Are you looking to become an elite knight in Old School RuneScape? If so, you’ll need to follow this guide to learn everything you need to know. From the requirements to the training methods, we’ll cover everything you need to get started on your way to becoming an elite knight in OSRS.

What is Elite Void in OSRS?

The Elite Void Knight is a new armor set in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that was released with the introduction of the 2022 Elite Void Quest. It is the most powerful suit of armor available from the Void Knights. Players who finish this task will get an Elite Void Knight Top, Elite Void Knight Robe, and Elite Void Knight Gloves, as well as a one-of-a-kind cape that cannot be obtained anywhere in-game.

The equipment grants players extra stats, stronger defense ratings than standard void knight armor, and access to awards that are only accessible to those wearing the elite set. To become an elite void knight, players must accomplish a sequence of combat, prayer, and other talents that can only be performed while wearing this specific suit of armor. This quest is one of the most difficult jobs in OSRS, but it will be very gratifying for those that complete all of its phases and succeed in getting it.

What is Void Knight in OSRS?

Void Knight, sometimes known as elite void knight, is a level of combat in Old School RuneScape OSRS. To take on the formidable creatures known as Elite Void Knights, who are distributed across the territory, a specific level of experience and ability is required.

To advance to the rank of Elite Void Knight, players must first purchase a Void Knight Armour set and then complete a series of objectives. Some of these missions include:

  • fighting seven Elite Void Knights;
  • accumulating 500,000 points in overall damage; and
  • completing weekly challenges.

After completing all four tasks, players will get 1 Void Knight Armour set for each completed challenge. Once obtained, the armour set provides the player with improved damage resistance and attack strength versus Elite Void Knights.

Becoming an Elite Void Knight may give tremendous rewards; but it is not an easy feat that demands time and determination to achieve.

What are the Requirements for Elite Void?

Players must first gain the ordinary, basic Void Knight armour in order to obtain the Elite Void armour in Old School Runescape (OSRS). This is accomplished by fusing five elite void pieces gained from Pest Control minigames.

Players must visit a Void Knight at one of the Void Knight Outposts in OSRS after collecting the pieces. They must have level 42 Attack, Defense, and Strength stats to upgrade their gear to the Elite form. They may then approach the elite knight in question, who will offer them an upgrade for 500K coins each piece. The procedure takes 1 hour of game time, during which other players may also engage in upgrading. After this period has passed and enough gold have been spent, players may become Elite Knights, donning some of the most powerful and distinctive equipment in OSRS.

What is The Difference Between Void Knight and Elite Void Knight?

In the realm of Old School RuneScape OSRS, Void Knight and Elite Void Knight are both NPCs (non-player characters). A Void Knight is a human knight that appears in-game on a regular basis, delivering prizes for accomplishing challenges or chores. An Elite Void Knight, on the other hand, is an improved version of a standard Void Knight with extra advantages and awards.

An Elite Void Knight boosts the player’s stats, enabling them to combat higher level enemies and earn greater rewards for missions completed. They may get special goods such as a void defender, which grants them an additional health point while battling void creatures. They may also utilize their particular power to instantly teleport to other areas on the map without having to pay for transportation or spend spellbooks. Finally, when Elite Void Knights execute assignments successfully, they are awarded with bonus experience points.

How to Get Elite Void In OSRS?

Obtaining elite void in OSRS is a difficult endeavor, but it may be rewarding. To begin, finish the RuneScape quest “The Void Dance.” This is an optional quest with a rather high difficulty level that demands you to complete a number of activities, including battling with some formidable creatures and deciding whether or not to affiliate yourself with certain factions in Runescape. You will earn the Elite Void Knight gear after finishing The Void Dance, which includes the Elite Void Knight Top, Elite Void Knight Robe Bottom, Elite Void Knight Gloves, and Elite Void Knight Boots.

As an Elite Void knight, you receive access to the different PvP mini-games in OSRS in addition to the armor itself. In typical PvE player versus environment conflicts, these mini-games provide particular challenges with unique prizes like as customized armor sets or better damage and defense capabilities against monsters. Finally, being an Elite void knight allows access to runes, the effects of which dramatically increase the strength of battle spells such as lightning strike or fire surge.

It is not simple to become an elite void knight, but it may provide players an advantage in both PvP and PvE combat activities in OSRS, making it well worth pursuing if you have the determination and skill set to accomplish all of the needed chores for success.

Why Should I Get Elite Void Armour?

For Old School RuneScape players, Elite Void Armour is an extremely strong and rare suit of armor. This armor can only be obtained by completing the Grandmaster Prospector’s Elite Void OSRS Challenge, which consists of a series of tough puzzles and activities. Players that finish this challenge will get elite void gear as well as updated and better stats.

Elite Void Armour provides considerable benefits to players in terms of damage and defense, since it considerably improves both offensive and defensive skills. The armor has a unique effect that deflects 40% of the wearer’s damage to all hitsplats, making it very tough for adversaries to strike you. Furthermore, elite void equipment may be coupled with other pieces of armour to create a one-of-a-kind outfit with amazing stats. These attributes are boosted even more when rewards from other activities, such as

  • slayer
  • skilling
  • questing

, are used.

Lost in the Void

The Lost in the Void mission is part of the Elite Void OSRS questline, which is a sequence of quests that will lead you to becoming an Elite Knight. It entails being transported to the void and gathering story-related things. Three heavenly objects are among these things, as are bits of equipment dispersed by animals.

To accomplish this mission, players must also interact with NPCs in different locales and make choices that may affect their future actions in the game’s plot. Players may return to the Quest Hall after collecting all of these materials and performing any chores assigned by NPCs to earn their reward for completing this quest:

  • Three heavenly objects
  • Bits of equipment dispersed by animals
  • Interact with NPCs in different locales
  • Make choices that may affect their future actions in the game’s plot
  • Perform any chores assigned by NPCs

Elite Void OSRS Guide [2022]: Becoming an Elite knight