It is something that happened to me too, and is also a common thing with most of my fellow GTA community members, i.e., when we make our debut in GTA, rarely do we have a buck to our name. The uniqueness of Grand Theft Auto online lies in the fact that players can create their own version of the American dream, which asks for plenty of crimes, murders, and money laundering. But, as is usual for all these jobs, having a reliable getaway vehicle is a must.  

Ample Amount Of Affordable Yet Awesome Cars

But how can a GTA gamer short on money own a vehicle? Yes, they can’t! But don’t you worry; luckily, there is no shortage of affordable yet awesome cars with great top speeds that one can modify until you possess the necessary wealth to spend on some costly and unbelievably fast automobiles. Additionally, if you are a Sony Playstation owner carrying a desire to get the best of his Grand Theft Auto 5 copy, then GTA 5 modded accounts PS5 on sale on online platforms like CSGOSmurfNinja are the best way out.

GTA Online: Budget-Friendly Cars with Fast Speeds

Sabre Turbo – 121.25 miles per hour

This muscle car justifies its asking price. Despite being an affordable four-wheeler, it offers a high speed too. Players can procure this and modify it to make it one of the best getaway vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Online. In addition to that, GTA gamers benefit not only from its high horsepower but also from its acceleration and handling.


Talking about its cons, it has a compromised braking system. But, despite that, it is a muscle car that proves that Grand Theft Auto online vehicles can be an art to those behind the wheel. Over and above that, if you wish to take a drive of this vehicle on your Xbox, then there are plenty of modded GTA 5 accounts on Xbox One on CSGO Smurf Ninja. Just try them out!

Rat-Truck – 105.25 miles per hour

Yes, there is no doubt that the Rat-Truck may not give competition as one of the best Grand Theft Auto online automobiles. But, it is for sure one of the quirky ones in its category. Nonetheless, it is the best choice if you have the chance to spare and want to have fun outside on the busy streets of Los Santos. Additionally, thanks to its vehicle type and wheel configuration, Rat-Truck has the potential to offer GTA gamers a smooth drive on the dirty paths of the San Andreas desert.

Not to mention, in case gamers desire to use this Rat-Truck for further missions, then they can customize it, thanks to the Arena War. To be specific, Rat-Truck is an entertaining four-wheeler that can run smoothly both through roads and tough desert plains. For Playstation owners with a Grand Theft Auto 5 account, GTA 5 modded accounts PS5 on sale on platforms like CSGOSmurfNinja can offer you the opportunity to drive this Rat-Truck.

Sentinel XS – 117.25 miles per hour

The Sentinel is one of those few Grand Theft Auto online vehicles that you will find in abundance in the game, in the process making them affordable. It is this abundance that makes this vehicle a hot favorite amongst GTA novices with a desire to have a getaway vehicle, minus any need to shell out millions of dollars on upgrades and new four-wheelers with the potential to cause wide-scale devastation.


Not to mention, the Sentinel XS gains from its speed and handling over other statistics. Furthermore, modded GTA 5 accounts Xbox One provided by CSGO Smurf Ninja through their webpage can fetch you this vehicle at an affordable price.

Elegy RH8 – 118.5 miles per hour

When one is talking about one of the best getaway vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Online that does not make a hole in your wallet, then Elegy RH8 stands in that lineup. Further, this double-door automobile is free for GTA players who register their account with Rockstar’s Social Club. On the contrary, if you want to skip the registration requirement, then you must shell out 95 Grand, an amount that can be easily earned in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Additionally, in case you are making up your mind to upgrade, then the fully upgraded version of Elegy RH8 has the potential to offer you a maximum speed of 118.5 miles per hour, a speed that is a must if you are racing through the streets of Los Santos. Not to mention, it will make challenging missions easy to execute, all thanks to its affordability and speed.

Final Words

As is the trend, here we will part ways for today with a brief summary of all that we have learned today. To begin with, when it comes to GTA, online cars are a must to make things work; in other words, they complete missions and carry out other fun activities. Not to mention, there are ample numbers of cars in GTA online that are affordable and do not compromise on their performance. Last but not least, here is a list of affordable cars with surprisingly high speeds.