This guide will help you on your way to get the ultimate bone voyage OSRS guide. You will find out how to get there, what to do and what NOT to do!

Requirements Required items and recommended items

Requirements – The things you must have in order to begin and finish The Ultimate Bone Voyage OSRS Guide: Let’s Help The Varrock Museum are referred to as required items. A Sextant, Chart, Watch, an inventory full of food such as swordfish, lobsters, or cakes, a tinderbox, and a suit of armor are all essential goods. A complete set of prayer gear, teleport tablets for simple transit across the globe, and cash for different activities are also advised in addition to these needed things.

Before beginning on any task in Old-school Runescape, make sure you are well prepared. You may ensure the success of your travel by establishing a sufficient supply list with all of the required components ahead of time.


To build a tinderbox, the Ultimate Bone Voyage OSRS Guide needs just one item of kit. This item is used to fire the furnace and to prepare bone shards for further investigation.

Players will also require entrance to the Varrock Museum, which is situated in Varrock City and is free to visit. In addition, players will need 59 pieces of notable bones (white or huge bones), which may be gathered from skeletal remains discovered randomly across Gielinor.

Finally, players will need a chisel, which may be obtained at the Varrock Museum Shop or from other players. With these goods ready to travel, gamers are ready to start on their own Bone Voyage.

Required items

Before you can begin the Bone Voyage OSRS quest, you must ensure that you have all of the necessary equipment. A chisel, a hammer, organic fertilizer, and a spade are among the tools provided.

The Artifact Pieces need the Chisel and Hammer, while the Worm puppet requires Organic Fertilizer. Throughout the adventure, the Spade is used to dig at numerous areas.

You should also carry food suitable for your combat level as well as some Prayer potions if you intend on battling any enemies on your travel, like with most tasks in Old School RuneScape. Extra money may also be used to pay for boat journeys or purchase stuff from other characters throughout the game. Completing the Bone Voyage OSRS quest needs significant preparation and smart planning before beginning; having these mentioned needed things is crucial.


The “Recommended” section of The Ultimate Bone Voyage OSRS Guide contains useful tips to help you complete the Varrock Museum work as efficiently as possible. The suggested parts are divided into numerous categories, such as mission rewards, clothing & armor, and goods to bring. In addition, a list of in-game tools that may be utilized is supplied.

The article also includes advice on how to optimize your benefits after everything is finished. This offers advise on where and how to bank your bones for optimum profit, as well as where to sell things gained throughout the quest. Finally, the book discusses various things that might be completed while finishing this quest to optimize possible profit or experience benefits.

Starting The Bone Voyage Quest

The Bone Voyage task in OSRS Old School Runescape is a mid-level quest that serves as an excellent introduction to the Varrock Museum and lets you to acquire the museum’s prizes.

The primary goal of this mission is to assist the museum curator in completing his collection by locating five bones spread across Varrock. To accomplish this task, you must chat with multiple NPCs across Varrock and go through several areas of the city.

After completing all of these procedures, you will be awarded with a variety of goods such as jewels, cash, and a new costume. Completing this quest will also get you entrance to an enhanced version of the museum, where you may earn additional goodies.

Going to the Digsite

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), the Digsite serves as the starting place for the Bone Voyage quest. To begin this quest, talk with Curator Haig Halen in the Varrock Museum. He will offer you a shovel and a bucket after you have talked with him and agreed to assist.

Head east from Varrock-crossing until you discover the Digsite entrance. It is vital to know that if your agility level is less than 20, you may fail while attempting to leap over this distance. Pick up some soil from the patch of dirt on top of the excavation site and walk inside when you reach the end of the trail.

Once inside, explore each section until you reach Draynor Manor, which is located near Seer’s Village. Speak with one of its occupants, Gaius or Wilough, who will point you in the right direction for your quest. With their assistance, you’ll get an enchanted key that must be utilized on the Digsite grounds to gain entrance inside and accomplish your task.

Completing the barge and going on a voyage

The second phase in The Ultimate Bone Trip OSRS Guide: Let’s Help The Varrock Museum is to finish the barge and embark on a voyage. In this phase, you’ll need to finish the barge and make some last preparations for your journey.

To finish the barge, you must construct the different components such as planks, an anchor, and a sail. Talk to each of the three travelers stationed at the Draynor Village wharf to do this. Once all of the components are in place, you may go on a bone expedition to Skull Island with your crew, which includes yourself.

In order to reach your target, you’ll have to combat many enemies as well as solve riddles. After completing your voyage successfully, you will have obtained entry to Skull Island, where the mystery of the bones awaits.

All ready to go!

Let’s Help: The Ultimate Bone Voyage OSRS Guide The Varrock Museum will assist Old School Runescape players in completing the job of assisting the Varrock Museum.

Before beginning this quest, players need gather all of their necessary equipment and requirements. Teleportation runes, bones such as large bones, bat bones, or zogre bones, an anti-dragon shield, and a range of fishing gear are required.

Once they have completed all of the conditions, they may begin the quest, which will include:

  • Conversing with the museum curator in Varrock
  • Collecting a number of artefacts across the game area.

Finally, accomplishing all of the duties will result in a prize, which will be given to the museum curator after they have returned.

The Bone Voyage Quest Reward

Completing the The Bone Voyage quest Completing the mission in OSRS grants players a range of benefits, including the interesting drops tertiary drops of being able to deep-sea fish. This rare fishing area north of Rellekka requires level 68 Fishing to enter and provides players with the opportunity to capture certain uncommon fish that are only accessible there.

You will also get three incomplete ancient bones that may be turned into different ancient artifacts with the Crafting skill. The artifacts comprise an Ancient Tablet, an Ancient Hymnal, and an Ancient Statuette, each of which requires 51 Crafting and grants 415 Crafting experience when produced.

Finally, as a reward for finishing this quest, you will earn 15K coins, enabling players to buy even more equipment required for future adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions about OSRS Bone Voyage

The section Frequently Asked Questions about OSRS Bone Voyage addresses questions about the popular Old School Runescape OSRS mini-game, Bone Voyage. This section addresses issues such as how to start the game, what awards may be gained, and how many bones are deemed outstanding“. There are also hints on how to play more effectively and gain more points or awards. Knowing these strategies may assist players improve their chances of finishing the game swiftly and effectively.

This section also addresses frequently asked topics, such as what items are required for the game and which creatures may be faced while playing. Finally, it contains information on where players may seek assistance if they have difficulties while playing Bone Voyage or require assistance comprehending any of its aspects.

Bone Voyage OSRS Guide: Let