In this guide, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about the Blowpipe OSRS in order to get the most out of it.

What Is The Toxic Blowpipe?

In the Old School RuneScape (OSRS) game, the Toxic Blowpipe is a two-handed ranged weapon. It was launched in 2018 as a Chambers of Xeric award and costs roughly 17,000 coins. It may be purchased from Jukat the Trader or traded at Death’s Store, which is located at the Grand Exchange.

One of the greatest ranged weapons in OSRS is the Toxic Blowpipe. It has a 7-square attack range, which is more than twice that of any other ranged weapon in OSRS. This weapon also enables players to fire darts, which have a greater advantage than arrows in terms of accuracy and damage. The hazardous blowpipe may be stacked, which means it can store up to 2,500 darts without adding weight.

This blowpipe is a strong equipment that is readily available and improves the player’s ability to experience Old School RuneScape with ease and effectiveness.

How To Make A Toxic Blowpipe

To build a Toxic blowpipe, the player must first gather the necessary materials, which include a pipe, a leaky elm wood, and some zulrah’s scales.

  • The pipe may be made out of soft clay using the Crafting skill.
  • The Seeping Elm Log is acquired by felling an Elm tree with a Woodcutting level of 60 and then using Chisel on it to make an unnoticed Seeping Elm Log.
  • Last but not least, you may earn Zulrah’s Scales by killing him or trading with other players.

The soft clay pipe must now be crafted into a Toxic Blowpipe with the unnoted Seeping Elm Log. This method will provide 100 Fletching experience and produce an unnoticed Toxic Blowpipe that may be used in battle. The Toxic Blowpipe may then be noted by right-clicking it and choosing “Note.” This frees up inventory space by eliminating the need to carry two distinct components of the weapon combination.

How To Obtain The Toxic BlowPipe

To use and get the Toxic Blowpipe, a two-handed ranged weapon, you must have level 75 Ranged and level 22 Crafting. It has the ability to fire darts that may be tipped with poison. Compared to the Magic Shortbow, the Toxic Blowpipe inflicts more damage, but not as much as the Dragon Dagger.

Using one Molten Glass and one Zamorakian Hasta from the furnace in the Edgeville bank, the Toxic Blowpipe needs 85 Smithing to produce. Then, at the Snake Bite Fangs in the deep Wilderness, it must be charged with Zulrah’s scales. You may also purchase a fully charged blowpipe from other players or merchants like Aubury or TzHaar for about 500,000 coins. You must also have a Dorgesh-Kaan sphere in your inventory when smithing them.

Once you have a Toxic Blowpipe, you may add darts to it by using a feather. As with any equipment that needs level 75 Ranged to wield, you may use Super Strength potions to increase your Attack level while wielding it even if you do not yet have level 75 Ranged.

How To Defeat Zulrah

In Old School Runescape, Zulrah is a tough boss, and fighting him might be difficult. We’ve put up a thorough tutorial on how to beat Zulrah with a Blowpipe to help gamers in this challenging combat.

To begin, it is critical to comprehend Zulrah’s offensive pattern and attacks. Zulrah’s attacks have two phases: range and magic, and players should avoid being in his line of sight during any phase. It’s also worth noting that when you transition between ranged and magical assaults, the attack order changes. In accordance with the attack sequence Zulrah begins, employ your strongest ranged or magical attack to optimize your damage output. Also, pay attention to the color of the bubbles around Zulrah; this indicates the type of damage it will deal next.

Players in OSRS may effectively use the blowpipe to do ranged damage to Zulrah. Fill up enough blowpipes before the combat begins to ensure that you have enough for the duration of the conflict. Maintain your prayer replenishment potions as well so that you can maintain your defensive skills against his tremendous strikes. Finally, ensure that you have adequate food for healing on hand in your inventory, since errors will be made throughout this encounter.


Inventory is an essential part of the OSRS Blowpipe Handbook. It’s where you’ll keep everything you’ll need for your blowpipe. If you want to train Ranged with your blowpipe, it should also store ammo such as darts and arrows, as well as food such as sharks, lobsters, phoenix necklaces, and saradomin brews. You may also keep any potions needed to fully use the blowpipe’s power in this location. Finally, some additional room should be allowed in case you find anything valuable when slaying or bossing.

Proper inventory management is critical for properly using the blowpipe and ensuring that no potential advantages are overlooked.


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Blowpipe OSRS Guide: Tips and Recommendations