Here’s a complete list of every OSRS Quest and a brief overview of what each entails so you can plan your next steps in the game.

Types of Quests

Questing is a crucial aspect of each Old School RuneScape (OSRS) player’s experience. There is something for everyone among the numerous sorts of missions to do, ranging from simple to very difficult. This article provides an overview of the many sorts of quests accessible in OSRS.

  • Novice quests are basic narratives meant to attract new players and introduce them to the world of RuneScape. These are generally simply a few steps long and provide goods such as cash or equipment to players.
  • Medium missions need a moderate degree of ability and understanding, as well as the completion of numerous quest phases. They often provide greater benefits than Novice quests, such as access to additional regions or equipment.
  • Hard quests are challenging undertakings that demand a high degree of knowledge and expertise to completely accomplish. These may include obtaining rare things or traveling long distances in order to complete the quest goals. The prizes for these tasks are usually quite lucrative, such as entry to special places or strong weapon and armor sets.

Quest Series

Part 7 of the “Finding the Orb” quest series is a significant quest arc in Old School RuneScape, a BBC fantasy adventure game in which players journey over the globe to confront evil. Players must find a forgotten item known as The Orb in order to halt an ancient evil and save the planet from disaster.

This quest series consists of nine tasks, some of which have extra subquests, and completing them all needs a mix of skill and knowledge. Players must battle creatures, solve riddles, and explore dungeons throughout this adventure series. It also includes actions like gathering artifacts from faraway locations, soliciting the assistance of others, and deciphering riddles.

Part 7 takes place mostly outside of Al Kharid but partly inside it. After finishing Part 7 of this series, players will have access to Ancient Magicks and will be able to obtain access to higher level monsters, rare items, and XP experience point boosts.


Leather Armor Sub-quest is an OSRS Quest that players must accomplish in order to get a piece of leather armor. The Sub-quest is made up of a number of goals, tasks, and mini-quests that are collected to supply the player with the information, materials, and resources required for a successful completion.

Players must retrieve shards from the tunnels of the Black Knights and mine rocks for iron ore and coal. Complete each job to go through the quest objectives. Upon completion of these phases, you will be rewarded with experience points, gold coins, and, lastly, a piece of leather armor.

The ultimate result is well worth the work since it gives greater protection than standard armor pieces while also significantly lowering damage absorbed from opponents. This makes Leather Armor an intriguing alternative for people who are new to OSRS or who want to improve their combat protection.


Mini-quests are a series of little tasks that must be accomplished in order to advance in the game. They may vary from rescuing lost things to conversing with NPCs, killing monsters, or even collecting a certain quantity of objects. Upon completion of the mission, a player will be awarded with experience points and/or equipment.

This may make it simpler to level up or get rarer goods than grinding or killing creatures constantly. The prizes vary depending on the task, and some may bring more helpful benefits than others. Most games split mini-tasks from bigger plot quests, making them easier and faster to accomplish:

  • Rescuing lost things
  • Conversing with NPCs
  • Killing monsters
  • Collecting a certain quantity of objects

Skill Requirements

To be eligible for the quest prizes after finishing an OldSchool RuneScape (OSRS) Quest, players must achieve specific skill levels. This involves possessing a particular degree of various talents as well as completing any extra activities that are required.

Quest requirements may range from basic to difficult, depending on the player’s OSRS account level and gaming experience. A mission may get more challenging as a player’s expertise with OSRS grows.

Skill requirements for OSRS Quests may involve a specified mining, crafting, or fighting level, as well as having completed previous quests that provide access to additional talents or equipment. Which prizes are available following completion of the quest will be determined by the requisite skill levels and accomplishment of extra tasks.

Before beginning a quest, players should go through all of the information linked to it to verify they have or can achieve all of the essential abilities and tasks for success:

  • Mining level
  • Crafting level
  • Fighting level
  • Completion of previous quests
  • Accomplishment of extra tasks

All Quests

An overview of all OSRS Quests is a fantastic resource for Old School Runescape gamers. It may assist players in determining the best missions to perform and those ones they have previously finished.

The All Quests page in the OSRS Quest Overview displays all ongoing quests in Old School RuneScape, as well as those that have been discontinued or deleted from the game. There are major missions, mini-quests, quest point-only quests, holiday events, and other random ones in the list.

Players will be able to read information such as the difficulty level and suggested skill levels for each task. It also specifies the prizes that may be acquired from each quest, such as experience points and money. It will also reveal if Hausemaster still owns 2b2t or not.

Free to Play

2b2t is a Minecraft server that is available for free. The server, which has neither whitelist nor whitelisted players, has been operational since 2011. As a result, it is the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft history.

The server has become a favorite destination for griefers and trolls alike due to a lack of regulations and moderation, however many players still visit for a more tranquil experience. 2b2t welcomes players of all skill levels, since it is available to everyone willing to endure its tough environment.

As a result, the site has a wide range of material, including minigames and puzzles. There are also other more activities available, such as role-playing and construction projects that go beyond mere mining and crafting. Because of its openness, 2b2t provides an engaging experience with apparently endless options for adventure-seeking players.

List of Quests

This quest list includes all of the quest series in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). It contains the name of the quest, the number of quests in each series, the total amount of quest points, and a link to a more complete summary. Quests are classified as beginner, intermediate, or expert, as well as by their total length. Quick beginner-level quests, for example, may be found in the “Fast Beginner” section, whereas more difficult ones can be found in the “Expert Long” section.

In addition to this list, there are a number of useful resources accessible for anybody trying to accomplish a certain quest. The official OSRS Wiki includes full information on each mission, as well as guidelines on how to begin each one. There are also several helpful forums and YouTube channels that provide step-by-step walkthroughs for various tasks:

Members Quest

Members quests are only accessible to RuneScape members. These tasks are often more harder than free-to-play quests and frequently need greater combat or skill levels. Completing a member’s tasks earns them extra benefits such as access to new places, products, or activities.

Some of the most popular member quests include:

  • Observatory Quest
  • The Eyes of Glouphrie
  • One Piercing Note
  • Dragon Slayer II
  • The Temple of Ikov

Upon completion, all members’ tasks provide Quest Points as well as experience lamps in several abilities.

Question: What members quests should I do first Osrs?

When you first start playing Old School RuneScape (OSRS), it’s crucial to gain a sense of the many missions available and determine which ones to do first. This comprehensive list of OSRS members quests will provide you with a thorough overview of what is available, what rewards you can anticipate, and which ones you should accomplish as quickly as possible.

In terms of time commitment, difficulty level, and reward, the sort of mission makes a significant impact. Some are simple and take little time, whilst others are more complicated and may need numerous stages to finish. Furthermore, the prizes range from minor quantities of experience points to expensive goods or armor.

Players may optimize their efficiency while playing the game and ensure they’re getting the most out of it by following this technique to acquiring an OSRS mission overview with this comprehensive list:

Question: What is the longest quest in Osrs?

The Elder Kiln is the longest quest in Osrs, with 17 phases and requirements of level 81 Firemaking and level 34 Crafting. This quest demands players to assist the druid Talfar in his search for an elder Kiln kidnapped from his clan. Players will go around the Witchwood and interact with numerous NPCs in order to locate the elder kiln.

During their adventure, they will also need to gather many objects and fulfill specific activities that are necessary. They will be awarded with a Bamboo Cape after finishing all 17 stages, which gives a variety of perks when worn. The Bamboo Cape grants:

  • +2 Strength
  • +1 Ranged Attack
  • +1 Magic Attack
  • +1 Defense

When worn when chopping bamboos or engaging in other similar activities, it boosts players’ firemaking experience by 1%.

Question: What is the hardest OSRS quest?

The task list in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is extensive. The Rift quest, which demands a level 85 in numerous abilities such as Attack, Herblore, Agility, and others, is often regarded as the most difficult OSRS quest. The Rift mission requires you to catch a strong demon and return it to its prison. You must also battle a slew of enemies and solve a variety of riddles. While most people find this mission challenging, there are numerous additional more difficult tasks that individuals must finish in order to go farther in the game.

These missions include Fremennik Province entries like The Slug Menace and The Fremennik Trials, as well as more difficult wilderness entries like Desert Treasure and Demon Slayer. To begin these tasks, one needs first assess their skill levels in different OSRS talents before embarking on any of these specific quests.


In conclusion, we can see that there is a diverse selection of OSRS missions accessible for players to investigate. From novice-level starting quests to high-level Elite and Master quest series, there is something for all skill and commitment levels here. These are the tasks to seek out if you’re searching for an exploring challenge, a reward of rare goods or experience points, or a chance to develop your fighting abilities.

Completing any or all of these OSRS Quests will surely improve your game experience, whether you play alone or with a group of friends.

OSRS Quest Overview: A Complete List

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