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Sendlane’s recent Deep Data Integration with Shopify is an innovative way to bridge the gap between online store owners and their email marketing campaigns. This integration provides store owners with an easy way to access powerful data synchronization and segmentation tools, allowing them to personalize and target their campaigns for greater engagement.

Let’s explore the benefits of this integration in greater detail.

What is Sendlane’s Deep Data Integration?

Sendlane’s Deep Data Integration uniquely tracks customer interactions and purchase history across multiple channels. By collecting and understanding data from customers’ interactions with emails, websites, mobile apps, text messages and more, Sendlane can provide an in-depth view of each customer. This allows businesses to create targeted campaigns for customers and provide personalized experiences.

Through Deep Data Integration, businesses can use data insights to identify valuable customers, better understand their preferences, target qualified leads with relevant offers or recommendations, prevent potential churners from leaving and create highly customized one-to-one customer experiences. Additionally, deep data integration can help businesses make better decisions on the type of products or services they should offer customers and when they should be offered.

The Sendlane platform enables businesses to be effective by analyzing deep customer data acquired through its integration capabilities. This helps marketers customize their communication strategy to bring customers closer to a conversion or loyalty purchase cycle. Additionally, the integrated analytics provide deep insights into behavior metrics such as engagement levels over time and customer segmentation which can be used for segment-specific email campaigns or even automated push notifications sent out on specified occasions.

Beyond this, the Sendlane platform makes it easier for marketers to measure the impact of their efforts – whether its growth in monthly recurrent revenue or time savings in executing marketing automation campaigns — making it possible for them to fine tune their strategies accordingly.

Sendlane Launches Deep Data Integration With Shopify

Sendlane has recently launched the Deep Data Integration feature with Shopify, which integrates data from Shopify into Sendlane’s platform. This integration enables marketers to use Sendlane for email campaigns, automation, and many more features.

This article will discuss the benefits of the deep data integration and how businesses can leverage it.

Automated Segmentation

Sendlane is a powerful email marketing platform that allows users to take advantage of data-driven strategies for better converting campaigns. One of the most valuable features is the Deep Data Integration. This feature provides accounting and marketing data from everywhere within your business to create automated, personalized customer experiences that drive increased leads and conversions.

With Sendlane’s Deep Data Integration, marketers can effortlessly segment their contact lists and target prospects or customers with an automated process. Segmentation allows you to create smaller groups based on specific criteria within the Lead Lists feature, like location, product purchased, or web page visited. With flexible segmenting options available, including fuzzy matching, marketers can better understand customer behavior and easily create customized campaigns. Target your prospects and customers according to their interests by incorporating real-time data like abandoned carts or other actions to provide a more tailored message across channels.

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Having a powerful segmentation playbook also means you can quickly customize content based on different triggers like geo-location, custom activity triggers from surveys or polls, time between purchases, contact metadata updates in your CRM system — endless possibilities! From personalized emails automatically created for new optins on the site to triggered SMS messages sent out when a product has been purchased – Automated segmentation gives you sophisticated personalization allowing you to use every touchpoint in an automated fashion that drives conversions and boosts ROI

Improved Email Deliverability

Sendlane’s deep data integration allows for improved email deliverability. By connecting users’ accounts to Sendlane, the data is pulled into its in-depth integration repository and delivered to the user. This gives users greater control over their email campaigns and increases opportunities for personalized and targeted messages.

Using Sendlane’s deep data integration to segment users helps increase their email open and click-through rates by allowing businesses to focus on delivering relevant content to each customer. By segmenting audiences according to various pre-defined criteria — such as geographic region, interest in specific products or services, demographic information — businesses can deliver a much more tailored experience to their customers. Additionally, it helps reduce costs associated with campaigns because only customers judged more likely to be interested in what a business has to offer are targeted by those campaigns.

Another advantage is that businesses can identify prospects who may have been overlooked in the past due to their lack of engagement with promotional emails. With Sendlane’s deep data integration, this information can be used within targeted campaigns and allow them access opportunities they were unaware of or had previously been inaccessible by traditional methods before adopting Sendlane’s deep data integration strategy.

Increased Conversion Rates

Sendlane’s deep data integration offers the dynamic email personalization tools businesses need to create highly personalized and relevant emails that engage prospects and customers. In addition, this technology is designed to provide higher ROI in shorter periods. The automated sending system helps you create automated email campaigns informed by user behaviour, keeping your emails timely and up-to-date.

By leveraging Sendlane’s deep data integration, businesses can access detailed customer insights – names, job titles, gender and more – to better understand who their customers are and how best to interact with them. That way, marketers can craft more targeted messages for each customer type. Additionally, marketers can use Sendlane’s integration tools to integrate customer data from other platforms such as CRMs or CMSs, understand the purchase journey more clearly, and send relevant communications strategically during the customer journey. This helps improve conversion rates with personalized emails that include language tailored just for those viewers.

Sendlane’s integration platform also enables real-time messaging. It gives marketers the intelligence needed to make improved decisions about their target audience and what kind of messaging will be most effective when reaching out about specific products or services. Additionally, by taking advantage of its sophisticated tracking features, marketers can gain deeper insight on how customers interact with mail campaigns and other content across web properties (such as a website). All this data provides actionable analytics that further informs marketing decisions like copywriting optimization or selecting an ideal segmentation technique.

Improved Customer Retention

Using Sendlane’s deep data integration, you can combine customer data from multiple sources and take action to keep customers returning for more. With this technology, you can target customers with personalized promotional offers, reward customers for their loyalty, or alert them when a product they’ve shown interest in is back in stock. Allowing customers to easily engage with your brand across all channels encourages faster return purchases and better long-term retention.

Deep data integration also makes examining customer data and trends easier. With a centralized database of information at your fingertips, it’s easy to identify opportunities for targeted campaigns that will maximize the lifetime value of your customers. This allows you to craft more targeted emails and retargeting campaigns that effectively encourage repeat purchases and better retention rates overall.

Using Sendlane’s deep data integration also streamlines segmentation mechanisms by unifying user profiles across platforms containing billing information and user preferences. By slowing down today’s consumer churn cycle, your company can focus on expanding its marketing efforts based upon new insights revealing where value needs to be delivered through both pushes & pulls without causing further disconnection from the consumer experience journey & pain points along the way.

How to Use Sendlane’s Deep Data Integration

Sendlane is the leading automated marketing platform for eCommerce businesses, and now they have launched an exciting new feature – Deep Data Integration with Shopify. This integration enables Sendlane users to gain deeper insights into their customers and allows them to market smarter.

This article will explore how to use this new integration and discuss the benefits of incorporating it into your eCommerce strategy.

Integrate with Shopify

Using Sendlane’s deep data integration with Shopify, you can send targeted and relevant emails to your shoppers and increase your revenue. Sendlane’s deep data integration lets you track customers’ activities across all connected channels. This will enable you to send dynamic content based on customer behavior within emails.

You can use Shopify and Sendlane’s data integration to enhance customer engagement by leveraging tags, segmentation, customization and more to ensure that emails remain relevant and engaging. In addition, you have the ability to create segmentation based on customer behaviors such as lifetime checkout value, number of orders placed, average order size etc. This allows you to target customers individually even if they don’t meet the criteria for an overall segmentation rule.

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With the power of Sendlane’s data integration with Shopify, you can also send automated messages based on products purchased or abandoned cart items. You can also set up automation rules to process purchases faster or follow up campaigns from a subscription form or promotion to drive more sales or get customers returning for more purchases later on. Lastly, using Sendlane’s data integration with Shopify allows for easier import/export of customer records with pre-filled forms and lead generation campaigns for better engagement rates without manually input each field for each lead every single time – meaning less effort on your part!

Set up Automated Segmentation

Sendlane’s Deep Data Integration produces live views of your contacts each time they interact with your website, emails, and more. This allows you to segment audiences more accurately: you can create segmentation rules that automatically group contacts based on their properties of lifestyle, engagement level, product type and purchase behaviors.

When combined with Sendlane’s automated triggers, this type of segmentation can be especially useful in creating personalized messages for new subscribers or customers who fit the criteria for particular segments. For example, you could create a segment of “New Subscribers” who have joined in the last seven days; then set an automation to reach out and welcome each new customer. A single trigger could send multiple messages based on different segments.

In addition to targeted messages created by automated segmentation, Sendlane allows you to manually pull in contacts from other data sources or export segments into other systems (such as CRMs). This way, you can track a customer’s behavior habits across multiple platforms and use that information to continue providing quality service specifically for them.

Create Targeted Email Campaigns

Sendlane’s deep data integration allows for highly targeted email campaigns personalized to the individual. With this feature, you can create campaign messages tailored to specific contacts or segments by gathering data from various sources and inserting it into your campaigns.

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Accessing an up-to-date snapshot of all customer data can provide relevant content to individual customers, such as their location, purchase history, and past engagement behavior. In addition to personalizing the message with the customer’s details, you can adjust other aspects based on the data gathered. For instance, if a customer has purchased a product or service in the past, additional promotional messages about similar products or services could be included in the email. You can also tailor discounts and offers based on customer’s previous purchases and engagements with your brand.

Sendlane’s deep data integration enables powerful segmentation capabilities to ensure that customers are receiving correctly targeted messages that are relevant and useful for them across every level of their journey with your business. This helps create better customer experiences, allowing for more success when sending out any type of communication across various channels – from emails and SMS campaigns to automated workflows.


With the launch of Sendlane’s Deep Data Integration with Shopify, companies can now leverage Sendlane’s powerful marketing automation and segmentation capabilities for their workflow. This integration will drastically reduce the time and effort it takes to manage your e-commerce store and customers from a single, centralized platform.

By leveraging Sendlane’s Deep Data Integration with Shopify, your business can easily grow and improve customer engagement.

Let’s look after this integration and what it means for your business.

Summary of Benefits of Sendlane’s Deep Data Integration

Sendlane’s deep data integration empowers marketers to unify, segment, and act on customer data in one place. This software allows users to collect detailed behavioral data from multiple sources such as email campaigns, website visits, and purchase histories. Data is then attributed to individual customers and organized into powerful segmentation profiles.

The benefits of Sendlane’s deep data integration are as follows:

1. Powerful segmentation – Segment customer behavior quickly and accurately with customized criteria for targeting via email campaigns or other marketing efforts.

2. Automated triggers & engagement – Create automated messages triggered when customers meet your predefined requirements. Sendlane will compile attributes from each customer into an actionable trigger that can be used to increase engagement with your brand or product.

3. Insightful reporting & analytics – Gather real-time insights from customer behavior using interactive visual reports that allow you to spot trends and anomalies within your database for more informed decisions about future campaigns or activities.

4. Conversions & ROI – View profitable key performance indicators (KPIs) such as revenue generated, cost per acquisition (CPA), return on investment (ROI), and churn rate so you can optimize marketing campaigns for maximum results.

5. Improved personalization & targeting – Utilize definitive user profiles based on behaviors and interests on an individual level to provide more tailored content experiences that drive deeper engagement with customers across all communication channels—web, sales pages, emails, social media posts, etc.—ultimately increasing your overall conversion rate over time.