A Dragon Crossbow OSRS guide for 2022! In this blog post, we’ll show you 5 easy steps to make your very own Dragon Crossbow. This guide is perfect for those looking to get started with this amazing weapon in Old School RuneScape.


In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), the Dragon Crossbow is a highly sought-after weapon. It offers a high level of precision, making it perfect for players that need to deliver more damage without sacrificing precision. In five simple stages, this article will teach you how to construct your own Dragon Crossbow.

Gather the essential supplies first: one yew longbow, one magic longbow, two dragon limbs, and sixteen iron bars. Use your Crafting ability to create a Dragon Crossbow frame after you have all of these components. This takes Crafting level 85 and yields 500 Crafting experience.

Bring your frame and two dragon limbs to Al Kharid’s furnace and forge them together with four iron bars. Each of these phases needs Smithing level 99 and grants 500 Smithing experience points, for a total of 2000. Finally, return to your crafting bench with the incomplete Dragon Crossbow and the remaining twelve iron bars for 1000 Crafting experience points. A whole Dragon Crossbow is the end product.

What is Dragon Crossbow OSRS?

Only the Old School version of RuneScape OSRS is possible to gain the two-handed crossbow known as Dragon Crossbow OSRS, which is made of dragon metal and hardwood. The crossbow is a very useful piece of equipment that outperforms any other standard two-handed crossbow in terms of combat benefits. It’s also an extremely uncommon drop, so getting it may be challenging.

Both the Digsite quest and the Theatre of Blood raid need Verzik Vitur to be killed in order to get the Dragon Crossbow OSRS. This guide will walk you through the steps required to obtain this powerful crossbow from start to finish, including:

  • What you need to do before starting
  • Acquiring all three crafting materials
  • Visiting the Digsite
  • Preparing for and completing the quest
  • Finally putting together a successful final product for use in training Ranged or boss fights.

Benefits of Dragon Crossbow OSRS

Dragon Crossbow OSRS is one of the top weapons in Old School Runescape. It is widely sought after owing to its great damage output and affordable cost. It can be used to defeat creatures and is one of the few weapons capable of overcoming a dragon’s protection.

The Dragon Crossbow also has a unique special attack called Decimation that does more damage and needs no ammo. This makes it an excellent weapon for dealing with strong bosses or rapidly dispatching huge numbers of opponents.

Count Draynor’s Dragon Crossbow may help you become wealthy quickly in addition to having amazing stats. Every 10-20 kills, depending on how much food you bring, should gain you a decent number of money in addition to the drops from your foes – thus Count Draynor is well worth your time if you want to become wealthy fast.


Players in OSRS will need the following resources in order to craft a Dragon Crossbow: One Magic Log, fifteen Steel Bars, three Snakeskin Chaps, and five Yew Logs. You’ll also need a Hammer, a Smithing Table, and an Anvil.

The Magic Logs are mixed with the Steel Bars to form the Dragon Crossbow’s Stock;, and the Snakeskin Chaps are coupled with the Yew Logs to form the bow’s Limbs.

It’s time to start crafting now that you’ve gathered all of your resources.

Players may access the Crafting Interface F4 by using a Hammer on an Anvil and a Smithing Table. All of the objects you’ve made during your OSRS adventure may be found here. When it’s open, click on Bowstring and choose one of your five Yew Logs from your inventory. Choose Limbs from the menu and use three Snakeskin Chaps and one Yew Log for each Limb you want to make. Finally, after you’ve completed building these vital components, combine them with your Magic Logs or Steel Bars in the crafting option Stock to complete your very own Dragon Crossbow.

What materials you need to make a Dragon Crossbow OSRS

There are various items required to create a Dragon Crossbow OSRS. You will need the following items:

  • 4 dragon bones,
  • 1 yew longbow,
  • 1 bow string,
  • 3 molten glass bars, and
  • 2 adamantite bars.

All of these products may be obtained from a variety of sources. The dragon bones may be discovered in a variety of locales, including the Wilderness Resource Area and the Lumbridge Castle Coliseum. The yew longbows may be found in Seers’ Village or purchased from other players or merchants. Bow strings may be made or purchased at Fletcher’s Shop in Catherby. Both molten glass and adamantite bars may be obtained through completing missions such as Witch’s Potion and The Knight’s Sword. Finally, the Bone Voyage quest reward is a requirement for creating a Dragon Crossbow OSRS; you must have finished it to progress.

Where to find the materials

The next phase is to gather all of the materials needed to build the Dragon Crossbow you need for the Bone Voyage. There are 50 yew logs, 20 dragon bones, and 10 magic logs among these supplies.

Yew logs may be gained by felling yew trees in different areas around RuneScape, whilst dragon bones and magic logs can be obtained by slaying dragons and other creatures. The Grand Exchange also sells dragon bones for 4,000 coins and magic logs for 875 coins.

Remember that you may only have 28 dragon bones in your inventory at any one moment⚔️ This implies that if you wish to create more than one crossbow, you’ll need to buy more than one set of dragon bones. It’s also worth noting that after you’ve acquired your components, you’ll need level 99 Fletching to string your bow.

Crafting Process

It takes a lot of time and expertise to make a Dragon Crossbow OSRS. The first step is to purchase a Dragon Claw from the Varrock Archery Store. Then, go to the Jurassic Jungle and choose one of three trees from which to build your bowstring. After that, you must combine one Dragon Claw with one Magic String to make the bowstring.

The fourth stage is to gather the necessary logs for crafting your crossbow. Regular logs or yew logs will be needed, as well as some feathers for fletching. The fifth and last stage is to put all of these pieces together to create your crossbow, which can then be utilized in battle.

Step-by-step guide to making a Dragon Crossbow OSRS

Making a Dragon Crossbow OSRS is an excellent method to get high-level weapons. Begin by gathering all of the essential materials, which include a Toxic Staff, an unpowered orb, and a blowpipe. The blowpipe propels the bolts at tremendous speeds, while the staff supplies energy and force.

Next, use an anti-dragon shield to secure the orb to the staff. If you don’t have one, build one by mixing one dragon metal slice and half an anti-fire potion.

Once finished, use the blowpipe to heat up and superheat any item, such as a rock or tree stump. While it reaches this temperature, use your freshly produced Dragon Crossbow OSRS on it to build your weapon, which will have all of its beneficial characteristics such as improved range, attack speed, and accuracy when shooting bolts from great distant places. You will be unstoppable with this weapon in your hands.

Tips and tricks to make the process easier

Making a Brutal Green Dragon crossbow in Old School Runescape OSRS might be daunting. The procedure takes some time and effort, but it is lot easier than it looks. Here are a few pointers to help the procedure go more smoothly.

An unstrung dragon crossbow, green dragonhide, thread, and a bowstring are the initial things that need to be gathered. It’s also a good idea to have at least one backup string on hand in case you mess up while stringing the crossbow.

The second step is to sew four pieces of leather from your dragonhide thread. This stage needs level 60 Crafting, therefore you won’t be able to create them if you don’t have it.

The final step is to string an unstringed dragon crossbow with your leather components. A strung dragon crossbow with a 20 strength boost and 100 durability points will be produced if you do this.

Finally, apply your bowstring onto the strung Dragon Crossbow in order to make a Brutal Green Dragon Crossbow with 30 strength bonus along with 100 durability points. Follow these procedures and you’ll have one of OSRS’ most powerful ranged weapons in no time.


Upgrading is a critical step towards constructing a Dragon Crossbow OSRS for 2022. This procedure entails modifying the crossbow to make it stronger and more dependable. A bow string that enhances damage output and an unique arrow tip that improves accuracy are necessary for upgrading to a dragon crossbow. Simply take your existing bow and add these components to it to make the updated model.

It is critical to utilize the right components while upgrading so that you do not wind up with a subpar weapon that may break down after usage. Also, make sure you have enough gold coins on hand to buy the upgrade components from merchants that specialize in such products. Your 2022 Dragon Crossbow OSRS will be ready for war after all of the essential components have been obtained and suitably assembled.

How to upgrade your Dragon Crossbow OSRS

Although it might be difficult, upgrading your Dragon Crossbow OSRS is not necessary. Upgrading a Dragon Crossbow OSRS is vital and helpful whether you’re wanting to level up your character or earn a profit through trade.

To improve your Dragon Crossbow OSRS, you must first finish the quest Ritual of Mahjarrat, which requires 1 Defense and 50 Magic levels. After you’ve satisfied these prerequisites, you’ll need to gather the resources required for an upgrade:

  • Draconic Visage ×3 was got from Vorkath;
  • Orbs of Oculus ×3 and Gold Bar ×2 was obtained via mining.

Once you’ve acquired all of the components, use an anvil and a Hammer to create your new Dragon Crossbow OSRS. While you finish this, you will have 99 Magic Levels and access to all of its unique features, such as improved accuracy and damage boosts when utilizing stream spells.

What upgrades are available

Your dragon crossbow will produce more damage if you upgrade it to the maximum degree attainable. Although improving your crossbow will cost you money, the benefits might be well worth it. A dragon crossbow may have a number of upgrades applied to it. These are some examples:

  • Dragon Bolts are the most effective bolt for this sort of weapon, doing more damage than standard bolts.
  • Armadyl Crossbow Special Attack – This special attack costs 50% adrenaline but deals more accuracy and damage when hit than ordinary attacks.
  • Barrage Spells – High-level barrage spells like Chain, Ice Barrage, and Smoke Barrage may be fired from a distance on foes for greater accuracy and damage output each shot.
  • Demonic Curses – These curses improve the accuracy as well as the damage output of every shot fired by 25%.
  • Salve Amulet Enchantment boosts the maximum hit of all dragon crossbow strikes by 10%.


You have all the knowledge you need to effectively manufacture a Dragon crossbow thanks to the 2022 Dragon Crossbow OSRS Guide. You now understand how to get the five required pieces of wood, how to construct each component of the bow, and how to assemble it using dragon metal shards. When utilizing this weapon, you also learnt about its damage output and attack range. Finally, we supplied information on where you may get dragon metal shards.

With the help of this instruction, making a Dragon crossbow is now simpler than ever. Anyone can create a stunning 2022 Dragon Crossbow OSRS in only five easy stages with the right materials and expertise:

  1. Gather the required pieces of wood.
  2. Construct each component of the bow.
  3. Assemble the bow using dragon metal shards.
  4. Understand the damage output and attack range.
  5. Find dragon metal shards.

Summary of the Dragon Crossbow OSRS Guide

In Old School Runescape (OSRS), the Dragon Crossbow OSRS Guide will show you how to create a Dragon Crossbow. This tutorial details the procedures and materials required to construct a Dragon Crossbow, a weapon that is incredibly powerful and used against green dragons.

The book suggests particular components for crafting the crossbow, such as the Maple Stock, Gold-trimmed Rune Crossbow, and Orthenglass limbs. The tutorial also provides information on where to get these components and how to save time when building the Dragon Crossbow. Players will have a far better chance of success while battling green dragons if they properly follow this instructions and use the proper equipment.

Dragon Crossbow OSRS Guide [2022]: 5 Easy Steps To Make A Dragon Crossbow

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