The Farming Guild is a members-only guild that was released on January 21, 2020. The guild is located in the Hosidius area of Great Kourend. In order to enter the guild, players must have at least level 65 Farming.

What are the requirements to get to the farming guild?

Players must initially fulfill the following conditions in order to get entry to the Farming Guild in Old School RuneScape OSRS:

  1. Finish the Druidic Ritual quest. Players must have at least level 31 Herblore and a Druid purse, which is received throughout the mission.
  2. Complete Farming at level 68. Players may either level up or trade farming experience points with another player to do this.
  3. Gain access to Varrock’s Grand Exchange, which involves completion of many lessons and missions such as Witch’s House, Lost City, Scorpion Catcher, and Elemental Workshop 1/2/3.
  4. Speak with Head Farmer Jones in East Ardougne and have a total farming level of at least 110. If you do not fulfill this condition, he will administer an exam. He will grant you permission to join the guild hall at the south end of Ardougne Park if you pass his test or complete his prerequisites.

Once all conditions have been satisfied and Farmer Jones has granted permission, a player may join the Farming Guild to get access to training facilities and other resources for higher-leveled farmers.

How do you get to the farming Guild?

Players with level 68 Farming or above may enter the Farming Guild, which is situated in the Kebos Lowlands. To reach there, take the boat from Port Sarim to Mos Le’Harmless, then follow one of the two themed bridges across the neighboring bush.

At level 72 Magic, you may also utilize the Teleport option and the Kharyrll Teleport spell from your Spellbook. This approach will cost you 8 Law Runes and 4 Earth Runes, so make sure you have them before attempting it.

If you have access to it, you may also use the Fairy Ring network to rapidly reach the Farming Guild. To enter a farming area directly south of the guild door, utilize Fairy Rings code C I R. Simply proceed north towards the guild’s massive gates once you arrive.

What to do and where to do it in the Farming Guild

For both seasoned and novice players, the Farming Guild in OSRS 2022 is a fantastic environment. There are a variety of activities available inside the guild, ranging from farming and crop harvesting to fishing and even training with the Master Farmer NPC.

On the western edge of the Kharidian Desert, in Hosidius, the Farming Guild is situated. It may be accessible via a portal in the heart of Hosidius, but you must have accomplished specific prerequisites before you can enter. For example, a player must first reach level 85 farming in order to access tree fields level 5 and above.

Next to the guild is Mercia’s Garden Shop, where you may buy products like compost and machetes, as well as fungicides and plant remedies to keep your farm operating well. There are also a number of farming patches strewn across the area where you may harvest various veggies such as tomatoes, onions, and potatoes. Pelts may also be used to construct leather armor or as an ingredient in Herblore potions.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the river next door, which has excellent trout and salmon fishing.

Farming contracts

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), a farming contract is a kind of agreement between a player and the Farmers Guild. This contract specifies the actions that the player must do in order to obtain benefits such as experience and access to unique goods. The contracts vary in complexity, but they always involve players producing crops, caring for farm animals, and gathering materials on Farmers Guild property. Farming contracts are a great opportunity for OSRS users to hone their Farming skills while earning incentives and exclusive goodies.

Farming contracts are available from the Rustic Home artisan in Ardougne Market, who is located among the farming businesses. When a player accepts a contract, he or she will be given instructions on which crop or animal should be farmed or cared for. They will also be able to get special goods such as Farmer’s Clothes, which improve the amount of experience acquired when harvesting crops or caring for farm animals. Contracts provide an intriguing alternate method for OSRS players to level up their farming talents while also earning prizes that are not available anywhere else in-game.

Beginner Tier

The Beginner Tier of the OSRS Guide for the 2022 Farming Guild is an excellent location to learn the fundamentals of farming and how to maximize its potential. This tier provides tips, methods, and advice on how to fast level up farming abilities, as well as basic guidelines on what crops, herbs, and trees are available in the game. Beginner methods for growing, harvesting, and generating money from a variety of plants are also available to players.

There are also instructions for collecting seeds from merchants or other players that explain why certain costs are greater than others. Finally, this tier discusses subjects like effective tool usage and fundamental farm designs that may be utilized to maximize yields. All of these subjects are intended to give novice farmers with critical information and skills required for a successful farming business.

Intermediate tier

For players with greater expertise in the game, the intermediate tier of the 2022 Farming Guild OSRS Guide is prepared. Players at this grade will have access to more profitable farming areas and higher yields than at the beginning tier. This tier needs greater management and mastery of game mechanics in order to effectively use the available farming possibilities.

Players at this tier will have access to higher level seed kinds, as well as extra bonuses such as farming experience while harvesting patches, bonus xp depending on patch completions, and monthly guild challenges with improved prizes. Those who want to have a greater influence on their farming outcomes will benefit from an intermediate-level approach to gaming and should take this tier in the Farming Guild OSRS Guide into consideration.

Advanced tier

The Advanced tier of the OSRS Guide for the 2022 Farming Guild is for players who have some Old School RuneScape experience and have acquired access to more advanced abilities, equipment, and activities.

This tier will cover topics such as:

  • Special tools and tool sets
  • The efficient use of resources and labor
  • Maximizing rewards from activities
  • Creating suitable conditions for effective farming
  • Determining when to use opportune items or spells to increase efficiency
  • Mastering animal husbandry to maximize the yield potential of animals
  • Many others

Players in this tier may also expect to learn about strategic farming strategies that they can use to improve their ability to prosper in the game. This tier will allow users to optimize their Old School RuneScape farming performance by learning new ways for managing their time successfully inside the game.

Conclusion: The Farming Guild is a great addition to the game

Old School RuneScape’s Farming Guild is a fantastic feature. The Farm Guild adds a whole new level of excitement and complexity to the game with its renewable supplies and unique skill varieties.

Farmers may easily reach their farming plot without having to travel across Gielinor because to its handy position in the middle of the game map. Growing crops, rearing animals, honing abilities, participating in minigames, and selling items on the Grand Exchange are just a few of the activities available in the Farming Guild that can offer both beginner and seasoned farmers with hours of entertainment.

It also allows users to interact with one another, whether by assisting a fellow farmer or competing on leaderboard scores. For OSRS gamers seeking for something entertaining and interesting to do, The Farming Guild is a fantastic addition.

Frequently asked questions about the Farming Guild in OSRS

In OSRS, the Farming Guild is a members-only guild located in Hosidius and accessed through the Hosidius House. It gives you access to Farming-related activities such as patch allotments, herb patches, scarecrows, and leaping puzzles.

The Farming Guild in OSRS is covered in this tutorial, which will address some of the most often asked questions. This covers questions on:

  • How to join the guild
  • What activities are offered
  • How to perform tasks and get awards
  • What sorts of things may be discovered inside the guild and how to get them
  • How players may earn access to special guild regions for additional prizes by using their farming or other abilities.

Farming Guild OSRS Guide [2022]: Everything You Need To Know

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