Find out the best ways to train your Prayer skill in Old School RuneScape in this comprehensive guide.

What Is Prayer?

Prayer is an Old School Runescape talent that grants players access to a range of prayers to help them in battle and other pursuits. It improves not just the amount of prayers a player may utilize, but also the length of time they can be active. This enables players to reap the benefits of their Prayer boosts over longer periods of time. Prayer points are required to use any prayer and may be gained by burying bones or utilizing certain things.

Players may practice four sorts of prayers: conventional, curses, ancient, and dungeoneering. Normal prayers provide benefits such as improved battle damage and defense against particular attacks. Curses give your opponent’s stats a momentary negative boost. Ancient prayers have greater benefits than regular prayers, but they cost more prayer points. Finally, dungeoneering allows players to boost their firepower in boss fights and other specialized encounters.

F2P Level 1-99 OSRS Prayer Guide

Prayer is one of the most essential abilities in RuneScape. It is employed in warfare and may provide players several benefits and perks. Players with a high degree of Prayer will have access to greater prayers, which will provide them more benefits and a higher potential in battle scenarios.

The F2P Level 1-99 OSRS Prayer Guide is a comprehensive guide that describes all of the best ways to train your Prayer level from 1-99, including both free-to-play F2P and pay-to-play P2P approaches. It covers everything from utilizing bones on altars to making the most of Guthan’s kit. This book contains thorough information on each training approach, as well as tips and methods for getting the most out of your workouts. With this ultimate method, you’ll be able to fast reach the highest Prayer level imaginable.

Members Level 1-99 OSRS Prayer Guide

The OSRS Prayer training guide is a detailed guide that will assist gamers in reaching Prayer level 99. This tutorial includes all of the knowledge and tactics you’ll need to properly train your Prayer in Old School Runescape. This book includes both member and non-member training techniques, so no matter what level you are at, there will be something in this guide that will assist you achieve the appropriate skills level.

Members Level 1-99 OSRS Prayer Guide provides training techniques for individuals with access to Old School Runescape’s members material. These ways include employing famous minigames like Temple Trekking or the Barbarian Assault Playing the minigame, as well as fishing and burying bones, can be a black chinchompas unique alternative to gain experience points (XP). After achieving specific levels in one’s skill set, this method can provide extra XP.bonecrusher amulets and conserving prayer points via prayer books.

Levels 1-99 Prayer: Reanimating Ensouled Heads

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), reanimating ensouled heads is an excellent method to level up your Prayer skill. It enables you to get a lot of experience every hour with little effort. It is one of the most popular and lucrative strategies for developing Prayer in the game.

You must acquire ensouled heads from monsters in OSRS to be effective with this training approach. These heads may also be purchased from other players or at the Grand Exchange. After gathering a sufficient number of ensouled heads, players must employ one of three reanimation spells: Reanimate Goblin, Reanimate Monkey, or Reanimate Beast. These spells need varied rune combinations and levels to cast effectively, so be sure you have the necessary ingredients before trying any reanimation spells.

Once performed, the spell transforms an ensouled head into a monster that may be slain for Prayer experience points (XP). The sort of monster formed is determined on the reanimation spell employed and the type of head acquired. Higher ranked creatures yield more XP than lower levels monsters, therefore grab high-level heads whenever feasible.


This Ultimate OSRS Prayer Training Guide’s FAQ section seeks to address any questions you may have concerning the process of training your Prayer level. It includes broad themes like how to get started and the most efficient tactics, as well as more specialized information like which monsters to kill, what equipment to use, and how to gain better armour to ensure you can survive a lengthy battle.

We also address questions on tactics, such as why burying bones is preferable than utilizing an altar or which prayers are most beneficial while training. Our FAQ section has trustworthy information that will help you find answers to all of your questions, so please read it thoroughly before beginning your prayer training adventure.

Final Thoughts

Last Words on Prayer Training at OSRS. Prayer training in OSRS may be a difficult yet gratifying job. It takes some time to level up, but the benefits are well worth it. With so many options available, deciding which is ideal for you might be difficult.

Finally, choose one of the approaches described here and stay with it until you achieve your goal level. There are various more ways to train prayer in the game, so if one of the strategies listed above does not suit you, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Whatever road you choose to 99 Prayer, know that patience and tenacity are essential for success. If you’re searching for a challenge with fascinating prizes and high XP/hour rates, this is the game for you. Best wishes in your quest for 99 Prayer.

OSRS Prayer Training Guide [2022]: Best Methods To Level 99