General Graardor is one of the four God Wars Dungeon bosses that were released on the 6th of February, 2014. He is the leader of the Bandosian army and can be found in the God Wars Dungeon. This guide will teach you everything you need to know in order to beat him.

Getting To The God Wars Dungeon

The God Wars Dungeon is a big dungeon in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that is situated right north of Trollheim. It is divided into four sections, each with their own set of dangerous monsters – the Armours, K’ril Tsutsaroth, Commander Zilyana, and General Graardor. To get entry to the dungeon, you must first finish an event called The Enchanted Key. After that, you’ll be able to use the key on the door to enter the dungeon proper.

Once inside, it’s critical that you know how to go about and which bosses are there, since certain bouts take numerous people to prevail. Understanding how battle works within the God Wars Dungeon is another key component of getting to the God Wars Dungeon. All bosses have unique attack techniques and methods that must be understood in order to beat them. Following these instructions will result in a successful visit and triumph over General Graador.

How Does The General Fight?

General Graardor is the leader of Bandos’ army and a formidable foe in the OSRS game Old School Runescape. He is very tough to defeat and takes a well-planned strategy to do so. He may be battled by players alone or in groups.

When battling him alone, it is essential to concentrate on prayer-flicking as much as possible; and those who are experienced in this method will have an advantage. If successful, the General’s special attack may do up to 60 damage. It should also be noted that he has a 70% accuracy level, thus players should exercise care and ensure their stats are adequately high to prevent suffering too much damage throughout the battle.

Other tactics include:

  • Eating foods that heal rapidly, such as Sharks, Yew Trees, or Summer Pies;
  • Keeping protection prayers on hand at all times.

General Graardor may be easily beaten with proper planning and strategy.

Soloing The Boss

Soloing The Boss is a viable approach in the 2022 Bandos OSRS Guide for defeating General Graardor. This technique requires a high degree of skill and coordination, but when executed perfectly, it may provide players with a significant advantage.

Soloing The Boss entails employing a high-damage weapon to concentrate on one enemy at a time, while managing the other foes using crowd-control skills and protean potions. Players should begin by attacking Graardor, then his bodyguards. They may finish off the General with their firearms after dispatching the bodyguards. When used correctly, this approach may enable gamers to defeat General Graardor without the assistance of other players or NPCs.

Soloing The Boss is an efficient means of defeating one of OSRS’s most difficult difficulties using luck and time.

Working With A Team

Working as a team is vital if you want to take on the General Graardor Challenge in 2022 Bandos OSRS. Because many players have access to diverse weapons and abilities, a well-coordinated squad may frequently be more powerful than a single person. Working as part of a team also enables gamers to plot and exchange resources while fighting together.

When entering the Raid Cave as a group, it is critical to assign duties to each member. This ensures that all participants understand their roles and avoids one person from completing all of the work on their own. Furthermore, while facing the General Graardor at high levels of difficulty, teams must remain close together and communicate openly about strategies so that everyone can respond fast in combat.

Finally, always take pauses between waves so that everyone may recover and reequip as required before confronting new adversaries.

Loot From The General

General Graardor is a boss monster in Old School Runescape (OSRS) that is often employed to generate consistent revenues for mid to high-level players. You will get some of the most precious things in OSRS after defeating him in the God Wars Dungeon.

General Graardor drops the following items:

  • Bandos Godsword,
  • Bandos Hilt,
  • Bandos Tassets,
  • Primed Sceptre,
  • Shard of Zaros,
  • and several additional drops such as runes or money.

The Bandos Godsword; has an estimated market worth of roughly 2 million gold coins and is the most expensive item you may earn from General Graardor. Other expensive treasures include the Primed Sceptre and Shard of Zaros, both of which are valued hundreds of thousands of coins. Rarer drops, such as Dragon Claws or Armadyl Crossbows, are also conceivable.

You will also acquire a number of less value drops, such as different armour pieces or runes that may be utilized for high-level spells or alchemy, in addition to these pricey things.

The Bandos Hilt

General Graardor, the Moss Giant boss in OSRS’s God Wars Dungeon, drops the Bandos Hilt, an extremely uncommon and powerful equipment. This substance is utilized to finish a Masterwork Armor set, which grants the wearer improved power, strength, and defense.

Players must must beat General Graardor at least once in order to get this hilt. If players battle him only for the hilt, they will get somewhat more experience in return for their time than if they merely gather fallen limbs from other enemies in the dungeon. However, if they are prepared to put significant resources and time at risk by battling him several times, they may possibly benefit greatly from his drops.

When it comes to playing OSRS, it all boils down to what each player’s specific aims are.

The Pet General

General Graardor is one of the most difficult bosses in Oldschool Runescape, and you’ll need an unique item to defeat him: the Salve Amulet™. When battling undead enemies, especially General Graardor, this formidable amulet enhances your battle stats by 20%. The amulet offers you an advantage in fight, but it is not required to win. General Graardor may be beaten without it, but it will much simplify your task.

You must finish a mini-quest in the God Wars Dungeon to get access to a special box holding the amulet. Once you’ve gotten it, equip it before proceeding to the boss battle, and make use of any other essential things, like as food and potions, that may improve your fighting style.

Bandos FAQ

Bandos FAQ answers all of the queries that gamers may have about Bandos OSRS in 2022. This tutorial will teach you how to beat General Graardor and his minions, as well as methods and other tips and tricks to help you win your battles.

It begins with a review of General Graardor’s assaults, as well as his strengths and limitations. It then divides techniques into those for individuals as well as those for bigger clans or groupings. You’ll learn how to employ protective prayers, how to correctly position yourself during the battle, effective spell rotation, and team tactics.

Furthermore, this tutorial discusses the benefits for defeating General Graardor, such as prayer points, loot table goods, and additional goodies available if your squad defeats him numerous times in a succession.

Finally, there is a FAQ section with answers to frequently asked Bandos OSRS topics, such as:

  • Gear Requirements for Fighting Him
  • Suggested Prayer Bonuses for Each Slot

Question: Should I Render Enemies Non-Hostile For New Visits To The General?

Salve amulets are very useful while defeating General Graardor in the 2022 Bandos OSRS raid. These amulets may provide up to a 10% damage boost on melee, ranged, and magical attacks against certain enemies. This benefit combines with other weapons or armor enchantments to improve damage even more.

The salve amulet also makes opponents non-hostile for 30 seconds after the user approaches them. This may be advantageous for first-time visitors to the general, enabling you to wander about freely and prepare your unit before fighting. It is crucial to remember that this does not make the general non-hostile; he may still fight if provoked or caught off guard.

Other types of assault, like as poison, can still hurt players while they are wearing these amulets, therefore it is important to be cautious while utilizing them.

Question: Do Players Ever See Bandos In-Game?

Yes, Bandos may be seen in-game. Bandos is a formidable God Wars Dungeon monster and an important element of the game’s quest lines in Old School Runescape OSRS.

Bandos is a massive monster with immense strength, and his subordinates must be beaten before you can take on the main task. The opportunity to enter God Wars Dungeon 2, which has more prizes and more powerful bosses than God Wars Dungeon 1, is the reward for a successful combat.

To begin this quest, head to Trollheim and speak with the character Yogscast Lewis for further information on how to defeat General Graardor and receive your prize.

Question: Should I Solo Or Team General Graardor?

This tutorial will help you beat the fearsome General Graardor in 2022 Bandos OSRS. General Graardor is the most powerful boss in Runescape, and you must properly equip yourself to stand a chance against him.

A high level Magic Shield, 1-Handed Weapons, Boots & Gloves, Full Bandos Armor, and some sort of Prayer Booster, such as a Proselyte Set or Saradomin Platebody, are suggested for soloing or teaming against General Graardor. To guarantee that you have all of the essential mining skills and weaponry to defeat General Graardor, you must also have lots of cash on hand. Although monies aren’t essential to overcome General Graardor, possessing enough cash may help you get past his formidable defenses. Normally, having a complete set of equipment should be enough to battle General Graardor and his henchmen, but having some extra cash on hand won’t hurt either.

Question: Should I Render Enemies Non-Hostile For New Visits To The General?

When preparing to confront General Graardor in the 2022 Bandos OSRS Guide, it’s critical to understand when it’s preferable to turn adversaries hostile in order to make fresh trips to the General simpler and quicker.

It is frequently advisable not to make foes non-hostile in multi-combat conflicts unless you are convinced that you can beat them swiftly. If you’re battling in a single battle area where foes can respawn, it’s typically a good idea to make the remaining adversaries non-hostile. This manner, the foes will not spawn on future trips, and you may head right for the General without having to battle through waves of NPCs.

Furthermore, if trying Hosidius for additional prizes such as experience points or treasure drops, rendering an area’s non-hostile creatures may be essential since all of these rewards come from kills, meaning that more time spent killing rather than fleeing is always desirable.

Question: Do Players Ever See Bandos In-Game?

Yes, Bandos may be found in-game as part of the Monkey Madness quest, which is a popular quest in the game RuneScape. To unlock this quest, players must go to Ape Atoll and navigate a perilous subterranean tunnel to reach the God Wars Dungeon. To pass through the dungeon and complete their task, they must face up against General Graardor, one of Bandos’ most formidable subordinates.

Bandos may also be found in other gaming worlds, such as Clan Wars and Barbarian Assault. He even appears in a few novels scattered over Gielinor. Reading these books may help players discover more about his motivations and goals.

Question: Should I Solo Or Team General Graardor?

It’s difficult to decide whether to solo or team General Graaror. Soloing is typically seen as the more respectable and difficult choice, but it requires a high degree of skill and strategic thought. When soloing, you must evaluate the length of time it will take to finish the battle, the chance of dying due to having less health and fewer prayers, and the amount of money that may be gained, which reduces if you end up murdering General Graardor rather than surviving.

Collaboration is another possibility. This enables players to join forces with others to fight General Graardor more quickly, as well as greater versatility with prayers and battle techniques against this strong foe. Teaming up provides a higher degree of safety than soloing and enables players to learn from one another throughout the approach employed to defeat General Graardor. However, since there are frequently more individuals working together than one person alone, it might be considered as somewhat dishonorable.

Bandos OSRS Guide [2022]: How To Win Against General Graardor