Online gambling has experienced an explosive growth in popularity during the last few years. One key recent event that brought the world of online casinos and betting to a wider audience was the recent COVID-19 pandemic. From the beginning of 2020, many countries around the world began to implement movement restrictions and “lockdowns” on their citizens. This was to slow the spread of the virus and protect key healthcare infrastructure from overload.

During this period, many new players started to use online gambling sites to find entertainment at home when they were restricted from going out. Today, many forms of adult online gambling remain popular, and the industry continues to grow. The on-demand nature of the entertainment and its accessibility is a key reason for the continued popularity. However, what does the future hold for online gambling? This article explores the emerging developments in online gambling, with some key examples.

Increasingly Attractive Offers

At present, there are estimated to be around 2,000 dedicated online casinos worldwide. These sites seek to attract and retain customers, and a key way to achieve this is by offering various enticing offers for both new and existing players. Online casinos recognize that loyal and returning customers represent a main source of income. As more casinos emerge online, the challenge is to create offers that are superior to other companies. For example, if you visit you will be greeted with an enticing offer on their landing page.

The casino offers 40 spins on their Arena of Gold online slot machine, with a minimum deposit of $1. Subsequent deposits give the player additional bonus spins and matched bonus offers (where the casino provides extra funds to that deposited by the player). This is a key strategy to attract new gamers and convert them into regular, loyal customers. In short, as competition grows more intense between online casinos, gamers will likely be able to experience increasingly attractive offers, bonuses, and loyalty schemes to gain their ongoing custom.

VR Implementation

Virtual reality has been steadily becoming more popular in many forms of gaming. By purchasing a VR headset, gamers can experience a truly immersive experience where they are not limited to viewing action on a flat monitor. Online gambling companies are starting to understand the power of this new gaming medium and are beginning to adopt the technology in their online services. Today, some online casinos offer VR spaces that recreate the authenticity of a high-class brick-and-mortar establishment in the online world.


It is expected that as this VR technology is acquired by more consumers, online gambling establishments will incorporate it more widely, narrowing the gap between physical and virtual gaming environments.

Improved Security

Finally, one key factor that is being incorporated online is the improved security of gaming sites. Cybercrime is a major risk to any site that accepts payments and allows withdrawals, as a successful “hack” could lead to stolen sensitive personal and financial information. Today, the majority of gambling sites use advanced forms of SSL encryption to protect their sites and payment pages.

This ensures that even if cybercriminals intercepted data, it would be illegible and extremely difficult to decode. As cybercriminals use increasingly sophisticated methods to attack websites and harvest information, online gambling sites need to increase the complexity of their encryption methods and effectively monitor traffic to their sites.