based on changing conditions.

Benefits of Using Cyberpion

Cyberpion has revolutionized how security teams manage and analyze their external attack surfaces. With features such as automated detection of assets, monitoring performance, and continuous risk assessment, Cyberpion’s attack surface management platform has become a must-have for today’s security teams.

This article will examine some of the benefits of using Cyberpion.

Increased visibility into external attack surfaces

Cyberpion’s external surface management platform lets businesses gain increased visibility into their external attack surfaces. The platform provides in-depth analysis of their external attack surface and helps them prioritize threats to quickly identify and triage high-risk vulnerabilities.

By leveraging the platform’s automated scanning, IT organizations can accurately baseline their attack surface, assess current and ongoing risks, and gain deep insights into their security posture. It lets them quickly find hidden assets, spot critical vulnerabilities missed by other technologies, identify potential backdoors or misconfigurations from any source on the Internet, monitor third-party vendors for vulnerable assets, and detect rogue services or malicious activity from within the organization’s network.

Additionally, Cyberpion’s platform allows IT teams to generate detailed reports that provide visualizations of their external attack surfaces with insights into network open ports, protocol distribution information for analyzing penetration vectors, and domain names hosted on malicious infrastructure. In addition to providing detailed visibility into externally exposed assets and their supply chain vendors’ outputs security teams can provide certification around assessment standards such as PCI DSS 4.2 or CIS 20 framework by using this technology.

With its powerful central analytics engine security organizations can also streamline many tasks associated with managing an external attack surface such as threat intelligence gathering or log correlation activities.

Improved security posture

Cyberpion’s external attack surface management platform provides organizations with the tools to identify, monitor and improve their security posture. By providing visibility into previously unrecognized or forgotten external resources and services, Cyberpion enables organizations to strengthen safeguard against threats posed by malicious actors.

The comprehensive platform also helps organizations prioritize their security efforts by automatically assessing risk across multiple dimensions, including port exposure, attack surface complexity, safety disclosures and compliance requirements. Armed with these insights, Cyberpion enables teams to make informed decisions around vulnerabilities and identify areas for optimization quickly.

Additionally, Cyberpion can detect emerging risks associated with partner ecosystems by pinpointing malicious activities, such as subdomain takeover attempts and infrastructure misconfigurations. This enables teams to remediate issues before they become a serious problem and strengthens the organization’s security posture overall. With sophisticated reporting capabilities also available on demand, Cyberpion delivers full visibility into an organization’s external assets from a single dashboard- allowing administrators to easily assess the overall state of their digital assets in real time – bolstering their defenses even further.

Reduced risk of data breaches

Cyberpion is a cloud-based external attack surface management platform that provides cybersecurity professionals and enterprises with an accurate evaluation of the potential risk associated with their digital assets. In addition, the platform helps identify potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors, giving organizations greater visibility and protection into their external attack surfaces.

cyberpion 27m u.s. partnerslardinoistechcrunch

With Cyberpion’s comprehensive solutions and comprehensive data risk analysis, organizations can reduce the risk of data breaches.

Cyberpion’s flagship offering, External Attack Surface Manager (ESM), identifies external assets such as Internet facing resources (such as websites, APIs and applications) that attackers may target to determine what a malicious actor could gain access to if successful. Once identified, these vulnerable assets can be mitigated through technical process changes, security controls and policy modifications. Additionally, as part of its risk assessment process, Cyberpion evaluates the potential impact of any identified vulnerabilities resulting in a prioritized list of actions for an organization to remediate its exposure to external threats.

By proactively identifying potentially exploitable weaknesses due to misconfiguration or lack of security protocols or processes, Cyberpion helps organizations reduce the number and magnitude of attacks against their digital systems while simultaneously providing valuable insight into their overall security posture. Ultimately this reduces time-to-response periods, drastically lowering costs associated with a data breach event and providing increased confidence that an organization’s cyber security program is adequately protecting them from outside attackers.

Cyberpion raises $27M Series A for its external attack surface management platform

Cyberpion’s external attack surface management platform has received a Series A funding of $27M. This investment will enable the platform to further develop its capabilities and build its suite of security solutions.

It’s the perfect opportunity to start with Cyberpion and take full advantage of their platform. Let’s look at what this Series A funding means for Cyberpion.

What the funding will be used for

Cyberpion has announced that it secured a $27M Series A to accelerate the growth of its external attack surface management platform. The funding will power the development and adoption of Cyberpion’s unified platform for enterprises and service providers with real-time monitoring, detection, and response solutions to identify security threats across distributed infrastructures. In addition, it will further Cyberpion’s leadership and expand its global reach with continued R&D investments, strategic partnerships, and an even greater focus on enterprise-grade solutions.

The platform helps bring organizations complexity-free enterprise security by offering detailed visibility into their external attack surface to securely enable their digital transformation initiatives — whether in the cloud or an on-premise environment. Security teams get tools they need to easily detect attack vectors targeting their digital perimeter, understand their risk profile, prioritize what needs attention based on AI-driven insights, create context around users and assets connected to the Internet on both active and passive levels, automatically respond about detected risks by blocking or isolating assets or applications from accessing or being accessed from the Internet enabling secure access for remote users or cloud resources from any device within minutes.

The overall goal is for enterprises (as well as government agencies) to greatly enhance their cyber resilience posture by reducing attack surfaces quickly at scale leveraging an AI-driven model with full asset coverage both on cloud objects as well as endpoints helping them better assess threats in real-time prior before other processes get executed ensuring that no threat has gone unnoticed increasing processual stages in full compliance understanding cyber defenses capabilities while easily demonstrating regulatory compliance goals.

What the funding means for Cyberpion

The recent $27M Series A investment in Cyberpion’s external attack surface management platform is an important moment for the company and cybersecurity professionals. This investment will help Cyberpion continue developing innovative solutions that address the complex external attack surface problems that organizations face daily. This investment will also help Cyberpion expand its customer base across industries and deliver advanced security capabilities as they become available.

The funding will allow Cyberpion to expand its product portfolio through research and development of innovative technologies, extend its footprint globally and focus more resources on customer success, professional services, and training & education. Additionally the funding supports Cyberpion’s strategy of developing ecosystem partners and integrations with complementary solutions such as privileged access management (PAM) solutions, network monitoring solutions, identity & access management (IAM) solutions and cloud security solutions.

This additional capital will allow Cyberpion to better defend against cyber threats by arming customers with a layer of visibility into their attack surface from perimeter networks and cloud-native applications & services. It will also enable efficient remediation processes with built-in workflow automation tools. Want to learn more? Get started today with our External Attack Surface Management Platform!

How to Get Started

Cyberpion has recently raised $27M Series A to build an external attack surface management platform designed to help companies reduce the risks of cyber threats.

Getting started with the platform is straightforward. In this section, we’ll cover how to get started with Cyberpion’s platform and the benefits you’ll gain from its features.

Sign up for a free trial

Getting started with Cyberpion’s External Attack Surface Management Platform is easy and risk free. To begin, simply fill out the signup form on Cyberpion’s website.

Once you have submitted your details, you will receive an email confirmation with further instructions on accessing and beginning your free trial. Your free trial will entitle you to use all of the features available in both the web-based and desktop versions of the platform, allowing you to get a comprehensive overview of your external attack surface.

cyberpion 27m series partnerslardinoistechcrunch

To take full advantage of all our platform’s benefits, complete any recommended configurations or setup steps during your trial period. The setup process takes only a few minutes and is designed to ensure that your experience gets off to a successful start.

By signing up for a free trial with Cyberpion, you get access to the features on offer from one of today’s leading external attack surface management solutions—you also benefit from a wealth of support and advice from our knowledgeable team of experts. So why wait? Sign up for your free trial and start securing your attack surface today!

Explore the platform

Now that you know what Cyberpion does, it’s time to explore their platform. With the Cyberpion External Attack Surface Management Platform, you can monitor and secure your organization’s external attack surface in real-time.

The first step is to take a look at the top features and capabilities of the platform:

  • Continuous discovery: Automatically monitor, scan and assess changes in your external applications, systems and attack surface.
  • Application profiling: Dynamically detect digital assets, identify vulnerabilities and uncover gaps in security measures.
  • Assessment tools: Gain visibility into attackers’ attacking methods by simulating active threats.
  • Real-time monitoring: Receive alerts on newly discovered vulnerabilities so you can take immediate action.
  • On demand scans: Configure scans on user-defined intervals or trigger them manually.
  • Behavioral analytics : Analyze logs data to identify suspicious activity associated with malicious actors.

Once you have explored the platform’s features, you can start setting up your account with Cyberpion’s 24/7 Customer Support Team or through their online signup portal. From here, you will be guided through configuring your service settings to meet your specific needs and requirements for protection against external attacks on your system.

Contact customer support for help

Getting started with Cyberpion’s External Attack Surface Management Platform is easy with the help of customer support. Our knowledgeable and dedicated support team will provide personalized assistance to help you quickly deploy and configure the platform. After contacting our customer support team, they will answer any questions about our platform’s features, walk you through your setup process, provide helpful tips for using our tools, and more. We are committed to providing excellent service so that you can better protect your network from external attacks of all types.

In addition to 24/7 customer service, Cyberpion offers various resources to help customers get the most out of their platform. Our webinars provide in-depth information on various topics such as attack vectors, marketplace trends, security best practices and more. We also offer detailed deployment guides and technical documentation allowing customers to install the platform in simple steps. Experts on staff can also help diagnose issues or set up custom options when needed.

Whether you’re just getting started or looking for ways to maximize your security posture, contact Cyberpion’s customer support team today! Our experienced professionals are available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide expertise to successfully implement our external attack surface management platform.