This guide will teach you everything you need to know about Smithing Training for OSRS in 2022.

Question: Why Train Smithing Till Level 99?

Smithing in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) Crafting in OSRS is an excellent method to generate money since it lets you to produce armor and weapons that can be sold for a lot of money. You may also outfit your Slayer armour and weapons with the final goods of your Smithing skills, or just exchange them for other things. If you are looking for more information on Crafting in OSRS, check out our OSRS Crafting Guide.

Additionally, with Smithing level 99, players can craft their own rune armour, which is highly sought after due to its scarcity. A Crafting Guide Fastest to level 99 Smithing allows you to equip items with more.effective stats and even save money in Boss encounters.

The nicest aspect of leveling up Smithing is that it’s pretty simple compared to other OSRS talents like Herblore and Prayer.

Question: What Special Weapons Can I Smith?

Smithing is one of the most essential abilities in Old School Runescape (OSRS), and mastering it will unlock a range of exotic weaponry. Smithing level 99 allows players to craft weapons such as the Dragon Warhammer and Barrows Armor.

Special weapons have certain characteristics that make them more powerful than conventional weapons. The Dragon Warhammer, for example, can strike two adversaries at once if both are within range, and it has an unique crush attack to pound your opponent even harder.

As your smithing level increases, you should also buy in higher-level metal bars, which will let you smith unique weapon components more successfully. Adamantite and Runite ore are high-level metal bars that serve diverse functions when crafting exceptional weapons and armor.

  • Runite ore is used to manufacture more powerful weapons such as pickaxes, maces, and axes.
  • Adamantite ore is used to construct shields.

So stock up on these materials before moving on to the more advanced degrees of Smithing.

Question: What Are The Best Smithing Quests To Complete?

In OSRS, quests are an excellent method to improve your Smithing talent. Quests reward you with experience for completing them, as well as tools, resources, and money. The Knight’s Sword is one of the greatest Smithing missions since it yields 8k experience and needs just level 15 Smithing to begin.

  • Observatory Quest: Completing this quest grants the player 11k experience and a telescope, allowing them to monitor their skilling progress from their bank.
  • Heroes’ Quest: This quest demands a Smithing level of 50 or above, but the payoff is well worth it; 12.5k experience and access to the Heroes’ Guild store.
  • King’s Ransom: This quest grants 14k experience and enables players to forge adamant goods, which are only feasible at level 70 or higher smithing.

Completing these missions is an excellent method to swiftly level up your OSRS Smithing talent without having to grind through each and every smithing work.

OSRS Smithing Training Guide [2022]: All You Need To Know