Hosidius is one of the largest and most popular factions in Old School RuneScape. In this guide, we’ll show you how to easily gain favor with Hosidius so you can take advantage of all the great perks that come with it.


In OldSchool RuneScape (OSRS), it is difficult to gain the favor of the Hosidius House. This extensive tutorial will explain how to satisfy the Hosidius favor criteria and get numerous prizes.

Players must fulfill a range of chores spanning numerous distinct needs, including Farming, Combat, Crafting, Divination, and more, in order to acquire Hosidius’ favor. Before being able to access the Hosidius favor-related chores, several of these jobs need players to build up their reputation with The Shayzien House. They will also need to engage with NPCs and utilize various objects during their adventure to gain favors. Rewards vary from handy experience lamps and potions to one-of-a-kind in-game goods like furnishings for housing or a colorful shield for personalizing your character’s identity.

We can go into the specifics of how it’s done now that you know what it takes to gain favor with the Hosidius family.

Getting to Hosidius

In Old School RuneScape, the settlement of Hosidius is located on the southern shore of Great Kourend. It is the only one of Great Kourend’s five houses that focuses on agriculture. The player must have begun the Great Kourend quest in order to go to Hosidius, since they must travel via Port Piscarilius or Land’s End to get there.

After arriving in Hosidius, players may begin winning favor with their house in order to obtain access to particular locations and prizes, such as accessing the Cooking Guild and learning about Herblore from Lady Vulcana Lovakengj. Achieving complete favor with House Hosidius may also provide players more experience while training Farming, as well as certain distinct perks like an improved woodcutting guild, access to new fishing areas, and unique seedbox skilling techniques.

First Time Travel

Mining is an activity that all players in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) should explore if they wish to boost their overall favor with the Hosidius House. When a player engages in mining, they may come across numerous ores that contain important minerals. This action may offer players with minerals and materials necessary for creating higher level goods, ranging from coal to mithril.

Players should also keep in mind that while mining for ore, they should always utilize their finest pickaxe. Higher-quality pickaxes will enable players to mine ore quicker than their lower-quality equivalents. Furthermore, some of the more sophisticated pickaxes will enable players to mine ore kinds that are inaccessible with lower-level equipment. With this in mind, players should always make sure they have the proper mining gear before venturing into the mines.

Best Traveling Methods

The finest traveling ways are by far the quickest and most effective approach to maximize your Hosidius favor in OSRS. In Old School RuneScape, you may travel in a variety of methods, from jogging or walking to using player-owned transportation. Each of these solutions has advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to learn about them all before deciding which is ideal for you.

When going by foot, you may employ shortcuts or just take the long route. In order to acquire Hosidius’ favor fast and effectively, this strategy entails sprinting or walking larger distances. There are many teleportation spells available for player-owned travel, as well as Fairy Rings and access to other kinds of rapid conveyance such as a boat or home portal system. All of these strategies enable players to move about Old School RuneScape swiftly while collecting favor points at a quicker pace than normal.

Using the most efficient mode of transportation is always the greatest way to acquire experience and favor with Hosidius in OSRS, regardless of your favorite technique. So, choose an alternative that will serve your objective while also increasing your efficiency.

Xerics Talisman

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), Xeric’s Talisman is among the most precious and sought-after goods. This talisman, when paired with an ensouled head, creates a reanimated ensouled head that may be utilized to garner favor with the Hosidius house. Charge the talisman with up to three ancient shards for a 1-99 Prayer experience boost.

The talisman is gained as a rare drop from lizardman shamans and all of its varieties in Lizardman Canyon. It may also be obtained via different hint scrolls and by pickpocketing Master Farmers. Players may acquire favor from Hosidius House while gaining a high number of Prayer experience by utilizing Xeric’s Talisman.

Hosidius Player-Owned House

Old School RuneScape users wishing to win favor with the Hosidius faction and boost their total Hosidius favor often visit the Hosidius home in Great Kourend. One of the greatest ways to do this is to arm yourself with the appropriate ranged weaponry and supplies. Ranged weapons enable you to deliver massive quantities of damage from a distance, giving you an edge in solo content and making it easier to survive boss encounters and other PvM scenarios.

The finest ranged weapons in OSRS are:

  • Toxic Blowpipe, which has the most ranged DPS while being relatively cheap; but, when used against enemies with good defense, it needs poison darts or dragon darts.
  • Armadyl Crossbow, which has a very long range and exceptional accuracy, making it ideal for more defensive players who prefer to keep their opponents at a safe distance during fight.
  • Dark Bow, which is an excellent choice for increased sustained damage output. It is two-handed, making it slower than most other weapons, but its fire arrows do incredible damage at all ranges.

Depending on your combat level, you may also wish to have access to other strong pieces of equipment, such as Karil’s set or the Void Range set, which grant advantages while striking range-based foes.

Tithe Farm Grouping Teleport

In Old School RuneScape, the Tithe Farm Grouping Teleport is a quick and simple method to acquire favor with the Hosidius House. You must first ensure that you are a member of the Hosidius House and that your Favor Level is at least 99% in order to proceed.

When you reach 99%, go to the Tithe Farm on the west side of Kourend Castle. To go there, manufacture two Favour Talismans (level 83 Crafting required) or use a Kharedst’s Memoirs item Reward from the Penguin Hide-and-seek minigame. Select the “Grouped Teleport” option to be teleported immediately to various Hosidius farming areas once you arrive. Players may swiftly harvest crops and equally distribute farming XP across all four Hosidius farming patches in this location. This procedure may be done as many times as necessary until your favor level reaches 100%.

Kharedsts memories

In Great Kourend’s Hosidius House, you may complete the action Kharedst’s Memories. It is a minigame-style activity that allows players to acquire experience in various talents while also earning Hosidius Favor points for their success. These points may be used to buy unique gifts for the Hosidius region of Zeah, such as special veggies and equipment or exclusive titles.

To unlock additional memories and receive prizes, players must read through Kharedst’s recollections by clicking on NPCs and items throughout the region. Players get XP by completing puzzles with logic problems or by triggering lever puzzles that create impediments in the road. Guard patrols may sometimes come in the way, thus it is necessary to be prepared for these confrontations. Rewards include XP and challenge medals, which may be traded for stuff at certain places; however, each player is limited to 1000 favor every day, so they must spend them carefully.

Book of the dead

The Hosidius House Favor system in OSRS is heavily reliant on The Book of the Dead. Players must present many Pages of the Book of the Dead to their respective House Steward in order to achieve favor with this elite house. The player must have Prayer level 58 to receive the whole book, which is made up of five pages, each of which gives 500 favor points when presented to the House Steward.

Obtaining pages from the Book of the Dead is undoubtedly something you will want to accomplish if you want to get the most Hosidius favor possible swiftly and efficiently. To do so, players must get a copy of ‘Transcriptase,’ which can be purchased for 50 gold pieces apiece from stores and booths across Great Kourend. When you buy it, you may use it on any grave or mausoleum in Kourend to get a random page from one of the players’ versions of the book that they have written throughout time.

Skills necklace

In Old School RuneScape, the Skills necklace is a gift from the elite clue scroll rewards. It needs level 80 Crafting to make and may be used five times in Hosidius to fast teleport to the Farming patch. Every time it teleports you, it grants you a 25% Hosidius House favor boost and a 15-minute countdown that begins when you reach the Hosidius patch and ends when you leave the patch. This effect stacks with other techniques of obtaining favor and may be particularly handy if you need complete favor rapidly.

The skills necklace may also be charged with teleportation charges by using teletabs, cosmic runes, and law runes on it, and it can hold up to 5 charges at once.

Ways of gaining Hosidius Favor

Gaining favor with the Hosidius house may be a key element of prospering in Old School RuneScape. Hosidius is an excellent provider of resources and other benefits, including access to its bank and several agricultural areas. Gaining Hosidius’ favor requires patience and practice, but it is possible.

Players must execute specific chores, known as service tasks, in order to acquire favor with the Hosidius house. These activities include:

  • Gathering crops from their headquarters’ agricultural patches.
  • Fishing karambwāns on the local shore.
  • Donating specific products to their shops.
  • Completing chat engagements with members of their group.

Completing these activities successfully grants players a certain number of reputation points with them. Access to greater privileges, such as unique awards or access to new places inside their realm, increases as the amount of reputation points increases.

Ploughing Fields

The title A Comprehensive Guide to Gaining Hosidius Favor in Old School RuneScape OSRS refers to the techniques of obtaining favor with the Hosidius House in OSRS. Great Kourend, a rich metropolis in the kingdom of Zeah, is where this faction is based.

Players may acquire favor with this home by plowing fields, preparing meals and baking pies at the neighboring cooking range, and applying compost to the agricultural patches in the vicinity. Players may also gain reputation by slaying monsters or maintaining their battle stats while farming. By completing these activities, players may get access to benefits such as improved armor and tools, unique farming patches, and discounts on different products from the Kourend Castle Market.

The Client of Kourend

The Client of Kourend is a miniquest that was launched in January 2016 as part of the Hosidius House favor system, rewarding players with the Rune Pouch.

It requires the capacity to interpret NPC talks as well as memorize and follow orders from the NPCs involved.

During the mission, players will receive a mystery parcel in Varrock from an unknown source and will then be charged with following a series of clues to reach their destination. Players will ultimately meet Veliaf Hurtz, the head of the Kourend Council and the Shadow of Seiryu. Completing this quest gets players entrance to Xeric’s Chamber and a special Rune Pouch, which yields double rune essences when used within Xeric’s Cavern.

RuneScape players who want to achieve the most favor in OSRS by completing objectives in The Chambers of Xeric will need the Rune Pouch. The bag enables players to swiftly and effectively stock up on runes, making it one of the most desired things for those looking to fast level up their OSRS character with Hosidius House.

The Depths of Despair

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), The Depths of Despair is a mini-quest that may be completed as part of the Hosidius Favor system to obtain access to specific features. A Rune Pouch, an item that enables players to store up to four distinct kinds of runes in one item, is one of the prizes for completing this mission.

This bag may be used to perform spells, saving players bank space and time by eliminating the need to withdraw several kinds of runes each time they need them. The Rune Pouch may also instantly extract rune essence or pure essence from a player’s bank and deposit it to the pouch without taking up any extra bank space or time. This is quite helpful for players that regularly utilize runes and allows them to do so without having to repeatedly return to their banks and withdraw various goods.

Cooking in the Mess

Cooking at the Mess at Hosidius House is a good method to acquire favor with the House. You’ll need to utilize your raw food and prepare it in the Mess, which is situated in the house’s southeast corner. Your Cooking level will define what you can and cannot prepare while cooking here. If you have a Cooking level of 60, for example, you can prepare raw shark, a high-level fish, but not trout, a lower-level fish.

When cooking in the Mess, keep in mind that each point of favor requires the preparation and submission of five dishes. The greater your Cooking level, the more points you may earn every hour. Furthermore, by combining several sorts of ingredients, you will be able to get more Hosidius favor than if you just used one type. This is known as the Hosidius Multiplier.

Planting Grapes in the Vinery

At Old School RuneScape, the Vinery in the Hosidius House is a great method to swiftly acquire popularity. Every time one of the Vinery’s 48 plots is harvested, you get 8 Hosidius favor points.

To cultivate grapes, though, you must first learn Runecrafting. Runecrafting is a talent that enables players to use Runecrafting altars around Gielinor to create different runes and perform spells. Players must utilize a tiara or talisman connected with the rune type to get entrance to an altar. All runes need groups of essences, which may be collected by mining the essence rock, which can be found near numerous Runecrafting altars.

Users who master this talent may then manufacture Natural Runes from nature essences and use them to perform the Plant Vine spell on their grapevines in the Vinery. In order to use this spell effectively, you must have level 68 Runecrafting and a minimum favor level of 31% with the Hosidius House. Players may use this spell to swiftly improve agricultural production and favor points for extra prizes.

Making Sulphurous Fertiliser

Making Sulphurous Fertiliser is one of the jobs in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that is necessary to acquire favor with the Hosidius House. It starts with collecting a bucket of seaweed from a local beach and putting it in the ZMI Altar, followed by two buckets of ash and another bucket of seaweed. After that, click on the stone altar to uncover a stew-like material that must be poured over the areas in Hosidius. This gives players 8 favor points and one inventory space.

Gather enough seaweed to fill 22 buckets so you don’t run out while producing the fertilizer. If a player runs out while creating it, they may easily pick up some more near The Abyss entrance or on the neighboring beach. Last but not least, keep in mind that picking up rocks throughout this procedure is optional since they are only used for rock crab battling and do not count toward a player’s Hosidius house favor points.

Benefits of Hosidius Favor

The Hosidius House of Great Kourend in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) has a reputation system that lets players earn access to numerous businesses, services, and activities. Players may win favor by doing things like tree farming, fishing, cooking, and training Slayer.

Having Hosidius on your side has several advantages. Gaining favor allows access to special stores such as the Brew Seller and Chemist’s shop. It also unlocks a variety of additional activities, like woodcutting, fruit tree cultivation, and the Tithe Farm minigame. Unlocking higher levels of Hosidius Favor also grants discounts on a variety of services around Great Kourend, including the Farmer’s store price reduction and the Crafting Guild’s cost decrease for some goods. Furthermore, by growing your favor with outstanding kourend, you will get more reward points while completing tasks in each house, which will provide you with extra prizes and experience in different talents.

Hosidius Fruit Stalls

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), the Ring of Wealth Glitch is a means for fast and easily gaining large quantities of Hosidius favor. This bug takes use of the fruit booths in Hosidius;. Players may receive up to 37.5% favor by engaging with the stalls. Players may move between various fruit booths in Hosidius rapidly to improve their efficiency by banking all things in their inventory and donning the Ring of Wealth. The Ring of Wealth will then transport them back to where they started, with just one item from each stall in their inventory.

For maximal Hosidius favor acquisition, the player must then dump these things and continue the procedure until all four stalls have been dealt with. This bug is very handy for individuals that want huge quantities of Hosidius favor rapidly, such as Herblore trainers or completionists seeking an expedient method to max out their favor level.

Spirit Tree Patch

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), the Spirit Tree patch is one of the most popular Runecrafting Alter spots. Just north of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, it is positioned east of Hosidius House. It is the only permanent altar that needs you to complete a quest before you may produce runes.

Players must first finish the Fairy Tale Part II quest in order to get access to the Spirit Tree patch. They may then use the neighboring spirit tree to teleport straight to it instead of walking there. When visiting Hosidius House, you may use the Goebie Supplies award from completing The Giant Oyster miniquest to get there quicker.

This Runecrafting Altar does not provide double experience like other altars do, but it does enable players to acquire favor with Hosidius House by stockpiling runes made at this altar.

Disease-free Farming Patch

Players must fulfill certain conditions in order to achieve favor with the Hosidius family. One of them is the preservation of a disease-free agricultural area. This implies that players must utilize the gardening equipment provided by the home farmers to maintain the patch completely developed and disease-free.

To do this, players need water each plant daily and keep an eye out for symptoms of illnesses or pests that might harm their harvests. They should also “weed out” any overgrown portions using their gardening trowel tool on a regular basis, and add compost as required.

Those who successfully complete this criterion will obtain Farming XP, enhanced Hosidius favor, and maybe even seeds as a reward.

Graceful Outfit Recolour

In Old School Runescape (OSRS), the Graceful Outfit Recolour is an excellent method to improve your standing with the Hosidius House. This approach requires obtaining the whole elegant attire and recoloring it in a precise manner. The elegant hood, top, legs, gloves, boots, and cape make up the whole exquisite ensemble.

You will need two buckets of water, dye remover, and two distinct dye colors to begin the remembrance process.

To begin, combine one gallon of color remover and one bucket of water. Fill one bucket with water and place it on a bowl to make a water bowl; then add one dosage of color remover and stir until all of the dye remover dissolves in the water bowl. After that, apply this mixture on your Graceful hood. This will return your Graceful hood to its original white color, letting you to continue recoloring it as desired. For this technique, utilize either green or blue dyes, since Hosidius House accepts both for recognized loyalty points.

Reclaim your gift from Quercus in the House of Hosidius in return for your now recolored Graceful Outfit.

Access to the Farming Guild

Gaining entry to the Farming Guild is necessary for Old School RuneScape (OSRS) to allow you to create runes more quickly and at higher levels. Gaining access requires at least level 68 farming, which also grants the Hosidius House faction an extra 20% attraction rate. The teleport option on a Skills Necklace is the easiest method to travel to the Farming Guild. Other options include utilizing a Ring of Duelling or teleporting right there via an elemental or Spirit tree.

You will need to buy Hosidius favors from Marius outside of the guild after you have achieved admission. Investing in these favors will open up extra crafting places, allowing you to achieve your Runecrafting objectives faster and more effectively.

Access to the Woodcutting Guild

The Woodcutting Guild is a members-only region in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that may be entered after acquiring a specific level of Hosidius favor. Players must do several chores inside Great Kourend’s realm in order to garner favor, such as bringing stuff to his chambers, gathering unique items for him, and completing other minor jobs. If you are successful in completing a sufficient number of these jobs, you will get entrance to the Woodcutting Guild and will be allowed to begin your quest to Freeing Pirate Pete.

Once within the guild, you’ll need to use all of your Woodcutting talents to release Pete from chopping down trees and instead use axes or hatchets of various levels. Keep in mind that this location is only accessible to members and that particular levels are needed for each activity here, therefore it is critical that you come equipped with the necessary equipment and abilities before tackling this quest:

  • Woodcutting level
  • Axe or hatchet
  • Other required items

Access to the Tithe Farm Minigame

In Old School Runescape, gaining favor with the Hosidius house is critical since it offers access to a broad range of in-game perks. Access to the Tithe Farm minigame is one of the main advantages of Hosidius favor. Players may gain Farming XP by planting and harvesting crops in this minigame.

To obtain access to the Tithe Farm minigame, players must first acquire 75% Hosidius favor. Players may do this by accomplishing chores for different NPCs in the region, participating in activities like as fishing and cooking, collecting certain objects from the area, or just conversing with other members of the House. After achieving 75% favor, players will have access to the Tithe Farm minigame and may begin farming their way up to 99 Farming.

Hosidius Kitchen Cooking Ranges

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), gaining favor with House Hosidius requires using the Hosidius Kitchen Cooking Range as a primary tool. There are two variants of the range: the Void Knight range and the Elite Void Knight range.

  • The Void Knight range provides 5500 Cooking experience per hour and requires level 70 Cooking to utilize. It’s near the Barbarian Outpost within the Void Knights’ Outpost.
  • The Elite Void Knight Range, on the other hand, has a maximum cooking experience of 6500 every hour and needs Level 90 cooking to utilize. It can be found in Mos Le’Harmless, east of the Stiles of Evil Bob’s Cave, and needs completion of the Cabin Fever quest to activate.

Both ranges have two firepots that may be upgraded with coal or higher levels for increased experience rates based on the components used.


In RuneScape, gaining favor in the Hosidius House of Old School may be a time-consuming and laborious procedure. However, with the help of this thorough guide, you should now have a lot better knowledge of the conditions for earning favor. As you complete the duties required to gain favor with this wonderful residence, you will discover that it is well worth the effort to enjoy all of its rewards.

To fully benefit from the greater access to resources and prizes, it is critical to exercise caution while deciding how to use your Favors. Before going on to the next assignment, make sure you’ve taken full use of all the incentives related with it. This will assist guarantee that your efforts are rewarded to the fullest. You may quickly become a well-respected member of the Hosidius House if you have patience and pay attention to detail.

Hosidius Favor OSRS Guide

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