This guide will teach you everything you need to know about using the Salve Amulet in Old School RuneScape.

What is the Salve Amulet?

The Salve Amulet is a strong amulet that was launched in the Old School RuneScape game. When battling Undead foes like Zombies, Skeletons, and Ghouls, it offers the bearer a 15% increase to their Strength and Attack stats. In the same situations, the amulet offers an extra 10% increase to the Defence stat. This amulet is regarded as one of the greatest equipment in the game for melee fighting against Undead foes. It is in great demand among gamers looking to boost their damage output against these monsters.

The Salve Amulet may be earned by either completing the Priestly Robes quest or purchasing it from another player. When it is donned, players will see a golden light surrounding them when battling Undead enemies. This light indicates that the Salve Amulet’s 15% benefit has taken effect, letting them to do more damage with each strike while taking less damage from their adversaries’ assaults.

How Do I Get the Salve Amulet?

The Salve Amulet is a Morytania Diary prize. It is used to deal 15% more damage against skeleton monsters in Morytania, such as Loar Shades, Dagannoth, Aberrant Spectres, and Banshees.

To gain the Salve Amulet, complete the medium diary goals of the chores in both the Lumbridge& Draynor and Varrock diaries. After conversing with Mazchna and receiving permission to enter, the amulet may be discovered inside Tibia’s Temple on Harmony Island. Speaking with Mazchna will also get players access to Efaritay’s Aid Shop, which offers a variety of slayer-related products.

Once acquired, the Salve Amulet needs the usage of four ecto-tokens, which may be bought at Efaritay’s Aid Shop for 80 coins each or gained via drops from monsters given as slayer tasks by Mazchna.

To obtain access to the full advantages of this strong gear, players should talk with Mazchna or any other slayer master before beginning their next assignment.

What Does the Salve Amulet Do?

The Salve Amulet is an item used in Old-School Runescape for a variety of functions, including healing and protecting players from enemies. The Salve Amulet has a number of advantages, including a 15% boost in accuracy and damage against undead foes and immunity to Ancient Magicks.

When battling vampyres, the amulet additionally offers a 15% damage boost. When battling Revenants, Abyssal demons, and Dark Beasts, it increases your Strength by up to ten levels. The Salve Amulet is useful for completing some of the game’s most difficult dungeons since it makes battling monsters much simpler.

The Salve Amulet is a must-have item for anybody hoping to face some of the more difficult stuff in Old-School Runescape, so it’s crucial to understand what it does and how to get it:

Is the Salve Amulet the Best Neckwear Against Undead?

The Salve amulet is a common enchanted amulet in Old School Runescape (OSRS). It provides extra additional experience when worn versus certain enemies, making it a popular option for those against lesser zombie groups. The Salve amulet needs Prayer level 15 and may be obtained via the Grand Exchange or manufactured using 3 Cosmic runes and an Amulet of ghostspeak.

The Salve amulet is regarded as one of the greatest zombie neckwear since it increases damage and accuracy by 15% while battling them, making it very useful in slaughtering weak undead enemies. Furthermore, when used with a Salve-type weapon such as a Salve Bow or Salve Staff, the extra effect is doubled. While other items of neckwear provide comparable advantages when worn with certain weapons, none provide such a big boost when used with any weapon.

Salve Amulet (i)

The Salve Amulet I is a potent item found in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). When guarding against undead enemies, it increases your Attack and Strength by 21%25. Its benefits may compound with other types of protection, such as prayers or curses, enabling players to boost their Strength and Attack even more.

The amulet also grants extra bonuses such as a 10%25 increase in attack accuracy, immunity to poison and sickness, and a 5%25 decrease in damage absorbed. The Salve Amulet I is an excellent technique to swiftly boost your attack numbers while remaining undead-free. With its ability to stack effects, you may rapidly establish an advantage over your opponents in PvM combat.

Salve Amulet (e) & Salve Amulet (ei)

The Salve Amulet is a popular item among players of Old School Runescape (OSRS). It has several advantages, like enhanced damage against monsters in Morytania and a 20% experience bonus while defeating undead enemies. Salve Amulets come in two varieties in OSRS: Salve Amulet Ɛ and Salve Amulet Ɛi. The key difference between these two items is that the Salve Amulet Ɛ delivers a 15% damage increase against monsters, whilst the Salve Amulet Ɛi adds an additional 5% damage boost but needs further quest completion.

Players who wear any kind of Salve Amulet receive access to special attacks while battling Vampyres in level 45 Slayer quests. Furthermore, both amulets give excellent defensive advantages, preventing players from receiving too much damage during fight.

Finally, the Salve Amulet is a great tool for individuals wishing to easily fulfill Slayer duties and improve their general competence in Old School Runescape.

Benefits of Salve Amulets

Salve Amulets are a sort of jewelry that may be used to boost your battle power in the online role-playing game Old School RuneScape OSRS. To wear one, you must be level 25 in attack, strength, magic, and defense. When battling select undead or demon enemies, the Salve Amulet grants the bearer a 20% damage increase. It may only be worn with other jewelry items that are dived into certain jewels.

The Salve Amulet offers various benefits; the most notable being its 20% damage boost while fighting creatures classified as Undead or Demons. This boost might help players get an advantage while facing formidable foes like Revenants and Saradominist Generals. Another advantage of utilizing this item is that it increases the effectiveness of several existing benefits from other jewelry pieces; such as damage enhancements from Rings of Recoil and Crusader Rings.

This amulet also offers stat enhancements that provide players an advantage while murdering specific sorts of monsters:

  • +4 strength bonus for fighting demons,
  • +4 prayer bonus for battling undead monsters, and
  • a +5 ranged boost for slaying dragon type creatures.

Question: I Lost My Salve Amulet (e). How Do I Get it Back?

Don’t worry if you’ve misplaced your Salve Amuletⓔ. You may get a new one at a reasonable price from the Grand Exchange. You may also pickpocket an abbot from the Edgeville Monastery for a chance to get a Salve Amuletⓔ. This approach, however, is not totally dependable and may be more costly than purchasing one through the Grand Exchange.

Once you’ve received your new Salve Amuletⓔ, keep it secure by putting it on your person or in your bank. It is simple to equip by hitting the W key on your keyboard or right-clicking and choosing “wear” or “operate” in your inventory window. This activates its effects, which stack with other prayers, boosts, and abilities used to battle revenants.

Question: Are there any Undead Creatures the Salve Amulet doesnt Entirely Work on?

The Salve Amulet is an effective training item for Mining in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). It gives you a 20% advantage to your mining experience and may be used on practically all undead creatures. However, it does not function against some opponents, such as the Monastery of Ascension’s Shadows and the Dagannoth Kings.

While certain undead monsters have great protection or Magic Defense, the Salve Amulet will still function on them. It does not function on animals with a level higher than 138 or those that reside in higher dimensions than ours. You must be at least level 70 Mining to utilize the salve amulet for Mining training in OSRS. You’ll also need a pickaxe and some food to stay healthy while training.

Question: Why doesnt the Salve Amulet Work on Skeletal Wyverns?

The Salve Amulet is a strong amulet in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that is particularly meant to increase a player’s damage done against monsters and other NPCs while training the Mining skill. The Salve Amulet, despite its efficacy, does not function against Skeletal Wyverns.

The reason for this is because Skeletal Wyverns have a highly distinct defense mechanism. They, like the majority of monsters in the game, have their own sort of armour that cannot be pierced by conventional assaults. This armour is known as “dragonhide armour,” and it protects them from all forms of physical harm save dragon-specific weapons. Because the Salve Amulet grants benefits to non-dragon type attacks, it has no impact on Skeletal Wyverns; hence, they cannot be trained while wearing the amulet.


Finally, the Salve Amulet is a very important item in Old School RuneScape. It may not only be utilized to improve damage delivered to other players and monsters, but it also has defensive benefits. The greatest thing is that it just costs a little amount of money and patience.

Players that purchase the Salve Amulet will benefit from reduced fighting time, increased drop rates, and enhanced agility levels. Those that want to become experts in Old School RuneScape should consider purchasing the Salve Amulet; they won’t be disappointed.

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