This in-depth guide will teach you everything you need to know about Moss Giants in OSRS, from their weak points to their best drops.


The first subject covered in An In-Depth Moss Giant OSRS Guide for Adventurers is Intro. In the Old School RuneScape OSRS game, moss giants are a sort of monster. They may be found in a variety of locales throughout the game, including Lumbridge Swamp, Goblin Village, and Varrock Sewers. They are quite numerous and drop rich treasure, making them popular among gold-seeking gamers.

This guide will go through where to locate these enormous creatures and what stuff they drop when beaten. Furthermore, we will give advice on how to effectively deal with these beasts. Finally, we’ll provide suggestions on the best gear to use while facing these scary creatures. You’ll have everything you need to start hunting down strong moss giants in OSRS with the help of this tutorial.

What Are Moss Giants?

In the game Old School Runescape (OSRS), Moss Giants are a race of enormous, humanoid creatures. They may be found in a multitude of locations throughout the game, including the Wilderness and Gielinor.

Moss Giants are a fascinating challenge for explorers since they come in a range of sizes and levels. These animals are thought to be derived from Elves and were previously part of Tirannwn, the old elf realm. Moss Giants have an amazing regeneration capacity that enables them to mend quickly even when badly harmed, in addition to their imposing size and power.

Moss Giants may be a frightening adversary when confronted in large numbers, despite the fact that they are not extremely tough to fight alone or in small groups. Because of their massive size, these monsters are tough to tackle from afar, thus players must carefully evaluate their methods while attacking them. Furthermore, players must be cautious of their harmful magical skills, like as fire breath and area-of-effect spells, which may readily inflict damage even at great range if unchecked.

Moss Giants

In Old School RuneScape, Moss Giants are a sort of low-level giant that may be anywhere from 10 and 28 levels. These Giants may usually be found in the Wilderness and around the major dungeons in RuneScape. They generally wear a blue-green cloak and are equipped with a battle staff or a black sword.

When completing the Bone Voyage quest, which requires players to go to Fossil Island through The Arc island and seek for ancient bones, players may come across Moss Giants. To accomplish the task, players must use magic on the ancient bones they have discovered to conjure a Moss Giant that they must combat.

The rewards for finishing this quest are:

  • 200 Manufacturing XP
  • Access to Fossil Island’s workshops, which supply new Crafting materials required for crafting specific things like armor and weapons.
  • Access to the Penguin Hide& Seek talent, which will enable them to capture snow Penguins across the globe of RuneScape.

Moss Guardians

In OSRS, Moss guardians are formidable level 42 Moss Giants located in the Varrock Sewers. They use ranged attacks and are easily beaten with the right tactics. Killing them allows you to acquire valuable goods such as gold ore, rune scimitars, and a few notable artifacts such as law runes or even an uncut diamond.

It is suggested that players have a high enough ranged level to defeat these monsters, since they are difficult for lower-level players to defeat. Furthermore, having a high defense and prayer level is advised while battling these creatures since they attack heavily. It is also a good idea to carry some shark or better food to treat any wounds sustained during fight.


In the video game Old School RuneScape, there are creatures called bryophyta, or moss giants. These massive animals may be found on numerous different levels of the wilderness and can test even experienced gamers. Moss giants have more hit points than most other monsters in the game, as well as very strong defense and hit points. They are deadly because to their ability to strike hard with melee assaults and their usage of mage spells for healing and debuffs.

In addition to physical strikes, Bryophyta utilize specific magical attacks that inflict poisoning. When confronted with a moss giant, players should exercise caution since they may do significant damage in a short amount of time if not well prepared. Strong melee or ranged assaults at a distance are the best ways to fight them. Bryophyta are a fantastic choice for individuals searching for a challenge who want to put their talents to the test against one of OSRS’s hardest monsters.

Where Can I Kill Moss Giants?

Moss giants are a kind of monster present in Old School Runescape, and they are a major source of revenue for many players due to the good fight XP and loot they provide. They may be found in the Varrock Sewers and the Wilderness, among other places.

Near the Chaos Runes spawn point in the Varrock Sewers, moss giants may be found about halfway through. They have a low spawn rate per location but often drop expensive things such as rune scimitars and black equipment components.

Moss giants may be found east to south-east of Edgeville, near the Greater Demons spawn location, in the Wilderness. Because player murderers might appear and strike at any time, the woods is a more perilous place to combat moss giants than the sewers.

Varrock Sewers

In Old School RuneScape, the Corporeal Beast may be found in the Varrock Sewers, which is a component of the region. It is a multi-level dungeon situated under Varrock that is inhabited by numerous creatures, including Moss Giants, who must perform various jobs, such as Moss Giant assignments from Slayer Masters.

The entrance to this dungeon is located in the northern part of Varrock, on both sides of the river that separates East and West Varrock. Players can anticipate a difficult setting with several obstacles, such as steep waterfalls and lethal lava pools. There are also various tunnels linking different portions of the sewers that must be successfully traversed in order for players to achieve their target.

Making it through these sewers rewards you with rare drops and treasures that can only be earned here:

  • Rare drops
  • Treasures

Brimhaven Dungeon

East of Brimhaven lies the massive Brimhaven Dungeon. Moss Giants, level 28 creatures, as well as Black Demons and Greater Demons, are everywhere. A Brimhaven Dungeon VIP card, which can be obtained at the Grand Exchange in Varrock, is required to visit this dungeon.

Players must exercise caution while exploring the dungeon since there are several perils within, including deadly spiders and bear traps that may cause major harm if players are not cautious. However, going into this dungeon fully prepared and with an escape plan in mind might make for an interesting journey. Don’t forget to pack your finest gear as well as enough food to last the journey.

Moss Giant Island

Moss Giant Island is an excellent place for adventurers wishing to hunt Moss Giants since it is situated in the Pool of Memories near the Witchaven Dungeon. The island features level 36–37 Moss Giants that must be defeated with a reasonable degree of fighting skill. Players that lack offensive talents or equipment may use a Toxic Blowpipe as an option to slaying these creatures.

The Toxic Blowpipe is a powerful ranged weapon that may be earned via monster drops or purchased from other players. It wields both ranged and magical attacks with exceptional precision, allowing players to easily take down their foes. To use it, all you need are:

  • Some Zulrah’s scales and
  • an incomplete blowpipe, which can be found in the same approximate region as Moss Giants.

Then, at any forge, combine them to construct your poisonous blowpipe.

Catacombs of Kourend

Adventurers must go to the Catacombs of Kourend in Great Kourend in order to create the Toxic Blowpipe. This is a subterranean region packed with nasty enemies, thus it’s best to have good battle stats before entering. The goal is to gather snakeweed, broken arrows, and molten glass, which are scattered around the tunnels.

After collecting all three components, explorers must combine them at an anvil to make a Toxic Blowpipe. By mixing darts with Zulrah’s scales, the blowpipe becomes a strong weapon that may be employed for range fighting. Adventurers will be well-equipped for adventures across Great Kourend with this weapon.

Kourend Woodland

For novices in Old School RuneScape OSRS, Kourend Woodland is the ideal location to battle Moss Giants. This location, situated east of Arceuus, is home to a large number of Moss Giants ranging in level from 42 to 99. To get entry to the Woodland, you must first complete the Architectural Alliance mission.

Because there are no aggressive monsters and lots of suitable safe locations, the Woodland is a rather safe region for lower-level players. Great stuff, including clue scrolls, nature runes, and enchanted gem drops, is dropped by the Moss Giants in this area. Kourend Woodland has a benefit over other OSRS bossing regions in that it is next to a bank, allowing players to swiftly deposit treasure and heal up before trying another boss battle.

Giants Den

The huge and deadly Moss Giant may be found in The Giants Den, a location in the game Osrs. Players must have at least level 45 in Defense to access this area of the game, which is located northwest of Seers’ Village. The Giants Den is an excellent location for gamers seeking rapid experience, since it has a number of non-aggressive Moss Giant spawns as well as two aggressive ones hidden behind a gate.

Barrows Brothers may be found in this location, along with their associated Brothers’ Dungeons, making it one of the rare areas where all six brothers can spawn at the same time. Players that want to face these beasts should come prepared by carrying food, armor, and potions. Despite their sluggish mobility and diminutive stature in comparison to other OSRS bosses, they have high Strength and Hitpoint levels, making them a difficult adversary if players are not well prepared.

West of the Fishing Guild

The location west of the Fishing Guild, which has five moss giants, is one of the greatest sites to start Moss Giant training. There are no hostile enemies around to distract you from your battle, making it a great location for a fast and simple start.

To get here,

  • walk south of Seers’ Village and use a rope at the Mining Guild door.
  • Climb down and follow the trail to your game.
  • Follow it east until you reach a body of water, then turn left to arrive to a clearing filled with moss giants.

You may alternatively enter from the north-west corner of Lumbridge and run around Grand Tree until you reach a tree stump. Continue on this course until you encounter these beasts.

Pirates Cove

Pirate’s Cove is one of the greatest places in Old School Runescape (OSRS) for effective 1-99 magic training. It’s located near a pirate camp, as its name indicates, and its moss giants are perfect monsters to farm when leveling up Magic. Pirate’s Cove is a good spot for low-level explorers because of the quantity of moss giants and a variety of other monsters within easy reach.

The easiest method to practice magic here is to use your Slayer cape or a ring of slaying, both of which will help you kill monsters quicker and save you time and money in between excursions. Bring plenty of food with you when you arrive to Pirate’s Cove. Monkfish is ideal for high-level players because of its large hitpoint increase, as well as some anti-poison pills if you intend on lingering for extended periods of time or battling harder monsters such as orcs. If you haven’t already, take some dragon arrows from the chest after you’ve entered the cave network%. These are very handy against moss giants since they do double damage owing to their weakness to Ranged assaults.

Iorwerth Dungeon

Slaying green dragons in Iorwerth Dungeon as part of the Moss Giant OSRS guide is a great task if you’re searching for a challenge. This dungeon is situated in Prifddinas’ extreme eastern corner, above the Trahaearn Clan district. To go to the dungeon, first walk across the city and then east until you find the entrance.

It’s time to cause mayhem once inside. Iorwerth Dungeon’s initial habitat has level 93 moss giants that drop mauls, rune arrows, herbs, and several other goodies. Before exploring this dangerous terrain, explorers should pack food and potions such as super strength or ranging potion.

If green dragons are your preferred prey, there are two homes for them, one on either side of the dungeon. To access these locations, you must have adventure level 87 or above, and have enough of healing potions and a prayer potion in case things turn ugly. A successful kill is feasible with perseverance and bravery.

Isle of Souls

The Black Dragon OSRS Moss Giants mission includes The Isle of Souls. This island is situated in the Wilderness, off the shore of Dragontooth Island. On this enigmatic island, two druids create deadly creatures to attack those who arrive. The most formidable of these beasts is The Black Dragon, a ferocious black dragon.

The Black Dragon has several attacks and approximately twice the health pool of any other dragon. It also has certain defensive characteristics, such as improved resistance to magical attacks and armor rating. To combat this fearsome beast and finish the task, players must use their knowledge and talents.

Players who beat it will get 50,000 coins, an uncut onyx gem, and various goodies like as herbs, runes, and jewels that may be discovered on its body.


In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), Crandor is an island that is volcanic. Elvarg, the fabled Black Dragon, lives there. Elvarg is a massive dragon that may be found breeding in her cave right beyond the volcano’s mouth in Crandor. To open the door, a key is needed. This key is obtained by finishing the well-known Dragon Slayer quest and slaying Elvarg’s henchmen inside her lair.

It should also be mentioned that since she lives on a volcanic island, you may want to carry a heat-resistant potion or two with you because temperatures within her cave may swiftly soar. But don’t let that deter you from exploring this incredible dungeon and meeting one of OSRS’s most ferocious beasts, Elvarg, the Black Dragon.

Deep Wilderness

The Deep Wilderness, often known as the Deep Wildy, is a level 12-16 wilderness region. Only Moss Giants and Greater Demons have been discovered in the deep wilderness. Those that travel into this region will encounter some of the most terrifying animals in all of Old School RuneScape OSRS.

Aside from the dangers present here, explorers should be mindful of their surroundings. Player murderers lurk in this region, so use care while accessing there.

When it comes to black dragons, they may be battled here as well. They do, however, have specific immunities that make combating them very difficult. Black dragons are impervious to dragonfire and poison-based assaults, making melee weapons less effective against them than normal. They also have an unique strike that drains Prayer points, making them even more deadly opponents for OSRS explorers seeking a challenge.

Where Should I Kill Moss Giants?

Moss Giants can be found all around Gielinor and are an excellent source of experience and money in Old School RuneScape.

Troll Stronghold, level 12 and 13 Wilderness, Varrock Sewers, Mourner Tunnels entry location at Edgeville Dungeon, Feldip Hills (needs partial completion of Cabin Fever quest), and Ogre Enclave are some of the most common spots to locate Moss Giants.

Given that it is next to a bank, the Troll Stronghold is perhaps the greatest area for beginner or low-level players to fight Moss Giants. The level 12&13 Wilderness is also home to several Moss Giants, however these regions should only be tried by higher-level players who are aware of their perils.

Many Moss Giants can be found in Varrock Sewers, and they drop useful items like Thread Balls and bone parts for Crafting. To get access to the Mourner Tunnels entry location in Edgeville Dungeon, you must first obtain a Dusty Key from a local Jailer. The tunnel is home to several Moss Giants. Finally, Feldip Hills needs a partial completion of the Cabin Fever quest, although it offers substantially more enemies and higher prizes than the previous destinations.

What Combat Levels Should I Have When Fighting Moss Giants?

Moss Giants are formidable animals found throughout RuneScape’s environment that are particularly dangerous to low-level explorers. If you want to take down a Moss Giant, you need know what combat level you should have for the fight to be successful.

In general, any adventurer hoping to take on a Moss Giant should have a Combat Level of at least 70-85. Higher levels may be required depending on your gear and attributes, but as long as you have at least 70-85 combat levels, you will have a good chance against these monsters. It is also advised that participants pack food and powerful healing potions to guarantee their survival throughout the battle. Players may safely take on these giants and enjoy the benefits with the proper preparations and battle levels.

What Gear Should I Use Against Moss Giants?

It is critical to have the proper clothing and equipment before facing the enormous Moss Giant in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). You should choose the best available armor and weaponry for the circumstance based on your fighting level.

If your fighting level is 64 or above, you should use a complete rune set or higher. This will provide you with the most protection against their aggressive melee assaults, enabling you to destroy them more quickly.

If your fighting level is less than 66, you should use a Mithril set or above. You may also wear several helmets according on your combat style, ranging from barrows helmets to dragonhide caps.

Axes are often seen to be more effective against Moss Giants in terms of weaponry since they can be wielded with excellent precision. Swords and maces may also be used successfully, but an axe is the ideal choice owing to its greater damage boost every attack round. A halberd is preferred over other weapons while fighting numerous Moss Giants at once due to its long reach and quick attack speed, making it suitable for striking all opponents at once without regularly switching targets.

What Combat Levels Should I Have When Fighting Bryophyta?

Bryophyta, often known as Moss Giants, are a popular monster in Old School Runescape (OSRS) because of their high treasure drops. They are often found in the Varrock Sewers and near the Tree Gnome Stronghold. These creatures need a level 42 Slayer to battle and have a basic combat level of 57, however this might vary greatly depending on where you discover them.

When battling Bryophyta, it is vital to remember that they are not especially resistant to melee or ranged assaults, thus having a balanced combat style with both will benefit you the most. In general, you need have at least 54-56 Combat level to be effective fighting this monster. This entails possessing at least 50 Attack and 45 Strength. It is also suggested to have 50 Magic and 43 Prayer if you want an additional edge in fighting. When facing Bryophyta, being properly prepared and possessing the correct stats will secure your victory.

What Gear Should I Use Against Bryophyta?

When facing Bryophyta, the moss giant Boss in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), it is critical to come prepared with the proper equipment. There are various different armours and weapons that may be used to make your struggle against the moss giant easier depending on your level, combat style, and money.

For example, if you have a larger budget and want the most protection while fighting this powerful beast, platebodies or dragonhide armour are recommended. In terms of weaponry, a two-handed sword or dragon longsword combined with an Anti-dragon shield will give the best defense when slaying Bryophyta.

If you are on a smaller budget or are just beginning out in this enormous gaming world, there are options such as robes paired with an Elemental shield, staff, or mace. Whatever solution you select, make sure it is appropriate for your degree of skill and financial means so that you can safely remove Bryophyta.

How Do I Kill Bryophyta?

Bryophyta is an extraordinarily tough moss giant found in OSRS’s wilderness region. The beast is a level 87 boss with 40,000 health points. Because Bryophyta is impervious to all stuns, binds, and freezes, it is incredibly tough to vanquish.

Fighting against Bryophyta requires defensive armor such as dragonhide, a strong two-handed weapon capable of doing huge quantities of damage such as a godsword or chaotic weapon, and food to refill life points. It’s also a good idea to carry prayer potions and anti-ban tools, since the beast might be tough to defeat without sufficient defense against its assaults.

Crush or slash attacks are the most successful approach for fighting Bryophyta since they have the greatest accuracy rate when dealing with bosses. Also, keep an eye out for special attacks that might degrade your stats or provide the monster extra damage. When dealing with this monster, knowledge bombs may dramatically weaken its defense level, enabling players to land more strikes on it. Overall, patience and appropriate planning are crucial in fighting this moss behemoth.

What Drops Can I Get From Moss Giants?

Moss Giants are a well-liked monster that may be found around RuneScape in various areas. These gigantic monstrosities have incredible physical power, thanks to enormous clubs and armour plate. They are often sought for by players searching for strong drops due to their size and potency.

Gold coins, large bones, and other valuable things like iron ore, coal, and mithril ore are the major items Moss Giants drop. They also drop herbs such as tarromin and ranarr, as well as some rare runes. Moss Giants may sometimes drop charms that can be used to summon monsters in exchange for experience or goodies.

More valued things, such as shield right halves and dragon boots, are very uncommon drops from Moss Giants, although they are still feasible to get.

What Drops Can I Get From Bryophyta?

The Varrock Sewers of Old School RuneScape are home to the Moss Giant Bryophyta. This terrifying behemoth may be spotted patrolling the region and will attack any players who venture too close. Coins, herbs, runes, and other precious goods are dropped by Bryophyta.

When facing up against Bryophyta, players should be prepared. He has an attack level of 86 and a defensive level of 83, so pack appropriate protective gear. Players may also use their Magic powers to attempt to take him down swiftly.

Bryophyta drops:

  • Coins up to 890
  • Nature Runes up to 100
  • Water Runes up to 200
  • Babydragon Bones
  • Big Bones
  • Elemental Shield Shards
  • Snape Grass Seeds
  • Grimy Rantons Bloom Herb Seeds

Aside from these usual drops, there is a possibility that players may additionally acquire an Abyssal Whip or Dragon Med Helm as a drop from him. These two formerly very uncommon goods are now readily accessible as a result of fresh improvements.

Should I Fight Moss Giants For Experience Gains Or Profit?

In the Old School RuneScape MMORPG, Moss Giants are a wonderful method to get experience or money. They are scattered around the game map, making them easier to find. Moss Giants provide a reasonable amount of battle experience as well as gold drops from their loot table, allowing players to choose whether to fight for experience or profit. The kind of moss giants you find also has an impact on the awards you get; for example, baby moss giants have lower level requirements, enabling new players to take the risk of battling them for higher rewards than ordinary Moss Giants.

Killing Moss Giants also provides an excellent supply of herbs and secondary materials that may be utilized in Herblore training. They regularly drop plants like avantoe and filthy lantadyme, as well as some rarer herbs like snapdragon and dwarf weed. These may be sold for big quantities of money or given to Herblore trainers for a quicker increase in experience rates than training on other monsters. As a result, it is up to individual players to decide whether they want battle Moss Giants for experience or profit – there are evident advantages to both:

  • Battle for experience
  • Battle for profit

Question: What is Bryophytas essence used for?

In Old School RuneScape, Bryophyta’s essence is part of the Salve Amulet i. It boosts the wearer’s magic damage bonus against caustic and lava monsters from Sliske’s Endgame.

Players must get the Bryophyta’s essence from Bryophyta, a formidable moss giant that lives in his lair in the Meilyr Clan area of Prifddinas. The essence of the Bryophyta is earned by accomplishing specific activities or killing particular species. The damage enhancement from Bryophyta’s essence may be particularly handy in some places of Sliske’s Endgame where enemies like as lava strykewyrms occur.

Question: What does Bryophytas staff do?

In Old School RuneScape, the Bryophyta’s staff is a two-handed weapon that grants a range attack bonus and a magic attack bonus of +51. This staff needs Magic and Attack levels of 75 to wield and can autocast Ancient Magicks while equipped.

The Bryophyta’s staff additionally boosts the Ice Barrage spell’s damage by 10%. When battling Moss Giants, it may also boost your magical accuracy by 5%. Finally, this staff may be used to replace an elemental rune in spells that need one, albeit it will seldom deliver four times the rune of the same element as you cast.

Question: Can F2P players use Bryophytas staff?

Players in the free-to-play version of Old School RuneScape may utilize Bryophyta’s staff and its related Salve Amulet if their Crafting skill has reached level 43. When employed, the Salve Amulets provide many advantages to players. When worn, it increases damage by 15% against undead enemies. It also diminishes the effectiveness of an enemy’s protection prayer by 15%. Finally, it allows players to attack ghosts more simply and consistently.

The Bryophyta’s staff provides extra benefits such as providing unlimited water runes when skinning animals while worn, and it may be used as a melee weapon doing 30 damage. It also enables players to cast the Crumble Undead spell, which does 28 damage and requires no runes or other resources but only works on undead enemies.


Moss Giants are a crucial component of the Old School RuneScape adventure world. This book has offered a thorough description of where to discover these elusive monsters, how to combat them, and what rewards they have in store for daring travelers. With this information, gamers may enter the world with confidence and take on these animals with ease.

Adventurers will have no trouble confronting these difficult creatures if they follow our Moss Giant OSRS guide and pick up some useful advice along the way. With this knowledge, it’s time to get out there, battle some Moss Giants, and enjoy the benefits. Best wishes.

Moss Giant OSRS Guide