This guide covers the best methods for training Magic in Old School RuneScape for the year 2022. It includes conventional and AFK methods, as well as ways to make money while training Magic.

What Is Magic In OSRS?

Magic is one of the talents offered in Old School Runescape (OSRS), a popular MMORPG. This talent grants a variety of powers beneficial for combat, skilling, and utility. It is a members-only talent, which means that only individuals who have an OSRS membership may level magic.

Runes are required in order to perform spells in OSRS. Around Gielinor, runes may be discovered on the ground and on slayable creatures. The Air rune is the most commonly used rune, and it is used to perform many basic spells. Runes have an elemental alignment that improves their potency and makes them easier or more difficult to get depending on the element.

Magic employs orbs, staves, and other magical components as ingredients for more potent spells in addition to runes. Depending on the amount of spell needed, each item contributes differently. High-level magic needs more uncommon components than low-level magic, and specific artifacts may be utilized to cast numerous spells of differing power levels.

Why Train Magic?

The main purpose to learn Magic in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is to increase your experience rates and progress to higher levels faster. At 99, you will be able to cast strong spells such as Vengeance Other and High Alchemy.

Magic training takes more time and work than other talents, but it is well worth the investment in the long run.

Magic is also an excellent alternative for gamers seeking an edge in PvM (Player versus Monster) conflicts. You may not only utilize spells like Teleport and Ice Barrage to get an advantage over even the most powerful monsters, but you can also employ defensive spells like Curse and Protect from Summoning, as well as Side Spells like Enchant Opal Bolts, to give yourself an advantage in combat. Furthermore, learning Magic opens up a plethora of new money-making chances that are not accessible with other abilities.

With so many advantages to learning Magic in OSRS, it’s no surprise that so many people chose this route.

Best Gear To Train Magic

When it comes to practicing magic in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), having the greatest gear is critical to success. Depending on your playstyle, ambitions, and money, you have a number of alternatives to pick from. A Splitbark armor set, Dagon’hai robes, Mystic robes, Ahrim’s robes, Infinity robes, and Ancient Magicks are among the most popular OSRS magic training gear.

Each of these sets offers unique improvements for a number of talents, such as improved Magic damage and accuracy.

  • Splitbark armor, for example, boosts the accuracy and damage of offensive spells when combined with its other elements.
  • Dagon’hai robes improve defense-based spells like Ice Barrage or Teleblock, while Mystic robe sets promote elemental spells like Fire Bolt or Smoke Rush.

So, before making a choice, thoroughly consider your possibilities.

Best High-Tier Weapons

When completing the Bone Voyage quest, you’ll most certainly want to arm yourself with the greatest high-tier weapons available. Fortunately, OSRS magic training guide 2022 has a plethora of possibilities for you. The finest solutions are basically a matter of personal taste.

If you need a defensive magical weapon, we suggest either the Mystic Hat or the Mystic Robe Top. Both of them provide major defensive benefits while also granting some magical potency.

If, on the other hand, you desire greater offensive power, we recommend the Trident of the Seas or Trident of the Swamp. Both Tridents are more powerful than any other weapon in this category and have tremendous special attacks.

Finally, if you desire ultimate strength, we propose the Ascension Crossbow, a two-handed crossbow that is only available to members and has an astounding special attack.

Best Magic Armor

It is critical to have the greatest armor available while training Magic at the Digsite. The perfect suit of armor should give not only the biggest Magic attack bonuses available, but also strong Defence and Hitpoints bonuses.

A Nurmof’s pickaxe, an Amulet of Power and/or Amulets of Glory/Fury, complete Zamorak robes robe top and bottom, an Ankou top or bottom, a Wizard’s cap, and either Mystic gloves or Fighting gloves are the ideal armor for Magic training at the Digsite. If a player’s level allows them to wear greater Defense gear, such as Bandos or Verac’s, this is also desirable. These goods will improve the amount of damage done every hit, which will aid in training speed and efficiency.

Usefull Magic Items

Useful Magic Items are a sort of item in Old School RuneScape that can be used to rapidly and efficiently level up Magic. Weapons, armor, runes, and talismans are all examples of these objects.

Weapons are the most frequent form of beneficial magic item; they feature particular advantages that offer players an advantage while battling their opponents. Armor provides the same benefits but has a somewhat different purpose: it boosts the player’s defensive numbers, making them far more difficult to strike by opponent assaults. Talismans operate as catalysts for spellcasting, enabling players to cast more powerful spells more often. Runes are used to fill specific slots on weapons or armor and offer particular benefits, while Runes are used to fill specific slots on weapons or armor and provide unique bonuses.

Useful magic goods may make training more quicker and simpler, helping you to quickly advance to higher levels.

Questing For Magic Experience

In Old School RuneScape, questing is one of the most effective ways to obtain Magic experience. Completing some quests will provide you 7,450 Magic experience and various goods that may be sold for fast money or used to craft strong magic gear.

Recipe for Disaster, The Grand Tree, and Desert Treasure are the quests with the highest prizes. It is strongly advised that you finish all three of these quests before going on to the other types of magic training. Completing quests will also open additional places and towns, which will aid in your training and offer access to more powerful spells.

How To Train Magic

Magic training in OSRS may be a gratifying and effective method to level up, but it requires some effort and talent. This article will teach you how to train your magic effectively so that you may achieve level 99 as soon and simply as possible.

To begin, you must properly equip yourself; Runes, staves, robes, and other appropriate gear should all be carefully chosen based on the spells or techniques you’ll be utilizing. You should also examine the expense of your training in relation to the advantages acquired in order to optimize your experience gain per hour. Other factors to consider include:

  • Utilizing the appropriate spells for each activity to get experience fast and effectively.
  • Applying tactics such as telegrabbing or alching for more resources or experience per hour.

With the proper preparation and maybe a few potions, anybody can quickly achieve level 99 in OSRS Magic.

F2P Level 1-99 OSRS Magic Guide

This F2P Level 1-99 OSRS Magic Guide contains all of the information you need to swiftly and effectively increase your magic skill level to 99. It contains all of the information you’ll need to finish each quest and earn more XP, as well as a full analysis of each spell and its applications.

This tutorial also describes each training technique, such as Bone Voyage, Splashing, and Combat Casting, with an emphasis on time commitment vs. XP rate. Finally, this article will teach how to use the Lunar Magicks spellbook and the Ancient Magicks spellbook to maximize your Magic skill level.

Levels 1-19: Chickens

When it comes to leveling up your OSRS Magic talent, chickens are one of the best monsters to start with for hunter quests. They provide good experience without causing too much harm, and they drop feathers that may be gathered and sold for a cash. Chickens drop bones for the high alchemy spell as well, so it’s a wonderful method to gain money while honing your Magic ability.

The Toxic Blowpipe is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment you may use while training your Magic level since it raises your damage output greatly, enabling you to kill enemies quicker and get more experience in less time. Investing in a Toxic Blowpipe at this time is therefore a wise decision that will yield benefits later on.

Levels 19-30: Al-Kharid Warriors

In Old School Runescape, Al-Kharid Warriors are a wonderful method to swiftly level up your Magic talent. Kill Al-Kharid Warriors and use the Ancient Magicks spell Ice Burst to obtain the most experience from level 19 to 30. Cast spells using your Toxic Blowpipe against them. Do not attack them with melee weapons; this will greatly hinder your progress.

Killing Al-Kharid Warriors provides up to 17,000 experience points every hour, making it a wonderful method to quickly attain level 30 Magic. Pick up drops like noted air runes and noted nature runes; both of which can be sold on the Grand Exchange for a tidy profit while leveling up.

After you’ve reached Level 30, go to the following phase in our special guide: the Fire Altar in Lava Maze Dungeon.

Levels 30-55: Hill Giants

Hill Giants may be found at Magic Training levels 30-55 in Old School Runescape. These creatures are vulnerable to Earth, Water, and Air spells, making this a great place to practice your magic. Hill Giants are readily accessible to all players since they may be found in either the Edgeville Dungeon or the Wilderness.

Bring some food with you while battling these animals to make the training process quicker and more effective. A fantastic place for Hill Giants is just east of Yanille, where many spawning occur close together. It is also advised that you carry a high-level weapon, such as a Rune Scimitar or Granite Maul, to deal additional damage to these formidable opponents.

Using Brutal Green Dragons spells with the right gear and preparation may make training your Magic level exceedingly quick and simple.

Levels 55-99: High Alchemy

Players in Old School RuneScape may employ high alchemy to obtain magic experience with exceptional efficiency at levels 55 to 99. High alchemy necessitates the player bringing a number of objects to an altar, including runes and an item or stack of goods, then casting a spell that converts the items into money.

The Brutal Green Dragon, which can be encountered in the Wilderness region, is the highest level creature on which players may apply high alchemy. Killing these dragons will provide you a lot of experience points every hour, as well as some useful drops.

It is advised that players pack:

  • Enough food to preserve their health
  • Decent armor and weapons for defense
  • Enough runes for numerous casts while using advanced alchemy from level 55 onwards.

Fastest Level 1-99 OSRS Magic Guide

Fast Level 1-99 OSRS Magic Guide is a comprehensive guide to Magic training in Old School RuneScape OSRS. This book will discuss the most effective strategies to train Magic from level 1 to level 99. It is written in a beginner-friendly style, with step-by-step instructions to assist users get up and running quickly.

The book contains thorough information on the quickest XP/hour ways for each level range, as well as suggested equipment for each approach. It also includes advice on how to conserve money while training and strategies for increasing XP gains. With this detailed tutorial, players may easily attain level 99 Magic, enabling them to confidently face the hardest enemies in OSRS.

Levels 1-7: Goblins

Fighting Goblins is the greatest way to build up your Magic talent in OSRS during the first seven levels. This approach is ideal for beginners since it takes little to no equipment.

These creatures may be found north of Lumbridge, just east of the cow corral near Fred the Farmer’s home. When you fight the adjacent goblins, you will get a large number of experience points. Furthermore, since they are rather weak, even low-leveled players may easily beat them and receive magic experience in the process.

When you achieve Magic Level 8, you may advance to higher-level creatures like Green Dragons.

Levels 7-21: Level 1 Enchant

When it comes to battling green dragons in Old School Runescape, combat levels 7-21 with level 1 enchantment are suggested. A player must have at least level 7 combat stats, since this is the amount of damage they can deliver if they depend entirely on their basic attack and strength skills and have no combat levels taught. Players must employ the level 1 enchantment spell “Enchant Crossbow Bolt” to fight green dragons at these lower levels. The more damage you deal against green dragons, the higher the tier of bolt you utilize for the enchantment. Because of the metal boost, magical mithril bolts will inflict more damage than charmed bronze bolts against a green dragon.

In addition to using the enchant crossbow bolt spell, having high magic levels is beneficial while taking down green dragons since it allows players to cast stronger spells and have longer lasting effects on dragons.

Levels 21-62: Ammonite Crabs or Sand Crabs

If you want to fast level up your Magic ability in Old School RuneScape OSRS, you should battle Green Dragons since they provide some of the finest experience rates for players of all levels. While most players believe that the best equipment is required for these conflicts, there is a more efficient approach to reach the level you want.

Green Dragons may be battled with Ammonite Crabs or Sand Crabs while training Magic levels 21-62. It is vital to remember that protection prayers do not aid while battling these animals, and there is no need for pricey types of defense such as dragonhide armor sets or weapons such as rune scimitars. All that is needed to defeat these animals is high-level food and potions to replenish depleted Hitpoints. Ammonite crabs or Sand Crabs are an excellent place to start for anybody wishing to optimize their experience and save time and money when practicing magic.

Levels 62-99: The Abyss

The Abyss is a vast network of runes underneath the Wilderness. It is used in Old School RuneScape to teach Magic and offers players with a number of rune-related gear, most notably the Slayer helm.

The Slayer helm is a prize item provided to players after finishing the Abyss mini-quest The black chinchompas unique alternative, the helmet, is one of the most powerful pieces of armor that can be gained without paying money in Old School RuneScape. When utilized properly, it grants an attack and defense boost for each sort of magical attack, as well as protection against numerous forms of magical damage, which may substantially cut training time successfully.

To get a Slayer Helm, players must accomplish all four phases of the mini-quest, which include:

  • Battling demons
  • Killing Abyssal monsters found in the Abyss
  • Eventually receiving their prize from the evil magician found there.

Passive Level 1-99 OSRS Magic Guide

Levels of Passive 1-99 The OSRS Magic Guide is a detailed guide dedicated to assisting players of the popular MMORPG Old School RuneScape OSRS in reaching level 99 in the magical talent.

The book is organized around passive training and covers a number of strategies that involve minimal effort and can be done alongside other activities such as completing quests or playing minigames.

The book covers precise tactics for boosting your magical level as well as some useful hints for getting the most out of your training. It also includes credible information on which spells are worth investing in, what equipment are required for best experience rate, and other valuable information that players will need to easily achieve level 99.

Levels 1-3: Wind Strike

Wind Strike is a popular spell for Old School RuneScape (OSRS) players looking to obtain rapid Slayer points. This spell can do up to 11 damage and needs just level 1 Magic to perform. It is one of the quickest methods to obtain slayer points without investing in costly weapons or gear.

Wind Strike may be cast on creatures that level 1-3 Magic users can attack, giving it an excellent method for novices to gain spell experience and slayer points.

  • When casting Wind Strike, keep your hitpoints high since the spell has a chance to miss if your hitpoints are less than 10% of your maximum hitpoints.
  • Furthermore, Wind Strike provides no advantages when used against monsters with high defensive levels, such as double agents, catablepon, or druids, and should be avoided in certain instances.
  • Ultimately, despite its restrictions, Wind Strike may be a highly efficient method for inexperienced players to gain Slayer points while learning how to utilize other higher-level spells.

Levels 3-11: Confused

If you’re unsure about the differences between Levels 3-11 of Magic Training in Old School RuneScape, it’s a good idea to educate yourself with what each stockpile Knowing what hunter items each of the seven stashes contains will help you save time and avoid uncertainty over which runes to gather next, since controlling your resources is a major difficulty in these levels and you’ll rapidly run out of runes to perform spells.

Looking up the contents of the individual stashes is an excellent place to start. The first two, for example, are in Shilo Village and include Elemental Runes, Law Runes, Nature Runes (FP), and Death Runes (D). Stash 3 includes Astral Runes, Mind Runes (MD), Blood Runes (BR), and Cosmic Runes (CS). Stash 4 is located in Taverly Dungeon and contains Body Runes, Soul Runes, and Cosmic Runes. The final three are scattered across Gielinor; for example, in Yanille Dungeon, there is a stockpile holding Chaos Runes as well as Death/Blood/Soul runes.

You can correctly plan out which runes need to be gathered before returning to level up your Magic training abilities if you understand what’s accessible inside each cache.

Levels 11-19: Weaken

The Weaken spell is added to players at levels 11-19 in OSRS Magic Training Guide 2022. This is a strong spell since it reduces the monster’s defense, allowing for greater damage to be inflicted. Fighting a Black Dragon in OSRS requires dealing with its strong Defense numbers. To do this, players must continuously utilize Weaken throughout the battle to help tear down its defenses, allowing them to land more strikes and deliver more damage.

To cast Weaken, players must equip an elemental staff and have a large supply of runes. Elemental staves may be found everywhere throughout Gielinor and come in four varieties:

  • Water Frost
  • Earth Granite
  • Fire Infernal
  • Air Mystic

Runes associated with the elemental staff must also be equipped; for example, if utilizing a Water staff, Water runes must be equipped. It’s also critical that players have enough of food on hand since Black Dragons are very powerful and may swiftly drain a player’s life points.

Levels 19-25: Curse

Curse is the spellbook rotation’s second-to-last level before Black Dragon. Black Dragon is a strong but hazardous spell that, when performed properly, may deal significant damage. As a result, it is advised to use this spell with care.

The Curse spell may be used to reduce an opponent’s battle stats and accuracy to 0%. Curse should not be confused with Wind Wave, which is likewise a torrent of energy that shoots out from the caster and reduces an enemy’s stats but does not fully disarm them as Curse does.

Curse takes two separate runes to cast: Fire rune and Soul rune, both of which must be in your inventory. Once you’ve achieved Magic level 25, you’ll be ready to go on to Black Dragon, and the OSRS Magic Training Guide 2022: How To Reach Level 99 with Ease will be a helpful resource to help you do so.

Levels 25-55: Varrock – Falador – and Camelot Teleports

Teleporting between Varrock, Falador, and Camelot is the finest method to develop your Magic at levels 25-55. To go to the Grand Exchange, use Varrock teleport and the three runes necessary for a successful teleport. Then, at Varrock, create a law rune and use it to travel between Falador and Camelot. Law runes are fairly costly to manufacture, so make sure you have a high enough level of magic 55 before you begin.

This kind of training is ideal for those who need to learn quickly, although it does need the use of certain resources, such as law runes. You may also roam the map on foot or use different home teleports such as Ardougne teleport to go from one location to another swiftly.

Level 55-99: High Alchemy

At Magic level 55, you will be able to cast High Alchemy. You may turn objects into coins at a rate of up to 8,000 coins per item with High Alchemy. The most efficient approach to perform this spell is to use materials that may be obtained in large quantities from other players via the Grand Exchange.

It’s worth noting that some of the more costly products provide somewhat more coins every cast than others. When you achieve level 99 Magic, you may spend these monies to go to the God Wars Dungeon. The benefit of employing high alchemy is that it enables players to achieve level 99 with little effort and without spending a lot of money on training.


FAQ stands for “Frequently Asked Questions The train hunter profitable alternative Old School Runescape Magic Training Guide 2022: How To Reach Level 99 Quickly is a component on many websites that answers frequently asked questions about a product, service, or issue. This article contains answers to those FAQs..

Some of the inquiries are as follows:

  • Is there a simple method to go to level 99 in magic?
  • What kind of spells should I employ for magic training?
  • What are the most effective strategies for magical training?
  • Is this book just for novices, or can experienced players benefit from it as well?
  • Is there anything I can do to make the most of my fantastic experience with this guide?

Before buying the ebook, you may familiarize yourself with the material by reading through these questions and answers. This way, you’ll know precisely what information you’ll be receiving.

Question: What Are The Benefits Of Magic?

In the Old School Runescape game, magic is a strong and diverse fighting ability. It enables players to perform several spells with varying effects, ranging from hurting foes to supporting teammates and more. With the correct Magic training method, one may swiftly achieve level 99 and unlock several of the game’s advantageous prizes.

Enhanced attack bonuses, more defensive ratings, more money from monster drops, better access to multiple teleportation techniques, increased farming experience gains, improved Runecrafting skills, quicker completion of Slayer tasks, and much more are all perks of Magic. Magic-skilled players will find it simpler to traverse the world of OSRS and enhance their fortune by taking advantage of these benefits.

Question: What Are The Best Magic Weapons?

Many players choose the strong and flexible Bryophyta weapon set when considering the finest weapons to utilize for magic training in OSRS. This set includes two staffs, the Magic Staff and the Polypore Staff, as well as a complete piece of armor, which includes a helmet, cape, body, gloves, and legs.

The Magic Staff has a variety of strong magical fighting powers at its disposal, such as wave spells that can attack many enemies at once and devastating multi-target curses. The Polypore Staff, on the other hand, is regarded a stronger defensive weapon due to its capacity to shield your character from physical harm. When utilized appropriately during your magical training sessions, these two staves may deliver some real attacking and defensive power.

In addition to these staves, Bryophyta drops enchanted gear such as the Undead Locket and Death Warrior Rings, which may be utilized to augment your magical powers even further.

Question: How Profitable Is Magic?

The sort of spells you use determines how lucrative magic is while training in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). High-level alchemical spells, for example, may earn a lot of xp every cast but not much profit. Casting lower-level spells such as pointed boots or flaming strike, on the other hand, might be profitable but result in fewer xp gains.

Given this, fighting Moss Giants is often preferable than casting high level alchemical spells or low level enchantments if your main purpose is to maximize experience gains. Moss Giants may yield significant xp benefits if you are prepared to put in the effort to kill them effectively and safely. While this strategy may incur some extra capital costs owing to the purchase of range gear and supplies, it will considerably enhance your experience gain rate depending on the spells utilized and their levels.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations, you have now finished this Magic training tutorial. You should now have a lot simpler time leveling up your Magic talents if you follow the instructions in this article.

To summarize, you must practice the fundamentals of Magic by casting low-cost spells to get experience. When you’re comfortable enough with your practice spells, you may begin employing Runes or Staves to cast stronger and more costly spells for even more experience bonuses. Furthermore, always have a set of potions with you to optimize your benefits and reduce any hazards.

Finally, keep a look out for special events that provide additional awards or experience boosts to help you achieve Level 99 as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading this tutorial, and best wishes on your trip.

OSRS Magic Training Guide [2022: How To Train Magic To Level 99

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