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Lightrun, a platform that offers debugging and observability services, recently raised $23M in funding.

Lightrun’s platform consists of debugging, observability, and incident management to streamline software development processes. The platform also provides a wide array of features for developers to create and deploy code, monitor performance, troubleshoot errors, and resolve incidents.

Let’s take a closer look at what Lightrun’s platform offers.

Overview of Lightrun’s Platform

Lightrun is an AI-Powered debugging and observability platform, which helps developers identify and fix issues quickly and effectively. By incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, Lightrun can improve code execution and enhance developer productivity.

The AI-first platform provides developers with deep troubleshooting insights by destroying the two biggest roadblocks to productive software development: knowledge gaps and maturity. Through its deep integrations, Lightrun bridges the product gap between development teams and provides users a comprehensive view of the app’s health.

In addition to its debugging feature, Lightrun’s observability platform offers insight into operational performance by collecting runtime details about application performance across devops teams. The platform further enables engineers to pinpoint problems based on code changes and prioritize tasks based on code complexity and potential impact of changes. Lastly, it provides quick actionable feedback from production analytics insights without relying on debuggers or expensive expert systems like Cloud Analytics or Splunk.

Lightrun recently announced a successful raise of $23M in series C funding for its revolutionary debugging platform in 2020. The investment will help the company continue investing in its current products and explore new opportunities such as expanding into mobile architectures while building out its machine intelligence capabilities, further increasing operational reliability for customers worldwide.

Ides 23m series insight partnerslardinoistechcrunch

ides 23m series insight partnerslardinoistechcrunch

Benefits of Lightrun’s Platform

Lightrun’s platform is a powerful debugging and observability tool for developers. With this platform, developers can easily pinpoint and trace errors faster, gain visibility into their applications and better understand their systems. The platform recently raised $23 million in a Series B round, highlighting its overall value.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of this platform.

Debugging Capabilities

Lightrun’s platform offers advanced debugging capabilities for organizations and developers seeking an intuitive, efficient, and agile debugging process. Lightrun’s debug environment is powered by cutting-edge technology such as machine learning and natural language processing. This allows developers to quickly identify bugs and reducing their time to resolution.

The platform includes features such as intelligent trace search, which intelligently prioritizes bug information and can detect similar issues; selected contextualization, which surfaces relevant bug data at any given moment and in context; automated agentless deployment, which simplifies the setup process and makes it easier to deploy each application across multiple environments quickly; system integration, which enables Lightrun to be used through existing services like HPE DevOps support or other third-party systems such as Slack or Jira; scalability capabilities so that applications can handle high traffic with minimal impact on performance; custom alerting options to ensure users are alerted in their preferred form (email or SMS); backup protection, which safeguards against data loss from unforeseen outages; real-time distribution tracking that provides continual network insights into the health of remote sites or teams of users wherever they are located.

Lightrun’s debugging platform is designed for developers — from engineers building cloud services for startups to full DevOps teams managing complex production environments. All of these features make it easy for organizations across development lifecycles — from ideation to prototyping — to maintain high levels of quality in their codebase with powerful insights and pinpoint accuracy.

lightrun series insight partnerslardinoistechcrunch


Lightrun’s cutting-edge platform offers comprehensive observability capabilities, providing organizations with detailed insights and enhanced visibility into their application’s performances. This makes it easy to identify issues, compare different versions of an application and more, resulting in more efficient debugging.

Observability encompasses three main aspects of monitoring: metrics,logs and traces. Lightrun’s platform unifies these three functions into one holistic platform that is easy to use and manage. This allows teams to see the complete picture of their applications in a single unified view by collecting real-time performance data from multiple sources such as Java applications, web servers, databases and more.

Lightrun empowers teams to debug complex systems quickly through advanced querying capabilities such as Contextual Search & Alerting, PowerShell/Terminal Connectivity, Visualization Options and more. This direct access to application objects enables teams to trace the source of any issue – whether performance related or not – back in time along with drill-down options like Timeline View & expanded traces for easier debugging.

Additional features include DevOps oriented tools such Log Monitor & Anomaly Detection which offers on-demand insights into logging events that can be used for faster troubleshooting and proactive issue resolution before it gets out of hand.

Overall, Lightrun helps organizations capitalize on their development resources by offering unprecedented observability insights that allow teams to track every detail from application execution down at every step throughout its entire cycle – from debugging during development through production deployment monitoring.


Lightrun’s platform provides advanced scalability and troubleshooting capabilities to help businesses increase their efficiency and agility. By utilizing its automated debugging, deployment automation, and detailed observability features, developers can identify, isolate and resolve problems faster.

This enables businesses to quickly respond to increasing workloads or changes in demand and mitigate any potential security threats or compliance deficits. In short, Lightrun’s platform provides the scalability needed to adapt quickly to any situation.

Lightrun raises $23M for its debugging and observability platform

lightrun ides insight partnerslardinoistechcrunch

Lightrun, a debugging and observability platform, recently announced that it has raised $23M to expand its platform and reach. The platform helps developers and IT operations teams reduce time to diagnose, troubleshoot, and solve issues.

Lightrun also offers other benefits such as giving developers immediate insight into their code and providing teams with a collaborative workspace.

Let’s take a look at the different benefits Lightrun’s platform has to offer.

Overview of Lightrun’s $23M funding round

Lightrun, a provider of debugging and observability for software development, has recently announced its $23M funding round led by Salesforce Ventures. The funding round was joined by existing investors Bison Capital and YL Ventures and new participants including Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Lightrun’s platform provides an intuitive and automated environment to optimize the debugging process in software development teams. In addition, it facilitates remote visibility into microservices observability functions and the ability to instantly apply changes to enterprise distributed technologies in real-time without redeploying code from production environments.

In conjunction with the funding round, Lightrun also announced the launch of their new offering: Full-Stack Observability for Immediately Optimizing Applications Across Cloud Environments. This feature will provide granular debugging capabilities to allow developers instant access to every logical tier of their applications–backend services, systems, countermeasures, etcetera–allowing developers to quickly identify and fix issues across wide cloud deployments.

By providing a comprehensive end-to-end observability unit that encompasses all areas of an application suite along with its development lifecycle–design moments, deployment lifecycle automation through manual management actions—Lightrun promises to drastically reduce costs while optimizing the productivity associated with large development projects used within enterprise environments.

Impact of Funding on Lightrun’s Platform

Lightrun, which offers debugging and observability into application performance, recently announced that they have raised $23M in their Series A funding round. With this funding, the platform has made significant improvements that will further its goal of improving software development overall.

This round of funding will expand the team behind Lightrun, increasing customer success and sales operations to support their growth globally. Additionally, it will expand their product offerings with new features and functionality such as enhanced dynamic instrumentation for modern application stacks and an extended integrations ecosystem. These updates will make it easier for developers to monitor and debug their applications, helping build better software faster.

The new funds will also help Lightrun continue to invest in its customer experience initiatives like customer success services and customer update sessions from experts, which will increase customer loyalty and engagement while simultaneously driving growth in the platform’s user base. Ultimately, this funding work towards taking Lightrun’s debugging and observability capabilities even further than before, focusing on optimizing user process results across their customer base.


Lightrun’s platform offers a wide range of benefits for debugging and observability, from fast distribution of fixes to automated root-cause detection.

With the recent $23M investment, the company has a strong foundation for continued growth and development of their platform.

In conclusion, Lightrun is well-positioned to provide customers with a comprehensive solution for debugging and observability.

Summary of Lightrun’s Platform Benefits

Lightrun, a startup offering platform-agnostic debugging and observability solutions, raised $23M in a Series A funding round in May 2020. The company’s platform enables engineering teams to gain visibility and quickly acquire deep insights into the root cause of software issues. In addition, it provides users with the right tools for successful debugging at speed.

Lightrun’s platform offers several key benefits that set it apart from competitors. Primarily, it automates complex debugging tasks while ensuring they are accurate and repeatable, saving valuable development time and enabling teams to quickly accelerate from “develop-debug-fix” cycles. It also provides powerful on-demand feature sizing which helps users monitor performance metrics and instantly determine which application features are consuming resources like memory or execution time.

The platform is further strengthened by capabilities such as pre-configured environment awareness; the ability to debug issues from pre-production staging or customer environments without having to connect limited or expensive telemetry; advanced analytics that can detect trends, anomalies, clusters and outliers; smarter deployments that allow users to segment customers based on their feature preferences; direct access through an API library; real time insights into production environments; as well as automatic monetization of services that make customer experiences more rewarding. The Lightrun Platform also offers SDK integrations within microservices platforms such as Kubernetes so customers can easily monitor their entire architecture stack with a single unified system.