Learn how to make captivating gaming videos for your audience here!

Gaming videos are a rage these days. They are not only a source of entertainment but have also become a major money-making resource for avid gamers. People love watching gaming videos and appreciate the effort the gamers put in. Here we will talk about how you can make videos on gaming and delve into the gaming platform for your YouTube and social media audience.

What Are Gaming Videos?

Watching people play online games and learning from them, further developing a competitive spirit, has become quite a norm these days. Gaming videos are screen captures or recorded live-stream videos of users playing online video games. The audience can watch specific matches in real-time, whether it is about people fighting mutants in Free Fire, constructing new villages in Minecraft, or slaying dragons in Skyrim.

Why Are People Making Gaming Videos?

Gaming has become a spectator sport that can be monetized as well. Create high-quality videos using an expert gaming video editor, upload them to YouTube, and earn ad revenue. Your gaming videos, if made and edited appropriately, can generate thousands of views. You can form an online network of gamers and build strong connections with other gaming buddies.

Top Types of YouTube Gaming Videos

For YouTube and social media channels, gaming videos are one of the most valuable and popular niches in the world. After music videos, gaming videos on YouTube top the list of most searched topics. Here are some of the trending YouTube gaming video ideas:

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Real-Time Gaming Experience

Real-time gaming videos are one of the longest-running categories of YouTube game videos that allow viewers to preview the experience before purchasing it. These are also called walkthrough gaming videos which help you to show your audience how to play or win a particular video game. Real-time videos show your skills and lead your audience to victory step by step.

Breaking-The-Record-Gaming Videos

If you’re good at playing fast online video games, beat your record. Your entire YouTube channel may be made up of videos trying to break new records or beat previous scores.

Solution Based Gaming

These types of game videos are created with a specific goal in mind. This is to allow the viewer to progress through the game and is primarily meant for clues but can also be humorous. As a YouTuber, you can collect useful information from various sources and advise viewers on how to apply such solutions to their gaming techniques.

Gaming Videos for Reactions and Reviews

Reaction or Review-based gaming videos are the first real-time capture of your gameplay. You may have a strong opinion based on your gaming experience. When a new game is released, many gamers go to YouTube to watch review videos of the video game by reputable YouTube users before making a purchasing decision.

Review videos are meant to give the viewer a comprehensive look at the game and give the viewer an idea of what to expect. As a result, review-style videos are more popular than other types of YouTube gaming videos.

Humor Gaming Videos

Not everyone wants to display their gameplay to win – you could be one of the few who play the game to lose, add an element of humor and fun in your gaming videos, and make the game instructional for viewers, guiding them on the common mistakes people make while playing the game, and simple hacks that can save them from losing. These kinds of gaming videos are highly appreciated by the younger lot.

How to make a game video

Follow these steps to start making entertaining gaming videos for your YouTube channel:

Step 1 – Keep Your Gear ready.

First, you’ll need to find the game you want to share and create content for. Make sure you have audio commentary and a suitable video demonstration.

Step 2 – Video Recording

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Keep a quality video recorder handy, which is essential to create high-quality content. You can either use 4k cameras or your smartphone to deliver higher-quality gaming videos to capture the attention of your audience.

Step 3 – Software for Screen Recording

Get yourself high-end software that can record your screen in real-time while you concentrate on your video screenplay.

Step 4 – Audio Device

As a game video creator, you must have the right sound, narrative, or background music for your videos. If the equipment is of poor quality, viewers will go elsewhere.

Step 5 – An Effective Game Video Editor

Video editing is indispensable for all content creators, including game videos. Edit your video and remove unwanted clips to make it more eye-catching. A good gameplay editor keeps your videos from getting lost in a sea of content. Online video editors offer text and video styles that make your gaming videos stand out; you can make videos on gaming and delve into the gaming platform.

Game Video Editing Strategies

Here are some key techniques and strategies you can follow to post entertaining gaming videos on all your digital channels:

  • Make sure the game runs smoothly without lags or glitches.
  • Once you’ve captured your game video, use a video editor to adjust the colors to your needs.
  • Trimming content is an important part of the process, else it can be difficult to upload it on digital platforms.
  • Add fun and engaging transitions and effects, and split your footage into smaller clips.

Tips for Creating Great Game Videos

Here are some tips that you can use to create popular gaming videos:

  1. Choose a video template to fully customize your videos.
  2. Add game videos with customizable text to highlight different sections of your video or add context to your screenplay.
  3. Edit professionally and add different video styles once you have your video clips, lyrics, and music in place.
  4. Create a picture-in-picture effect or edit game videos with special effects.
  5. Enhance your YouTube game videos with influential intros and outros, and keep them short, not more than 5-10 seconds. The beginning of the video is the most substantial part, as this is when the viewer decides whether to watch it or just swipe it away.
  6.  Add meaningful narration to your gaming videos. The viewers want to hear what your plan of action is while you are in the game.
  7. Add copyright-free music and sound effects to your gaming videos, as music not only connects with your audience but also evokes a feeling of engagement and interaction with your videos.
  8. Preview the video and if you feel comfortable, export the video and embed it on your website or email.


There are many tools available today to create great gaming videos. Use a user-centric platform to create your exclusive gaming content that grabs attention and drives engagement on YouTube and social media.

Create these videos after browsing a variety of video templates, and start creating your gaming videos today. Every gamer loves to post gameplay videos on their channels to show off their gaming skills. The tips, tricks, and techniques above will help you create the amazing gaming videos you’ve always wanted. Every gamer needs proper devices to create the content and then create gameplay or content videos.