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The best places to find and kill hellhounds

Hellhounds are among the most often seen enemies in Old School Runescape. They are very valued because of their profitable drop tables, which feature precious goods like as dragonhide armor and black/steel platebodies. Although they may be found in a variety of locales, some are more coveted than others. This article will go through the greatest spots in Old School Runescape to locate and kill hellhounds.

The greatest places to locate hellhounds vary depending on what gamers are seeking for. If they need to find a large number of hellhounds at once, the Taverley Dungeon is an excellent choice. It has a lot of high-level hellhound spawns, therefore it’s a good place to grind. Players hunting for specialized hellhound drops may choose the Chaos Tunnels or Blood Altar, both of which have fewer spawns but feature rarer items such as dragonhide armor or black/steel platebodies.

Whatever a player is looking for, these three sites provide some of the greatest hunting grounds for hellhound slaughter in all of Old School Runescape.

What do hellhounds drop?

Hellhounds are a formidable foe in Old School Runescape. They are a strong adversary, appearing as fierce-looking canine animals with a range of valuable drops. Hellhounds drop hides, bones, and a variety of other stuff in addition to money. These include demonic ashes, which are employed in a variety of Herblore and Summoning activities, as well as more profitable commodities like Grimy herbs, Rune equipment, and numerous seeds.

It is crucial to know that while battling Hellhounds, they will always drop something; however, the sort of item dropped might vary somewhat based on the player’s level. Low-level players, for example, will only have access to basic treasure like coins or bones, but higher-level players may be able to gain rarer and more expensive goods like Nature Runes or Grimy Herbs. It is also possible for more fortunate players to get Special drops from these monsters, which may vary from hint scrolls to rare armour.

Strategies for killing Hellhounds

Hellhounds are among the most powerful and terrifying monsters in OSRS. They may be encountered in a variety of spots throughout the game and seem to roam about a lot. To survive a combat against a Hellhound, players must learn several crucial killing methods.

The trick is to preserve your distance and use distant attacks if you get too near to one since they can strike with incredible precision and power. Furthermore, while battling them, it is critical to employ prayer spells such as “protection from melee” since they have an exceptionally high defense rating, making their armour difficult to pierce.

Furthermore, eating meals like Lobsters or Karambwans when battling Hellhounds is highly encouraged since it will maintain your health up throughout battle.

Finally, keep in mind that hellhounds may be slain alone, but this should only be done by experienced players. If you aren’t sure in your fighting abilities, try them with a partner or group of friends instead.

Your inventory when fighting hellhounds

It is critical to carry the appropriate things into combat while battling hellhounds in Old School Runescape (OSRS). Your inventory should be balanced between defensive and offensive goods. You will need food, potions, and either ranged or magical weaponry, or both. To properly battle a hellhound, you must have a high degree of fighting ability.

It is suggested that at least 20 pieces of shark or better be available for eating. Bring runes, an anti-dragon shield or defender shield, and prayer potions for defense. In terms of armament, you could wish to carry a rune crossbow with dragon bolts for additional damage if necessary. You may also utilize magic spells like Ice Burst to increase your accuracy and damage.

When battling hellhounds in OSRS, having the correct things in your inventory will allow you to maximize your efficiency in killing them swiftly and efficiently. The suggested items to bring are:

  • Food (at least 20 pieces of shark or better)
  • Potions
  • Ranged or magical weaponry, or both
  • Runes
  • An anti-dragon shield or defender shield
  • Prayer potions
  • A rune crossbow with dragon bolts (optional)
  • Magic spells like Ice Burst (optional)

FAQs about killing hellhounds in old school Runescape

FAQs about killing hellhounds in Old School Runescape are often asked questions that new players may have when confronted with the fearsome beasts. Hellhounds are one of the most difficult animals to defeat, even for seasoned gamers.

It is often advised to pay attention to the creature’s numbers and HP Health Points, as well as its vulnerability to certain assaults. Other effective measures include employing magic, summoning familiars, praying for protection, and participating in “safespotting” tactics. It is possible to defeat the hellhounds with fairly easy if adequate preparation and knowledge on how to battle them are used.

Conclusion: Hellhounds great exp and great for clues horrible for drops

Hellhounds of Old School Runescape are a fearsome adversary, with their low life points and very strong assault. They may, however, be readily brought down with the proper knowledge and planning.

They provide more experience per kill than other monsters in the same level range and are a fantastic source of clue scrolls. Unfortunately, because of their strong Magic Defense and low drop rate for rare goods, they aren’t worth killing for drops.

To summarize, Hellhounds are wonderful for experience points and clues, but should be avoided if you’re looking for uncommon loot.

Hellhounds OSRS Guide [2022]: Best Strategies To Kill Hellhounds