This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the Ghosts Ahoy quest in OSRS. We’ll cover the requirements, walk you through the quest, and give you some tips and tricks to make it as easy as possible.

Bottom Line Up Front

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) is an abbreviation for a military word that refers to a brief summary of an incident. The BLUF for Ghosts Ahoy in OSRS is meant to provide players with a quick overview of all they need to know about the mission.

This contains the level requirements, useful objects required, the prizes for finishing it, and the necessary tasks along the route. It also includes some secret advice as well as a discussion of any possible hazards associated with this mission.

Players may quickly assess if Ghosts Ahoy is suited for them and make educated judgments about the path they want to follow by having all of this information in one easy-to-read graphic. Knowing what’s at risk from the start might assist reduce irritation and increase game pleasure.

Quest Details Up Front

The guide Quest Details Up Front outlines the prerequisites, prizes, and recommendations for completing the quest Ghosts Ahoy in OSRS. It contains full information on the quest and all of its parts, including what artifacts are necessary for completion, as well as maps to assist players navigate the places.

The book also contains suggestions on how to accomplish specific portions quickly, time-saving tactics, and unique strategies that experienced gamers may use. It also features a FAQ section with answers to frequently asked Ghosts Ahoy inquiries. Quest Details Up Front is intended to assist players in swiftly obtaining up-to-date information in order to accomplish the quest in a timely way.

Ghosts Ahoy OSRS Overview

Ghosts Ahoy is an Old School RuneScape (OSRS) mini-quest that begins by speaking with the Ghost Captain east of Port Phasmatys. The adventure centres on the Morytania area and the undead people of Port Phasmatys who have become ghosts as a result of a curse from the terrible necromancer Nezikchened.

You will assist with local ghostly duties during the adventure, such as protecting their village from the horrors of Nezikchened and reclaiming their souls. You will also get benefits like as coins, skill experience, and entry to the Ectofuntus Temple. Ghosts Ahoy OSRS requires level 30 Crafting and level 20 Defense to accomplish. Completing Priest in Peril is also recommended for certain portions of this quest.

By achieving Ghosts Ahoy, OSRS players have access to additional training places at the Ectofuntus Temple as well as the opportunity to wear ghostly robes.


Ghosts Ahoy is an Old School Runescape task that is well-known around the globe. Nezikchened, an undead pirate captain who has tormented Port Phasmatys for many years, is the subject of the quest. The player’s goal is to assist Elissa, a ghostly resident of Port Phasmatys, in freeing her cursed crew from Nezikchened’s clutches and putting an end to his reign of terror.

Players begin the mission by speaking with Elissa in her home in Port Phasmatys, which is situated east of the pond. She will request their assistance and provide them with a collection of charmed artifacts, including two rods of Ivandis, sanctified ashes, and a ghostspeak amulet. Before they can continue with the quest, players must utilize these things to complete specified requirements.

These duties include:

  • Defending Port Phasmatys from an invading army of zombies.
  • Battling their way through Morytania’s wetlands in quest of Nezikchened’s lair.
  • Eventually meeting their foe himself.

They will be awarded with many unique trinkets and experience points for accomplishing these objectives, which can be used to unlock additional content in OSRS.

Required Items and Quests: How to Get Them

Obtaining the materials and completing the objectives in Ghosts Ahoy are required to complete this Old School Runescape quest. This tutorial explains in detail how to get all of the necessary goods, as well as the objectives you must do in order to achieve Ghosts Ahoy.

Players will require a ghostspeak amulet to begin, which can be purchased from Father Aereck in Lumbridge church or manufactured at level 15 Crafting. The second item needed is an Ectophial, which can be acquired by speaking with the Trader Crewmember on the Port Phasmatys docks and giving him 1000 coins.

In addition to these things, numerous tasks must be accomplished before players may enter Ghost Ahoy. Among them are:

  • Priest in Peril
  • Nature Spirit
  • In Search of the Myreque

Players may begin their adventure after these missions have been accomplished and all things have been collected. This tutorial is thorough and includes all of the steps required to complete the Ghosts Ahoy quest in Old School Runescape.

How to Get the Ecto-Tokens

You must first earn Ecto-Tokens in order to get entrance to the farming guild in OSRS’s Ghosts Ahoy mission. Ecto-Tokens may be obtained by speaking with a ghost who has been locked behind the door in Port Phasmatys. After you’ve spoken with them and decided to assist them, you’ll be assigned a mission to perform. You will be awarded with Ecto-Tokens if you complete the mission.

The quantity of tokens necessary changes according on the crop you want to raise in the guild. For example, if you want to cultivate melons, you’ll need six ecto-tokens; for marigolds, three ecto-tokens; for cadavaberries, and so on. Once you’ve collected enough tokens, return to the entrance at Port Phasmatys where the ghost is still waiting and use them on it. After completing this stage, you will be able to join the agricultural guild.

How to Get 400 Coins and a Bucket of Milk

If you want to complete the Ghosts Ahoy quest in Old School RuneScape OSRS as part of the Falador Diary activities, you must first visit Alice’s Farm. This farm, located northeast of Falador, is home to cows wearing yellow boots and Alice the farmer. When you speak with her, she will want 400 coins and a bucket of milk.

You must mine gold ore in the Crafting Guild Mine south of Falador to get your coins. For best effectiveness, use a gold helmet and chisel. Return to Alice after you’ve collected enough coins (around 20 pieces). She will want two buckets of milk from her cows; be sure to engage with both sides of the cow before collecting each bucket or it will not count. You must then return your two buckets to Alice to get your prizes, which are a Cow Top hat and 400 coins that may be used to obtain Abyssal Whip components from Gaius.

How to Get Silk and Dye

Ghosts Ahoy is a mission in the game Old School Runescape (OSRS) that challenges players with assisting the ghostly residents of Port Phasmatys. To fulfill this quest, players must get many goods, including Silk and Dye.

  • Silk may be bought from Ali Morrisane outside the Port Phasmatys entrance,
  • Dye can be purchased from the Apothecary in Varrock if the Alchemy phase of The Great Brain Robbery quest has been completed. It may also be purchased for 25 coins at Betty’s Magic Emporium in Port Sarim.

Once you’ve gathered these two things, you should bring them back to Necrovarus in Central Port Phasmatys. He’ll then use them to craft a unique charm that will enable you to finish the mission.

Spade – Knife – Needle – and Thread Explained

The Lizardman Shaman is a boss in Old School RuneScape that demands some preparation before facing him. To beat the Shaman, you must accomplish a series of challenges using the Spade, Knife, Needle, and Thread.

  • The Spade is used to dig up graves and collect proof of ghostly activity.
  • The Knife is required for cutting through webs and entering the Shaman’s lair.
  • The Needle and Thread are used to tie spirits with ghostspeak amulets so that they may be questioned about the Lizardman Shaman’s goals and movements.

When you’ve gathered all four artifacts, as well as an amulet, you’ll be ready to go on your journey to eliminate the evil beast.

Oak Longbow and Bucket of Slime

The items Oak Longbow and Bucket of Slime are required to complete the Ghosts Ahoy quest in Old School Runescape. Cutting an Oak Bow level 15 Woodcutting near the settlement of Port Piscarilius yields the Oak Longbow. The Bucket of Slime is located east of the swamp, immediately outside the tent with the monster inside.

While these goods are required for finishing this quest, they may also be utilized later in other missions such as Arrow’s Flight and Skullball. Furthermore, because of its great attack speed and damage output, Oak Longbows are a particularly effective distance weapon. Finally, Bucket of Slimes may be used to create herb tar and mud runes.

How to Acquire the Ghostspeak Amulet

The Ghostspeak Amulet is a mandatory item for completing the quest ‘Ghosts Ahoy’ in Old School Runescape. After acquiring the amulet, players must wear it and talk with select ghostly NPCs to discover more about their unique illness.

Players must first receive an Ectophial from Father Aereck in Lumbridge Cemetery in order to earn the Ghostspeak Amulet. The Ectophial must then be filled with ectoplasm in Port Phasmatys, which may be collected by killing Ghosts and Vampyres in the adjacent Ghost Town of Port Phasmatys. After at least once filling the Ectophial, players will give it back to Aereck in return for a Ghostspeak Amulet. Players may then utilize this amulet to advance through the questline.

How to Get the Nettle Tea

Nettle Tea is a kind of potion that may be gained by completing the Old School RuneScape task Ghosts Ahoy. It is used to manufacture Weapon Poison++ and needs level 22 Herblore.

To create the tea, first gather some Nettle Leaves from the royal garden in Port Phasmatys. These are at the garden’s north-east corner and should be collected before returning to Ectofuntus. Once reaching the Ectofuntus, players must use a pestle and mortar to crush up five Nettle Leaves before putting them to a calquat keg filled with boiling water acquired by using a vial of water on any fire.

After adding the leaves, players should let it to steep before drinking or using in recipes:

  • Use a pestle and mortar to crush up five Nettle Leaves.
  • Put the crushed leaves to a calquat keg filled with boiling water.
  • Let it to steep before drinking or using in recipes.

Priest in Peril Quest Completion

The Priest in Peril quest is required for the Firemaking quest Ghosts Ahoy, which is an important element of the OSRS quest series. The Priest in Peril quest is intended to introduce you to the fictitious character Drezel and Morytania’s past.

To finish this quest, you must:

  • Go across Morytania and discover a means to reach Canifis.
  • Get a sanctified silver sickle bar from Father Lawrence at Paterdomus Temple.
  • Free Drezel in his subterranean quarters under Paterdomus Temple.
  • Recover some secret documents from a Kinshra general’s desk.
  • Save two captives from werewolves in Burgh de Rott.

Several points throughout this quest will need you to utilize your Firemaking talent. You will be allowed to begin Ghosts Ahoy after accomplishing all of these goals and speaking with Lazim at Port Phasmatys.

How to Reach Level 20 Cooking

To gain the Ectophial, which allows access to a fast-travel system in the game OldSchool RuneScape OSRS, players must complete the Ghosts Ahoy task. Part of this quest requires players to obtain Level 20 Cooking in order to prepare their own Combustible Logs.

Combustible Logs need a Cooking level of 20 or above and are prepared using 1 log and 4 coal. To cook these logs and acquire experience, players must have a lit fire; this may be performed by using a Tinderbox on any flame source. It is also worth noting that each Combustible Log does not always yield the same amount of experience, since succeeding logs provide decreasing returns of less experience. Furthermore, beginning any log at level 20 gives 33 cooking experience per log, whereas later logs yield 19 cooking experience each log.

How to Reach Level 25 Agility

Obtaining Agility Level 25 in Old School OSRS RuneScape is the first stage in becoming a master farmer. You must finish the Gnome Stronghold agility course, which is situated just north of the Tree Gnome Village, to achieve this level. Completing this course will give you 1,000 XP, bringing you up to level 25.

To finish the Gnome Stronghold course, players must navigate various obstacles such as wooden logs and pipe leaps while avoiding dangerous traps such as spinning blades and fire pits. Players are also timed and must complete the game in two minutes and 120 seconds. Furthermore, OSRS members have access to shortcut options such as employing Blurite Swords or Binoculars for extra experience points. Along with usual experience points for conquering obstacles and shortcuts, players may also gain additional experience if completing the complete route in under two minutes which is frequently referred to as “Fastest Route”.


Walkthroughs in Old School RuneScape give a step-by-step tutorial to accomplishing a task or quest. This guide will bring you through the complete Ghosts Ahoy quest from beginning to end. You will need to finish a few other quests and chores before beginning this one, so be sure you have fulfilled all of the criteria before beginning.

You may use this tutorial to organize your plan for completing the Ghosts Ahoy task with ease. This walkthrough is organized into multiple parts that detail all of the things and actions that must be accomplished in order to finish the quest successfully. Each step includes extensive instructions that describe precisely what has to be done in order for it to be completed properly. There is also guidance on how to tackle some of the more difficult portions of the quest, which will help you remain on track and move ahead with confidence as you work towards finishing Ghosts Ahoy.

Combat Tips

Combat Tips are necessary for completing the OSRS mission Ghosts Ahoy. Combat in OSRS may be difficult, but there are some helpful hints that will help you beat the opponents you will face while completing this task. It is critical to have a balanced fighting style and understand when to move between ranged, mage, and melee assaults. Understanding adversary vulnerabilities is also necessary for success in Ghosts Ahoy.

  • When combating flying foes, employ ranged weapons such as crossbows and darts, while magic strikes should be used to quickly dispatch ghost-type adversaries.
  • Melee attacks are ideal for bringing down numerous adversaries at once, but keep an eye on the adversary’s health meter to avoid wasting time hitting an enemy who has already been slain.
  • Finally, keep in mind that you will need food along the route, so stock up before setting off on your expedition.

Ghosts Ahoy Quest Rewards

Ghosts Ahoy is a classic RuneScape quest in which players must assist the ghost pirate Ectofuntus in Port Phasmatys. Access to the ectofuntus temple and a part of the riches of killed pirates are among the rewards for completing Ghosts Ahoy.

A substantial quantity of experience points, equipment, and coins are also available as rewards. After completing the mission, players will receive entrance to the Ectofuntus temple, where they may turn bones into bonemeal or participate in wicked hood ceremonies. Players will also earn gold coins and notable things such as:

  • Cannonballs
  • Buckets of slime
  • Steel or adamantite bars
  • Different plants and seeds
  • Fishing bait
  • Kebbit claws
  • Bone spear tips

Experience is awarded for Skill Levels such as Magic, Prayer Points, Hitpoint training, and Task Points received upon quest completion. If you have completed all tasks previous to Ghosts Ahoy except Fremennik Isles, the total reward experience attainable may be up to 17500 across all talents.

Follow-Up Quests

Follow-Up Quests are extra quests that are unlocked after completing the main mission. These missions often provide an additional degree of difficulty to players who have previously finished the main quest. Completing Follow-Up Quests in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) delivers extra awards and experience points when it comes to Ghosts Ahoy.

The Great Brain Robbery, Love Story, Garden of Tranquility, and Animal Magnetism are some instances of Follow-Up Quests for Ghosts Ahoy.

Following missions demand players to:

  • Protect Lumbridge from zombie attacks
  • Assist Draynor residents in rebuilding their houses
  • Increase crops in a garden surrounded by werewolves and vampires
  • Rescue young animals from Draynor Manor.

Completing these missions will provide you an Ectophial, an Amulet of Nature, Magic Secateurs, a Wolfbane Dagger, and other goodies. In addition to the prizes for accomplishing these activities, players will get significant experience points in skills such as Crafting, Thieving, Herblore, and Slayer.

Question: How do I start Ghosts Ahoy OSRS?

Ghosts Ahoy OSRS is a task in which players must acquire entrance to Fossil Island, which is home to the enigmatic ghosts of long-forgotten adventures. Players must first go east of Morytania and chat with Isla Deadlybloom, who can be located east of the bridge between Port Phasmatys and Canifis.

In return for access to Fossil Island, players must promise to assist Isla. After they’ve agreed, they must go across the sea and kill a level 128 Giant Seagull in order to get a Tiny Cthulhu. After obtaining the Tiny Cthulhu, the player will be able to get entry to Fossil Island by returning it to Isla Deadlybloom.

Once on Fossil Island, players must fulfill a variety of activities in order to continue and finish Ghosts Ahoy OSRS. These objectives involve:

  • Entering Varrock Museum and conversing with several NPCs such as Ardougne Zookeeper Bob and other ghosts scattered over the island.
  • Solving other riddles that take some creative problem thinking to complete.

Question: How do you get to Port Phasmatys OSRS?

To reach Port Phasmatys OSRS, players must perform a variety of objectives, including obtaining entry to the old city and speaking with its residents.

To get access to Port Phasmatys, players must first acquire an Ectophial for 1,000 coins from Nylocas Vasilias in Port Sarim. Once the Ectophial is obtained, players may teleport straight to Port Phasmatys. Players may also board a ship from the Ranging Guild or Catherby docks and sail across the River Salve and Musa Point before arriving at the harbor.

Once there, players may speak with people like GhostCaptain Drearen and Colonel O’Reilly to discover more about the city’s history, as well as any other quest-related activities accessible in-game.

Question: Where can I get the Ectophial?

In the game Old School Runescape (OSRS), the Ectophial is a teleport item. It may be used to send the player to Port Phasmatys, a ghost-infested town where the Slayer Master gives missions for you to fulfill. You must first finish the Ghost Ahoy quest by speaking with Velorina in Port Phasmatys in order to receive the Ectophial. When you finish the mission, you will get your prize, which contains an Ectophial. This item may be used an endless number of times and will transport you immediately from wherever you are to Port Phasmatys.

It should be noted that for the Ectophial to work correctly, a player must always have at least one bonecrusher or ecto-token in their inventory. Otherwise, it will not operate, and they will have to return to Port Phasmatys on foot or by other methods of transportation.

What Quest to Complete Next

There are a few elements to consider while deciding which mission to do next in Ghosts Ahoy in OSRS. To begin, you’ll need to ensure that you have the necessary combat and quest points. Certain tasks may need certain levels or amounts of each of these, which you may not yet have.

Second, examine the prizes for each task. Some may, for example, provide skill increases in certain areas or experience points (XP). Before selecting a certain mission, consider what kind of rewards will be useful for your present aims.

Finally, spend some time reading up on the criteria and walkthroughs for each task. This way, you can gauge the degree of difficulty before committing and ensure that there is something engaging involved so that it does not get too tiresome. Considering these factors should help you determine which Ghosts Ahoy Quest to do next in OSRS.

Ghosts Ahoy OSRS Guide