Looking for a guide on how to defeat the Steel Dragon in OSRS? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll give you all the tips and tricks you need to take down this fearsome beast.


The Steel Dragon is one of the most difficult bosses in OSRS. This formidable enemy, which can be found in the Brimhaven Dungeon, is very difficult to defeat.

We’ve produced this detailed guide to help you prepare for and succeed against the Steel Dragon for the courageous adventurers wanting to take on this challenge. This guide includes everything from suggested gear to admission criteria to advice for efficiently fighting the dragon. You’ll be ready for your encounter with the Dragon and walk away with your prizes if you follow our advice and approach. So, without further ado, let’s get started on slaying the Steel Dragon by following our instructions:

  • Suggested gear
  • Admission criteria
  • Advice for efficiently fighting the dragon

Overview of Steel Dragon

The Steel Dragon is a formidable beast that may be found in RuneScape’s wilderness, and it should should not be underestimated The wilderness green dragons are a formidable foe, with level 112 fighting stats and the ability to fight multiple players at once. To take them on, you’ll need either a dragonfire shield or an antifire potion. Be warned, these wilderness green dragons are far more powerful than the majority of monsters in the game.

You will be awarded with several goodies if you beat it, including the famous dragon defender sword, which can only be earned from this monster. When utilizing a bonecrusher to slay this monster, you will have a better chance of receiving a dragon defender since bones yield significantly more treasure than standard drops.

Finally, if you wish to capture the dragon defender in OSRS, be prepared for a difficult battle against the tough Steel Dragon.


Crafting is a valuable talent in Old School Runescape that may assist you in earning money. You must make 86,359 things to obtain level 99.

The following is a comprehensive list of what is necessary for 99 Crafting:

  • $16,000 in leather
  • 4,000 lbs of soft clay
  • 1,500 Blue Dragonhide, 1,500 Red Dragonhide, 4,500 Green Dragonhide
  • 90 Mithril bars
  • 200 bars of Adamantite
  • 10 bars of Runite

You should make runes on an Altar of Runes or Ourania Altar to get the most experience in the shortest amount of time when training Crafting to 99. This strategy grants extra Magic XP as well as crafting XP/h at level 96 Crafting and may be paired with other activities like as Slayer and Resource Gathering to make your time more efficient.

Gear and Equipment

In OSRS, players must ensure they have the proper gear and equipment in order to battle the Steel Dragon with confidence. This contains a strong shield, armour, weaponry, and defense against its lethal fire breath. These things should be appropriate for your battle style, whether melee or ranged.

To defend oneself from the Steel Dragon’s assaults, melee warriors will require at least level 70 Defense and a Dragonfire Shield. Abyssal Whips and Saradomin Swords are examples of melee weapons that function effectively against the Steel Dragon. Range fighters should wear full Karil’s armour and carry a crossbow or Crystal Bow for additional damage. Both melee and range fighters should pack anti-dragon shield potions in case their protection is insufficient.

Weapons and Armour

For slaying the Steel Dragon in 2022, weapons and armour of level 54-63 are enough. Battlestaves are some of the most effective weapons and armour to employ against this level of monster. These are two-handed staves that are capable of causing MASSIVE amounts of damage In battle circumstances, the Dragon Defender requires a Magic level of 54 or higher to wield. However, when wielded by a suitably high-level player, it can provide a considerable boost in DPS.

In addition to their massive damage output, the usage of specific spells such as Fire Strike may considerably boost the overall efficacy of these weapons. Furthermore, when dual-wielded, several battlestaves provide exceptional benefits such as greater accuracy, damage mitigation, or even extra strength bonuses. For any OSRS player seeking for an advantage against a formidable beast like the Steel Dragon in 2022, all of these advantages add up to make them an essential asset.

Potions and Food

One of the most critical aspects of any OSRS Steel Dragon guide is to make sure you have the necessary medicines and food. Many gamers are unaware of the significance of these artifacts and hence fail in their endeavours.

Potions are a terrific method to temporarily improve your stats, enabling you to take down your opponent quicker. Food is also important since it allows you to replenish life points that may have been lost during fight.

Super Strength, Super Defence, Saradomin Brews, Super Restore, and Rock tails/ Sharks/Manta Rays are the finest potions and meals to carry, depending on your budget. If feasible, Rocktails should be preferred over Sharks/Manta rays since they provide better healing at a lower cost.

Make sure you have adequate food before entering the Chambers, since running out in the middle of a fight may be disastrous, as it cannot be purchased inside the Chambers.


In the 2022 Steel Dragon OSRS Guide, the Strategies section explains how to approach and fight the Steel Dragon. It covers topics such as equipment and food selection, safe zones, when to utilize prayer, and how to optimize damage output.

  • Players should assess their selected equipment and armor depending on their available levels before participating in combat.
  • Players need also be aware of the attacks and mechanisms used by the Steel Dragons, as well as which prayer boosts may assist them in surviving the battle.
  • In order to increase their chances of success, it is also vital to choose safe places or take use of other player help if available.
  • To optimize damage output during the game, players should choose strong weapons with appropriate attack patterns.
  • Following the tactics outlined in the tutorial will assist players in defeating the Steel Dragon in a more straightforward and risk-free manner.

Safe Spotting

Safe Spotting is a tactic for attacking the Steel Dragon while avoiding harm. This approach focuses on the positioning of barriers between you and the dragon, allowing you to attack without being attacked in return. When safe-spotting, utilize range or magical strikes from just outside of its melee range.

This sort of combat requires the ability to alter your character’s location relative to the Steel Dragon’s. When you do this correctly, an item will block you from the dragon when you launch an attack or move within melee range. You may then securely navigate your way around this item, using it as cover until you reach a safe location. If you wish to battle this formidable enemy, you must use an experienced combat technique.

Ranged and Melee Tactics

A mix of ranged and melee strategies is required to destroy the Steel Dragon in the 2022 OSRS. Avoiding the dragon’s strong melee assaults will necessitate the use of ranged attacks. As a result, while tackling this fight, it is suggested that you wear a complete set of ranged armor. Furthermore, it is preferable to utilize an Ava’s gadget or a similar device to gather arrows fired during fight.

Melee players need also have a dragonfire shield as well as one-handed weapons like a whip or dragon-killer lance Pick a location with clear fire lanes for both ranged and melee players to kill brutal green dragons. This allows you to move between striking methods without fear of being harmed by the Steel Dragon’s strong fire breath strike.

When you face off against this legendary beast in OSRS 2022, remembering these strategies will help you win:

  • Wear a complete set of ranged armor.
  • Utilize an Ava’s gadget or a similar device to gather arrows fired during fight.
  • Have a dragonfire shield.
  • Use one-handed weapons like a whip or dragon-killer lance.
  • Pick a location with clear fire lanes for both ranged and melee players.

Prayer Strategies

In OSRS, killing the Steel Dragon requires using prayer tactics. The Steel Dragon has an average hitpoint of 4,000, so you’ll need lots of food and prayer points. Prayer benefits such as Void Knight armor or the Eagle Eye Kiteshield will cut your prayer cost significantly, but you should get the majority of your prayer points through utilizing Protection Prayers while battling the Steel Dragon.

Before trying to combat the Steel Dragon, it is critical to have a good plan. Begin by praying Protect from Magic, then every few minutes shift between Protect from Range and Protect from Melee as the dragon changes attack techniques. Using combination prayers like Chivalry/Piety will help you maintain your prayer points throughout the fight;. It should be noted, however, that this tactic is best beneficial for mid-level players with strong offensive and poor defensive numbers.

Tips and Tricks

There are various strategies and tactics that you may use to optimize your success in order to fight the Steel Dragon in 2022 Steel Dragon OSRS. The Steel Dragon has an exceptionally high fighting level and shouldn’t be underestimated. When starting the encounter, make sure you have the right equipment, such as a complete dragonfire shield and a variety of armour. It would also be useful in terms of survival if you had any melee enhancements.

When employing ranged attacks against the Steel Dragon, use protect from range prayers whenever feasible to substantially minimize the amount of damage that is being inflicted. Also, avoid getting too near to the dragon since its melee strike may be devastating. Finally, where appropriate, employ proper prayer switching. When appropriate, use prayers such as protect against magic or deflect melee.

Following these tips and methods should make it simpler than ever to beat The Steel Dragon:

  • Use protect from range prayers whenever feasible.
  • Avoid getting too near to the dragon.
  • Use prayers such as protect against magic or deflect melee when appropriate.

Use of Special Attacks

Using special attacks is one of the most helpful tools while undertaking the Falador Diary. Special attacks are a sort of attack that can only be utilized with weapons that support them. These special attacks need a particular quantity of special attack energy to be spent, with the amount varying depending on the kind of weapon used. Because most special attack weapons are two-handed, you cannot utilize a shield while wearing one.

When a special attack is effective, your character will unleash more forceful swings with more destructive damage than standard auto-attacks. They often have extra effects such as stuns or increases in accuracy or damage. Special attacks may be particularly effective against some monsters, especially during The Falador Diary, to save time and give extra protection against opponents with high hitpoints or strong defense numbers.

Use of Summoning Familiars

It is critical to grasp the usage of Summoning Familiars before fighting the Chambers of Xeric. Summoning Familiars may help you slay a Steel Dragon swiftly by delivering useful perks like more food and prayer points. Due to their high HP regen rate, Bunyips, for example, give endless food, which might be useful in battles against several Steel Dragons. Additionally, Spirit Tz-Kihs regenerate prayer points and boost accuracy against specific monsters.

You may boost your chances of slaying the Steel Dragon and successfully completing the Chambers of Xeric by using one of the many various summoning familiar techniques. As a result, it is prudent to get acquainted with these familiars before trying this task.

Use of Prayer Flicking

When completing the Falador diary assignments in OSRS, prayer flipping is a crucial skill. Prayer flicking is a kind of prayer switching in which the player may “flick” prayers on and off with the use of a mouse and/or keyboard button. When defeating creatures linked with journal activities, players may save both time and money by using this strategy.

When you accept the mission from Klarense at Falador Park, he will offer you a series of assumptions, such as “Stay alive for five minutes in the Wilderness” or “Defeat an elemental”. When battling these creatures, you must employ prayer flicking to keep your prayers active while assaulting the monster. This implies that if you swiftly activate your prayer and then turn it off, the monster will be held at bay until it cannot approach you or harm your armour or stats. This also makes it simpler to fight creatures with strong stats and attack capabilities, such as Steel Dragons.


Congratulations! You have now completed the Steel Dragon OSRS Guide and have a thorough grasp of how to combat this hazardous enemy. From comprehending various methods and ideas to discovering the finest gear to wear, you are now well-equipped to take on one of the hardest bosses in Old School Runescape.

Don’t worry if you’re still unsure about some of the finer points. When battling the Steel Dragon, keep in mind that preparedness is everything. The more you practice and learn from your failures, the more likely you are to succeed. Best wishes.

Summary of Strategies and Tips

In the 2022 Steel Dragon OSRS Guide, the Lizardman Shaman is a formidable mage boss. Defeating the Lizardman Shaman is necessary for moving through the questline of the guide. This book will provide you an overview of methods and suggestions for conquering this formidable foe.

First, get acquainted with the Shaman’s skills, since they will often influence which techniques are most efficient during combat. The Shaman has access to strong elemental abilities like Fire Bolt and Ice Barrage; these spells may be deadly if you’re not prepared. It also has the power to stun any adversaries within a set range, enabling it to swiftly acquire an advantage in battle – therefore keep spread out to reduce its usefulness.

Furthermore, while facing off against the Shaman, taking use of particular elements in your area might be vital. Using ladders or steps, for example, may let you acquire higher ground and disrupt its strikes while remaining within range of your own attacks. It is also a good idea to have goods like Prayer potions and Super restores with you, since they may assist keep you healed up during bouts when healing chances are scarce.

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