Do you want to know about the best OSRS map locations? This guide provides a complete overview of all the best places to find what you’re looking for in the game.


In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), Asgarnia is one of the finest places to locate Green Dragons. Green Dragons may be found in Asgarnia in the Taverley Dungeon, the Heroes’ Guild, and the northern half of Fossil Island.

A couple sets of equipment are highly recommended for battling Green Dragons in Asgarnia:

  • An antipoison potion, which helps minimize the damage dealt by poisoned Green Dragons.
  • A dragonfire shield, which grants up to 60% resilience against dragonfire strikes.
  • Excellent armor, such as dragonhide, will lessen physical attack damage.
  • Excellent magical protection, such as an amulet of magic or a staff, may aid shield against these strong enemies’ magical strikes.


In the eastern sea, off the coast of Morytania, lies an island called Karamja. In Old School RuneScape, it is one of the five main islands. The island has numerous unique characteristics, such as wonderful fishing areas and a Slayer Helm, which gives players a 1/7 enhanced chance of completing slayer quests.

The Karamja Volcano Dungeon is a dungeon that is unique to Karamja and has a variety of creatures for players to battle. On this island, there are also some uncommon trees that may be chopped down for logs that can be used to make weapons and armor.

For players who want to finish their goals and objectives in Old School RuneScape, Karamja is a great spot to do it.

Kharidian Desert

Far south of the Wilderness, the Kharidian Desert is a region in southern Gielinor. It is the home of the hazardous Green Dragons, who provide a wealth of experience and profit. Several cities are located in the desert, including Pollnivneach, Nardah, and Uzer.

The Kharidian Desert offers a tremendous chance when it comes to battling Green Dragons for experience or profit. The desert not only has important resources like as fish and gem rocks that can be utilized for sustenance or crafting, but it also features high-level monsters and druids who can be slain for their lucrative loot. Players may earn expensive things such as dragonhide armour, dragon bones, and rare items from their loot table by killing Green Dragons. Kharidian Desert is one of the top locations in Old School Runescape OSRS for those wishing to benefit from dragon killing.


In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), Misthalin is renowned for providing some of the finest options for swiftly obtaining Slayer points. This region has a range of creatures that allow players to swiftly gain Slayer points for a variety of objectives.

The Lumbridge Swamp Caves and the Varrock Sewer Dungeon include the most noteworthy creatures. These areas have high-level enemies, such as Ankou and Cave Crawlers, that provide a large number of Slayer points upon death. Low-level creatures, such as Spiders and Skeletons, are also spread around this region and may be utilized to quickly level up in Slayer.

Misthalin also has an altar next to Varrock where players may replenish their Prayer Points, making it one of the greatest spots to hunt monsters for optimum efficiency and reward.


Players may engage in player-versus-player PvP combat in the Wilderness section of Runescape. It is home to the fabled Black Dragons, a species with immunities or talents that other monsters lack. When a player takes on one of these dragons, they will discover that it is poison-resistant and fire-resistant. It also has greater resistance to physical assaults and a far higher damage output when compared to other dragon-type animals.

Because the Wilderness is such a hazardous environment for players, it is critical that players be aware of these immunities while dealing with monsters located there. There are various additional creatures with unique immunities found in the Wilderness, in addition to Black Dragons, so players should make sure they know what they are getting into before approaching this dangerous location.


In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), Zeah is one of the greatest locations for Construction training. It’s west of Great Kourend and provides a one-of-a-kind building experience with lots of possibilities for both skilled and beginning gamers.

Hosidius House, Lovakengj House, and Piscarilius House are the three territories that make up the kingdom of Zeah. Each house has its own set of resources that may be utilized to construct different pieces of furniture in your player-owned home. Furthermore, each house has its unique furnishing style, giving you a variety of options when designing your home.

For those wishing to swiftly level up their Construction ability, the Hosidius House in OSRS enables players to construct planks faster than any other site. Furthermore, Hosidius provides a wonderful money-making option by enabling players to create hidey-holes and mahogany tables that can be sold for profit throughout Great Kourend.


In the southern part of Gielinor, the fictional world of RuneScape, lies the kingdom of Asgarnia. The Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, the White Knights’ Castle, and a handful of the settlements that are spread across its land are just a few of the sites that players may explore in Asgarnia.

The ice dungeon is mostly for high-level players, and it has a range of creatures capable of dropping rare treasures. To fast visit this place, a teleport scroll produced by the wizard in Port Sarim’s lodestone is required. Likewise, the White Knights’ Castle gives an exhilarating experience as players fight their way through its halls packed with fierce opponents such as General Khazard’s army and other state enemies.

There are many other places in Asgarnia worth visiting, such as Burthorpe, Barbarian Village, Taverley, Falador, and many more with intriguing personalities and relics. There is something for everyone, from runecrafting to playing mini-games in Burthorpe to daring raids at Taverley Dungeon;


In Old School RuneScape, the island of Karamja is situated to the south-east of the main map. It is well-known for its banana plantations and for being the location of the famed Karamjan Volcano.

The region is brimming with one-of-a-kind OSRS skilling chances and rewards, including:

  • Fishing places
  • Seeds
  • Logs
  • And more

The island has two jungle pathways that go to Brimhaven and Rock Island, respectively. TzHaar Fight Cave and Inferno Adze are two examples of the minigames included in Karamja.

As with many other areas in OSRS, there are secret stashes of supplies dispersed around Karamja that provide prizes such as potions and herbs. Players may locate them by looking for suspicious rocks on the island or by utilizing the Stash Unit function on their minimap.


In the OSRS universe, Morytania coexists alongside Gielinor in the far east. The Salve Amulet may be earned by completing the naturalist missions in this dangerous location. The Salve Amulet is a charmed amulet that does 15% more damage to creatures in Morytania and its environs. When worn within the Morytania region, the amulet grants players a +5 prayer benefit and may also be used to teleport to select areas inside the game. It also grants players access to an unique prayer shrine at Burgh De Rott for additional healing while visiting.

The Salve Amulet may be a valuable item for adventurers navigating this treacherous country, as well as those seeking fresh treasures from the region.

Fremennik Province

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), the Fremennik Province is one of the most popular locations to combat. This zone is home to a diverse range of monsters and bosses, making it a perfect location for players wishing to level up and get precious gear.

Fremennik Province features a number of maps showing various regions. Some of them feature dungeons or caverns where formidable creatures like giants and trolls may be found. The warrior’s guild, which has many battle ring sites ranging from level 30 to level 60 adversaries, is the greatest location for general battling. This region has combat-oriented NPCs that enable players to obtain experience points in various fighting tactics.

The warriors’ guild also has a demon chest, which when opened offers forth consumables like medicines, herbs, and food. It also has several special armour components that you may get by fulfilling specific guild objectives.

In conclusion, the Fremennik Province is an excellent location for general combat, with several options for players seeking to grind levels and grab riches.


In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), Kandarin is a location. It is situated between the Fremennik lands and the Kandarin mainland. The Salve Amulet is located in Kandarin and may be utilized for a number of purposes.

Players must pass through a gate in the upper left corner of the Lumbridge castle courtyard to reach Kandarin. Players will locate Seers’ Village, Ardougne, Rimmington, Brimhaven, Al Kharid, and Catherby as they arrive in Kandarin.

Players must explore all of these sites until they locate the Salve Amulet, which may be obtained by fighting monsters or investigating certain regions near towns or cities. Players may also buy it on the Grand Exchange for roughly 3 million coins. Once obtained, players may utilize it to enter regions such as Morytânia and Zamorak’s lair, as well as tasks such as The Slug Menace.


Tirannwn is the westernmost territory of the large kingdom of Zeah, situated in the south. As a result, Tirannwn is one of the most sought-after places in Old School RuneScape for players hoping to get top-tier Bryophyta drops. This region is well renowned for its availability of elite clue scrolls, which results in some of the highest drop rates for uncommon and higher-level goods.

Mithril seeds, magic notepaper, dark totem pieces, and dragon arrows are some of the most regularly farmed goods. Furthermore, Tirannwn is home to a number of bosses, including The Magister and Queen Black Dragon, who have the potential to drop some of the greatest protective armor in the game, such as Rada’s blessing 4 and Barrows armour. Tirannwn is one of the most lucrative areas to farm Bryophyta drops.


In OSRS, the Wilderness is the most perilous and deadly place, and it is home to a variety of creatures. Many players trek into the Wilderness to fight some of the game’s most difficult enemies, such as Revenants, Chaos Druids, and others. The Wilderness Obelisk and resource dungeon rewards are just two of the many fantastic perks that draw players here.

The Salve Amulet, which provides strong protection against all forms of undead enemies, is also found in the Wilderness. The Salve Amulet contains three layers of protection against the undead, with each tier giving slightly stronger protection. Higher Slayer levels are required to equip the better tiers, which have a somewhat longer cooldown period between activation uses. All three types provide considerable protection against any Undead enemy, such as larger demons or skeleton wyverns. Furthermore, while worn, it provides a minor prayer benefit, which might come in helpful in a variety of scenarios.

Feldip Hills

The OSRS map Feldip Hills is situated west of the Elf Camp and south of the entrance to Gu’Tanoth. Blue dragons, Crawling hands, Hobgoblins, Wolves, Ogres, and Zealots may be found on this map.

The Feldip Hills also include a lot of resources including Big Bones, Flax, and other Herbs and Seeds that may be picked to make potions or tools. Players may also expect to obtain benefits from the Fairy Ring network, which is situated in this location, offering access to teleportation as well as agricultural patches, among other things.

Finally, there are two Slayer masters in this area: Kuradal for level 70+ slayer duties and Mandrith for level 100+ slayer jobs.

Troll Country

In Old School RuneScape’s Monkey Madness quest, Troll Country is the site of one of the most notable tasks. It is situated in the Trollheim Mountains, north-east of the Troll Stronghold. Players must battle their way across perilous terrain after penetrating the fortress, battling aggressive level 86 ice trolls and other deadly fauna along the route. Players must examine a mysterious mound for a hidden entry to a dungeon that goes straight to Zanaris after they are in Troll Country.

The full Monkey Madness mission spans numerous locales and needs extensive fighting, investigation, and puzzle-solving abilities to accomplish. The quest starts on Ape Atoll island and proceeds through Jungle Forest, Mos Le’Harmless, and eventually Troll Country at Zanaris. Players who succeed will earn experience points and get access to strong gifts like as dragon platelegs and an amulet of glory.

Question: Is Old School Runescape free to play?

The 2013 edition of Old School Runescape OSRS is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It’s based on the famous MMORPG from 2001 and takes place in Gielinor. Many of the same concepts and gameplay aspects are present in OSRS, but with updated visuals, a new combat system, and a slew of additional content, items, missions, and more.

In addition to the regular free-to-play choices, players may buy special Salve Amulets that provide them access to unique advantages such as greater XP gain and monster damage bonuses. This provides seasoned veterans with an advantage over younger or less experienced gamers. These amulets also come with additional benefits, such as:

  • Enhanced resource payouts from monsters slain in certain parts of the map
  • Simpler to locate rare resources required for questing or creating things in OSRS

Question: Where can I play OSRS?

The game mechanics, missions, and locales of Old School RuneScape (OSRS) must be understood. With so many different game maps to choose from, it might be tough to know which locations are ideal for accomplishing objectives and acquiring materials.

In OSRS, mining is a crucial ability since it enables players to get a variety of valuable mineral kinds. It is critical to identify the most effective mining places to extract ore from in order to achieve this efficiently.

Players should consider their battle level and goals while determining which mine offers the finest materials and highest yield rate. Low-level miners may choose less perilous mines with low-level ores like copper or tin, but high-level miners may prefer deeper mines with more profitable ores like coal or mithril. Other factors to consider are closeness to banking locations, proximity to NPC guards who may aid you in the event of an attack by monsters or other players, and availability to amenities such as food and teleports.

When picking a mining region in OSRS, you should take all of these things into account:

  • Battle level and goals
  • Low-level ores like copper or tin
  • High-level ores like coal or mithril
  • Closeness to banking locations
  • Proximity to NPC guards
  • Availability to amenities such as food and teleports

Question: Is OSRS better than RS3?

Old School Runescape (OSRS) and RuneScape 3 (RS3) comparisons are often disputed among both versions’ gamers. The games vary in a number of ways, the most notable of which is that OSRS adheres to the original game with minor modifications, whilst RS3 has been updated with a more user-friendly interface and enhanced visuals.

The Grand Exchange is a major distinction between OSRS and RS3. In OSRS, users may swiftly purchase and sell things in a safe, large-scale environment via the Grand Exchange. This provides dealers with access to a wide pool of buyers and sellers without the danger of face-to-face deals, making it simpler for them to profit. As a result, it’s often seen as a significant feature for those looking to earn money while playing OSRS.

Best OSRS Map Locations: A Complete Overview

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