Looking to take on the Black Dragons in OSRS? Our guide has everything you need to know about defeating these fearsome foes!


An Overview of the 2022 Black Dragon OSRS Guide. With this simple tutorial, you can take on these dark draconic terrors. Are you prepared?

The 2022 Black Dragon OSRS Old School RuneScape Guide walks players through the process of taking on these infamous predators. This thorough guide will cover everything from stockpiling supplies to the finest techniques and ways for defeating the black dragon, offering gamers with an efficient strategy to battle these terrible adversaries. It will go through the complexities of dealing with a black dragon’s formidable skills, how to prepare for a fight, and how to get the most out of any combat.

There is also specific information on where to find black dragons, as well as an analysis of their weaknesses and strengths, giving players with the case-by-case knowledge needed for success.

What is Black Dragon OSRS?

Mojang created and launched Black Dragon OSRS, a computer game in the RPG genre, in 2022. It is set in a post-apocalyptic environment, with players tasked with reconstructing civilisation and defending against monsters. It is based on old video games such as RuneScape, World of Warcraft, and Dungeonquest.

The game itself combines aspects from other genres to create an immense fantasy world full of adventure and difficulty. Players are free to explore their surroundings while accomplishing chores, constructing buildings, crafting weapons, collecting materials, and eventually battling fearsome creatures known as Black Dragons.

For its unique combination of fantasy, horror, mystery, and adventure gameplay, Black Dragon OSRS has gained critical praise. Players may personalize their characters using a range of customisation choices throughout the game. It also has great graphics that make it immersive, as well as a fascinating storyline that keeps gamers coming back for more.

What to expect when fighting Black Dragons

There are various things to anticipate while fighting Black Dragons in Old School RuneScape. First and foremost, players must ensure that they are fully equipped to face these terrible draconic terrors. This involves possessing the required armor and weaponry, as well as potions. Furthermore, participants should ensure that they have enough food and liquids to withstand the duration of the combat.

Players can also anticipate to encounter a large number of other players battling Black Dragons in the same location at any one moment. It is better to prepare ahead of time and come early to ensure your seat in a battle. It is also worth noting that Black Dragons need advanced fighting abilities, therefore unskilled gamers may struggle to overcome these formidable foes. Finally, keep in mind that Black Dragons are very hazardous and have the capacity to destroy armor if not handled carefully.

Gear Set up

Gear selection is critical while facing the Black Dragons in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). To efficiently battle these creatures, players must be properly armed with a complete set of armor, weapons, and other essential things.

Full rune armor with tassets, an anti-dragon shield, a dragonfire shield or ordinary elemental shield, and the dragon hunter crossbow should be equipped for a successful dragon-slaying run. To increase their damage output, players may utilize the same gear combination but replace the crossbow with one of its improved variations, such as the dragon hunter lance or the poisonous blowpipe.

Players should also think about employing additional items that might assist them succeed, such as:

  • Prayer boosters
  • Stamina potions
  • High-level meals

Following this gear configuration will help players guarantee that they are appropriately prepared for a successful run against these strong animals.

Weapons and Armor

Weapons and armor are critical to defeating the ’22 Black Dragon’ in Old School Runescape. Players must decide the sort of weapon they will use against the dragon, as well as how it will interact with the armor they are wearing. Varied weapons provide different quantities of damage, while different armors offer varying degrees of protection. Some weapons are more difficult to get than others and need greater effort.

Additionally, some monster drops might grant armor sets that enable players to survive significant dragon damage. Additionally, specialized ammunition such as runes or arrows may significantly boost a player’s chances of success against this exceptional adversary. Before facing the dragon, make sure each player has a full inventory, as well as additional food for an emergency heal if necessary.

Potions and Other Supplies

It is critical to Plan Ahead and store up on resources before taking on Dark Draconic Terrors in 2022 Black Dragon OSRS.

Potions are some of the most necessary things for this activity. Prayers and Super Combat potions will help you heal and improve your stats. Also, Armadyl Crossbow and Dragon Arrows are required for dispatching these draconic animals, so make sure you have enough of each before going into fight. A Ring of Wealth may also be utilized to boost your chances of receiving uncommon loot from the creatures you will encounter.

Finally, additional food should be brought in case the conflict lasts longer than intended:

  • Food

Combat Strategy

Combat Strategy is critical in defeating the Black Dragon and other Dark Draconic Terrors in OSRS. To battle the dragon, players must carefully utilize both its vulnerabilities and their own talents and powers. To gain a tactical advantage, players must be aware of their surroundings and take full use of environmental impediments such as lava pits or vents.

To lessen incoming damage from the Black Dragon’s breath attacks, players should employ a protection prayer, such as Protect from Magic or Protect from Range, during fight. It is also advisable to use ranged strikes from a safe distance. Because this dragon has a very high defense rating, Rangers and Mages must use whatever special attacks they possess to maximize damage output. When battling as a group against a single Black Dragon OSRS, all players must coordinate their movements around the dragon so that it cannot easily target them all at once with its ranged breath attack.

Identifying Weaknesses

Identifying the Black Dragon OSRS 2022’s vulnerabilities is the next step in combating them. Knowing which strikes to avoid and which to utilize in combat might be the difference between victory and defeat. So, while starting a combat with Black Dragons, keep their vulnerabilities in mind. Black Dragons are often vulnerable to fire spells and ranged assaults. Against this opponent, ranged attacks will deliver somewhat more damage than melee or magical assaults.

You must wait for a Cat to hatch in order to fully understand each dragon’s strengths and weaknesses. Cats are animals that spawn randomly in the environment around a Black Dragon and, when engaged with, reveal knowledge about the dragon’s weaknesses/strengths. It is critical to engage with these Cats as soon as possible since they will despawn after a few minutes.

Taking on the Black Dragons

For the untrained adventurer, taking on a Black Dragon might be a difficult job. Coming prepared with full armor and food, as well as equipment like the Anti-Dragon Shield and Super Antifire Potions, is the ideal way to attack the task. It is also critical to employ range or magic against Black Dragons since melee assaults leave you susceptible. You should also carry a scroll of fire wave to shield yourself from the dragon’s ferocious breath.

Finally, when you’re ready, choose a secure place and make sure your Prayer points are active before confronting it. Taking on a Black Dragon might become a feasible objective for any adventurer bold enough to take it on by following these instructions:

  • Make sure you are prepared with full armor and food.
  • Bring equipment like the Anti-Dragon Shield and Super Antifire Potions.
  • Employ range or magic against Black Dragons.
  • Carry a scroll of fire wave to protect yourself.
  • Choose a secure place and make sure your Prayer points are active.

Tips and Tricks

When fighting the Black Dragons in OSRS, tips and methods are crucial. These monsters are deadly adversaries, and possessing the appropriate skills and strategies might be the difference between success and defeat. Here are some strategies for dealing with these terrible draconic terrors:

  1. Bring some pals to aid you out unless you’re confident in your battle numbers. Even if your staff is less experienced, a few more hands may help.
  2. Bring lots of food, potions, and other emergency supplies, such as anti-fire potions or a Super Prayer flask.
  3. Protect By Magic should be used whenever feasible since it reduces damage suffered from dragonfire and is also particularly effective against their magical assaults. If feasible, utilize Anti-fire potion or Dragonfire shield for more protection.
  4. When feasible, utilize ranged weapons since they inflict more damage than melee weapons; nevertheless, watch your distance because dragons have strong long-range strikes that may cause major harm.
  5. Finally, if you happen to receive an Antique one-handed crossbow from the rare drop table, don’t be afraid to use it. This weapon has a rapid rate of fire and causes a lot of damage, so use it carefully.

Using Prayer to Your Advantage

When fighting the Black Dragons in OSRS, it’s critical to employ Prayer to your advantage. Despite their strong defense and hitpoints, utilizing Prayer might help you alter the course of a battle.

Before fighting a Black Dragon, click “Activate All” to activate Prayer. It is advised that you use Protect from Melee to aid protect against their melee strikes, as well as Smite, which reduces the target’s Strength and Attack bonuses while delivering more damage over time.

Prayer pills are also essential while battling numerous Black Dragons at once since they raise your Prayer points every dosage, enabling you to pray for longer periods of time. Finally, when confronted with these dark draconic terrors, prayer may be a strong strategy for ensuring success in OSRS.

Taking Breaks to Heal

When tackling the Black Dragon assignment, it is critical to take pauses to recover. As a result, plan carefully and make the most of your rest time to maintain your health. With the option to take regular pauses, you will have a healthier and more powerful character ready for war.

It also contributes to the creation of an atmosphere in which your character may replenish mana and health during these intervals in order to achieve an ideal level for maximum damage output. Furthermore, by taking regular rests, you may prevent being exhausted from sustaining too much damage in a row. As a result, if you plan ahead and identify when you need a break, completing the Black Dragon work should be simpler.

Making Use of the Environment

Using the surroundings to your advantage while fighting Black Dragons is critical to remaining alive and dealing with them efficiently. It’s vital to remember, for example, that Black Dragons will constantly try to avoid walls and obstructions. As a result, having barriers surrounding you may delay or even stop their progress for a few seconds, giving you ample time to fine-tune your shots or make a tactical choice.

Furthermore, many Black Dragon attacks may be deflected by walls and obstructions, therefore employing them as a defense is strongly advised. Furthermore, if you’ve slain one Black Dragon and another is approaching, it’s a good idea to take shelter behind an object or wall, since this will provide you valuable minutes of recuperation as the second dragon tries to contact you.

Finally, while fighting many dragons at once, taking advantage of spaces between them may assist reduce contact with all of the dragons at once.


Conquering the Old School RuneScape’s black dragons may be both a scary and rewarding endeavor. You may become a master slayer of these dark draconic terrors with the correct gear, expertise, and bravery. Use your finest weapons and armor, carry lots of food and medicines, and go in knowing what you’re doing. Keep your summoning materials on hand in case things go out of hand.

Taking on these beasts is no easy task, but by following the guidelines below, you can ensure that your 2022 Black Dragon OSRS journey is pleasurable:

  • Use your finest weapons and armor
  • Carry lots of food and medicines
  • Go in knowing what you’re doing
  • Keep your summoning materials on hand in case things go out of hand

Good luck to all courageous slayers out there, and remember: never underestimate a dragon’s might.

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