This guide covers the complete Song of the Elves questline in Old School RuneScape. It will help you get started if you’re not sure where to begin, and will provide detailed instructions on how to complete each step of the quest.

Song of the Elves Overview

Elenion Ancalima, an elf princess, seeks to reclaim her realm and rescue her people from slavery in the Song of the Elves quest. To complete your job, you’ll need to travel around Gielinor gathering artifacts and earning friends. Along the trip, you’ll discover mythology and old mysteries while battling both physical and magical enemies.

Access to Prifddinas; elven city; 2-handed crossbows; ability to craft crystal armor; a new slayer creature—the unicow; ability to brew Elven stews; enhanced alchemy spells; access to Elf Camp shops with new items such as crystal singing bowls, fireplaces, furniture, food larders, and more are among the rewards:

  • Access to Prifddinas; elven city;
  • 2-handed crossbows;
  • Ability to craft crystal armor;
  • A new slayer creature—the unicow;
  • Ability to brew Elven stews;
  • Enhanced alchemy spells;
  • Access to Elf Camp shops with new items such as crystal singing bowls, fireplaces, furniture, food larders, and more.

Requirements for Song of the Elves

The Song of the Elves quest is only accessible to members in Old School RuneScape. It is critical to ensure that you satisfy all of the conditions before beginning the quest. To get entry to Prifddinas, you must have level 85 in Mining and Crafting and fulfill the requirements outlined by Aminishi. You must also have completed the Plague City, Biohazard, In Aid Of The Myreque, The Dig Site, and One Small Favour missions, as well as have 75 Agility or a Rock Climbing Rope.

There are mid-quest criteria that must be met in addition to the fundamental requirements for beginning the quest. These include:

  • access to the Blue Dragon quest from the Barbarian Assault minigame,
  • levels 75 Smithing, 20 Agility, and 50 Herblore for accessing specific regions in Prifddinas,
  • for 150k coins, players must purchase a Crystal singing tool from Lady Ithell, which unlocks the crystal singing component of the Song of the Elves quest.

Recommended Equipment/Items for Song of the Elves

The Song of the Elves quest is one of the most difficult and thrilling tasks in the Old School version of RuneScape. In order to accomplish the quest safely and with reasonable ease, you will require certain suggested gear. The task requires at least level 70 Ranged, level 54 Agility, and a few additional levels, as well as gear and a weapon.

You should also aim to collect a few objects that will aid you in your quest, such as:

  • food like salve eels or monkfish,
  • potions like defence or prayer,
  • runes,
  • arrows,
  • and a few teleports like Camelot or Trollheim.

It’s also a good idea to have additional cash on hand in case you need to purchase anything while travelling. Finally, if you want to face Vorkath while finishing the mission, an anti-dragon shield is suggested. All of these should help you get ready for this huge expedition.

Song of the Elves Walkthrough

The Song of the Elves quest in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is an important storyline element in the game. The mission challenges players to assist King Baxtorian in restoring RuneScape to its previous splendor before the Fourth Age. Players receive access to five special new talents by finishing this quest: Runecrafting, Farming, Herblore, Thieving, and Construction.

The Song of the Elves Quest Guide explains in detail how to finish this quest and get these five new abilities. The guide includes a detailed overview of all the necessary steps, such as:

  • Gathering ingredients for the Elixir of Life Potion
  • Learning Runecrafting under the tutelage of the Wise Old Man
  • Obtaining runes from various enemies such as Elves and Skeletons
  • Confronting the Demon Azacorax at his lair

It also includes advice on how to prepare for each step of the quest, such as what equipment to carry and what important goods are required for each portion. Finally, it describes the incentives accessible following accomplishment, such as experience points in each achieved skill.

Part 1: The Escape of Elena

The first installment of the “Song of the Elves OSRS Guide: A Complete Walkthrough” series. In this part, players must assist Elena in escaping from a cell. They must assist her in locating the four artifacts required to unlock her cell door—the key-ring, shieldbow string, elven crossbow, and elf amulet. This entails exploring multiple dungeons in pursuit of these things.

Along the route, players will face a variety of adversaries and earn goodies such as bonus experience and Elite Clue Scrolls. Throughout Elena’s mission, gamers will progressively learn more about her background as they help her escape from her captors.

Part 2: Causing an Insurrection

Song of the Elves, Part 2 The OSRS guide concentrates on the TzHaar-revolt Ket’s to safeguard and liberate their beloved city from Moia’s repressive armies. The elves have approached you to ask for your assistance in this attempt.

The major purpose is to incite an insurgency among the TzHaar-Ket in order for them to recapture their city and restore equilibrium.

  • You must discover a means to boost citizen support and loyalty in order for them to join your cause. This may be accomplished by raising their morale, supplying them with food, weaponry, and training, and rewarding them with Sunfury Armor Sets.
  • You’ll also need to look for methods to hinder Moia’s plot and prevent her from summoning an army of monsters.
  • Finally, you will be in charge of leading the TzHaar-Ket army against Moia’s armies. You and your crew must overcome all difficulties in order for them to bring freedom, justice, and peace to all TzHaar City residents.

Part 3: Iorwerth Camp and Arianwyns Plan

Part 3 of the Old School Song of the Elves quest.

We visit Iorwerth Camp in RuneScape OSRS to outline the plot to retake Prifddinas. Lord Iorwerth leads the camp, which is positioned immediately south of West Ardougne.

You will enlist Arianwyn’s assistance here before returning to Lletya to battle the Dark Lord.

  • First, convey Arianwyn’s idea to Lord Iorwerth in his tent in Iorwerth Camp. He’ll agree, but he’ll advise that you include a guy from his camp called Nedlin.
  • Return to Lletya and talk with Arianwyn about Nedlin joining their mission; he will accept this offer as well.
  • Return to Lord Iorwerth’s camp and discuss the strategy for recovering Prifddinas with him before going out for combat.

Part 4: Waterfall Dungeon and Baxtorian Falls

Part 4 of the Song of the Elves 2022 The OSRS Guide guides players through the Waterfall Dungeon and Baxtorian Falls, both of which need high levels to explore. As they advance through this region, players will be forced to open other doors and may encounter many challenges. Monsters and riddles, as well as puzzles to solve, might be expected here.

The Waterfall Dungeon is home to deadly animals that may drop rare things like jewels, minerals, and even dragon bones. If a player is courageous enough to face these enemies, he or she will be rewarded with bankable things.

Baxtorian Falls has some of Gielinor’s most powerful enemies, requiring strong fighting stats for players expecting to survive. It also has some of the finest prizes in the game, such as dragon equipment, rare herbs, and untradeable items.

Part 5: Before Prifddinas

Part 5 of the 2022 Song of the Elves OSRS Guide looks at what happens before you travel to Prifddinas. Several activities must be completed in this part, including the crystalline key quest and the creation of a herbal tar concoction. It also advises players on how to prepare for this stage of their adventure, such as accumulating resources like woodcutting tools and runes.

Additionally, players may be required to use runes and prayers to defeat difficult enemies such as the Crystalline Horror and Kal’gerion demons. Once these objectives are achieved, players will be allowed to go to the last aim of this tutorial, Prifddinas.

Part 6: The Grand Library

The Grand Library is a task in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that is part of the 2022 Song of the Elves quest line. The player must discover a way inside the library and browse through it for potential answers to lingering riddles in this stage of the quest.

Players must first talk with Islwyn in Lletya to get access to the library. He will give them a book that they must take with them and use on one of the bookshelves to open it and enter. Once inside, players may peruse different bookcases for old writings and listen to lecturers to learn more about elf culture and history.

Players must then gather evidence from various locations in the library and arrange it on specified bookshelves using their in-game map. This discloses some old elven secrets that have been dormant for millennia. Finally, unlocking these mysteries will unlock some more material as part of the 2022 Song of the Elves questline in Old School RuneScape.

Part 6: Locating Lord Crwyz and Lady Hefin

This section of the Song of the Elves OSRS guide will concentrate on finding Lord Crwys and Lady Hefin, both of whom are required to advance through the quest.

The player must first go to Lletya in Tirannwn’s south-west corner. When they arrive, they should talk with Lady Hefin, who is in the building to the north-east of where they landed. Lady Hefin will explain that she has lost communication with her husband, Lord Crwys, and will want assistance in tracking him down. She will then provide a hint as to his likely whereabouts, saying that he is somewhere in Prifddinas.

The player must next go to Prifddinas and seek Lord Crwys in one of seven districts:

  • Arandar
  • Meilyr Clan district
  • Trahaearn district
  • Ithell Clan district
  • Amlodd district
  • Crwys Clan district

In any event, locating him in one of these districts is the only way to continue with the questline.

Part 7: Finding the Orb

Part 7 of our 2022 Song of the Elves OldSchool RuneScape OSRS Guide will walk you through the procedures to completing the quest by locating the orb.

To begin, go to Lletya and speak with Arianwyn. He will offer you a magical detector to aid you in your search for the orb.

With it in hand, you must explore the environment for aromas or flashes linked with it. Bring it back to Arianwyn, who will then lead you to Glarial’s tomb, where the orb is placed. Head up to the tomb and look for another entrance. Follow these trails until you reach an underground cavern deep under Glarial’s Tomb. Place your magical detector here to find a hidden lever that reveals a secret path that goes directly inside Glarial’s Tomb.

Finally, enter her room and take your reward: one Orb of Oculus. Congratulations on finishing Part 7 of our OSRS Guide: A Complete Walkthrough for 2022 Song of the Elves.

Part 8: Locating the Missing Ysgawyn

Part 8 of the 2022 Song of the Elves OSRS Guide tasks players with finding the lost Ysgawyn. Ysgawyn is a mysterious elf with vital knowledge about the Song of the Elves quest. To complete the mission, players must go on a journey to locate Ysgawyn and put together clues.

To discover Ysgawyn, players must go to places associated with elf magicks and stories, such as Tirannwn and Prifddinas. Players will discover additional clues to assist them find Ysgawyn as they move through each site. Speaking with NPCs (Non-Player Characters) at these various areas will provide players with extra information that will allow them to track down Ysgawyn’s whereabouts.

Once players have identified Ysgawyn and located all of their clues, they may access her special knowledge, which is critical for completing the quest. If players wish to successfully hunt down this lost elf, they must be prepared for a challenging adventure riddled with surprises.

Part 9: Lletya Invaded

Lletya is a minor elf city in Gielinor’s Tirannwn area. Players will take part in a quest to help protect this city from an invasion in Part 9 of the Song of the Elves OSRS Guide. The objective entails defending different locations of Lletya from waves of adversaries while trying to advance further into the city.

Along the way, players will face a series of adversaries and solve riddles as they battle their way towards their final goal, the Tower Guardian. Completing this assignment rewards you with XP lamps and access to new weapons, armor, and talents that you may utilize throughout the game.

Players should also be informed that completing the quest will provide them entrance to the Tower’s hidden corridor, which goes straight to Prifddinas, the elves’ home town.

Part 10: Locating Lady Ithell and Lady Meilyr

This section of the tutorial focuses on locating Lady Ithell and Lady Meilyr in order to finish the Old School RuneScape task Song of the Elves.

After completing The Prisoner of Glouphrie quest, Lady Ithell may be located in the Tower of Voices. She’s on the first level, in a little room to the west – just north of where you came in.

To locate Lady Meilyr, take the trail west until you reach a huge camp area. You’ll encounter an elf called Abtheala here, who will offer you directions to Meilyr. Once entering her cave, speak with her to get a shattered lyre that needs be reforged using three unique components. Return both lyres to King Thoros once finished to earn your prize.

Part 11: Sealing the Underground Pass

Part 11 of the OSRS 2022 Song of the Elves Guide: The method of Sealing the Underground Pass is the centerpiece of a Complete Walkthrough. This section of the book is intended to assist players in completing the quest by offering guidance on how to advance through this challenging portion.

Players must fight their way through a series of tunnels while being assaulted by strong creatures in this section. When they reach a certain point, they will come across an old elf spirit ready to alter their Seren stone into a strong seal that keeps creatures from entering future portions of the tunnel. Players must utilize this seal and other methods at their disposal to safeguard their Seren stone from hostile forces and ultimately arrive at their destination in order to continue their trip and finish the quest.

Final Part: Defeating the Dark Lord

The Dark Lord must be defeated in order for the 2022 Song of the Elves OSRS Guide to be completed. This is a mission that is best suited for high-level players since it demands completion of certain previous tasks.

To destroy the Dark Lord, players must hurt him with magic and ranged assaults until his life points are depleted. If a player is fighting alone, they may ask their friends or clanmates for assistance. Furthermore, there are a range of things available from NPCs that may boost the player’s stats, enabling them to do greater damage to their opponent.

Players will have successfully finished this famous quest after finishing this Final Part and will gain prizes such as experience and money.

Priffdinas Restored and Quest Rewards

Priffdinas Restored and Quest Rewards is a tutorial to preparing your character for the upcoming Old School RuneScape OSRS version. It focuses on obtaining all of the awards from the recently released Priffdinas content upgrade. This tutorial will show you how to accomplish all of the new tasks, acquire their prizes, and boost your character’s stats in preparation for taking on some of OSRS’s most difficult enemies.

It also includes advice on developing your own distinctive playstyle, how to effectively utilize goods like weapons, armor, and food, and a detailed list of every prize available for finishing each mission. With this thorough guide, you’ll be well prepared to meet any challenge Old School RuneScape has in store for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions and Answers The FAQ part of the 2022 Song of the Elves OSRS Guide: A Complete Walkthrough is dedicated to answering any queries that gamers may have about the game. The FAQ section includes game mechanics, combat rules, crafting and smithing, XP rates and potions, as well as general game inquiries. It is critical for players to learn all of these principles before playing to guarantee they have all of the essential information and abilities.

The FAQ section contains many useful tips and tactics to help players become more successful in their gaming adventures. It explains precisely what you should do in different situations, such as how to start a fire or fish for meals. Furthermore, all relevant information about goods encountered throughout the game is given in this section so that players may locate them quickly and easily. Knowing where to look for certain objects may save time and make exploration much simpler.


Congratulations for finishing the OSRS 2022 Song of the Elves Guide. You’ve traveled a long way to get here, and you should feel proud of your achievements in the old Runescape MMORPG.

This book covers everything you need to know before and throughout your trip to Taverly, from skilling and questing to facing creatures and bosses. You may efficiently prepare for the forthcoming questline by doing so.

Whether you’re new to Old School Runescape or an experienced adventurer, following this instructions will increase your chances of success while trying the mission. Best wishes, explorer.

Song of the Elves OSRS Guide [2022]: A Complete Game Walkthrough