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Why Complete the Ardougne Diary Tasks?

The Ardougne Diaries are a series of missions in Old School Runescape (OSRS) that players may complete to win prizes and gain access to new content. Completing the objectives grants you access to new quest rewards and parts of the game, such as the Ardougne Achievement Diary.

There are five degrees of difficulty, with various prizes for each level%. There are five tiers in 3B: Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, and Master. Completing all of the activities on the medium tier, for example, will provide players access to new places and special goodies such as experience lamps and gold.

In addition to unlocking new content and earning special prizes, completing particular Ardougne Diaries chores delivers different stat boosts or additional utility items such as teleport scrolls or agricultural plot increments. Completing all Ardougne Diaries chores is a must for any dedicated OSRS player aiming to optimize their in-game success.

Useful Ardougne Diary Items

The helpful Ardougne Diary Items are the prizes for completing the Ardougne activities. These prizes include greater bank space, access to Skilling Teleports, and other benefits. With each completed Ardougne Diary job, you will earn a new prize.

The Ardougne Cloaks 1, 2, and 3 are the most useful things that may be obtained by completing the chores in this journal. These cloaks are highly sought after in Old School RuneScape since they provide numerous teleportation choices right from a bank to various places around Gielinor. Access to an endless supply of oak logs at the Blast Furnace or cooking gauntlets for use at the Cooks’ Guild’s range or fishing places are other very handy prizes. Completing all of these objectives will also boost your maximum bank space by 5 slots, allowing you to store additional things in your inventory.

How To Complete Ardougne Diary Tasks

The Ardougne Diary Completing the old school runescape logbook is one of the most comprehensive and rewarding diaries in the game. It has twelve activities ranging from easy to difficult, requiring players to explore, fight monsters, complete quests, and more. Finishing each task rewards players with XP lamps, teleports, and extra prayer points.

To begin completing any Ardougne diary task, go to the Ardougne tasks tab in the diary interface. You may see a list of all the tasks you need to accomplish here. Picking one of the simpler jobs, such as “Cook Trout at Barbarian Outpost” or “Pickpocket Men/Women at Ardougne Market,” is a good way to get started. After finishing this assignment, you may go to more difficult ones such as “Complete a Slayer Task at the Slayer Tower” or “Craft Magic Imbue at Mage Training Arena”.

There are twelve jobs to accomplish in all, so remember to save your progress for later if you desire to divide your adventure into numerous play sessions:

  • Cook Trout at Barbarian Outpost
  • Pickpocket Men/Women at Ardougne Market
  • Complete a Slayer Task at the Slayer Tower
  • Craft Magic Imbue at Mage Training Arena
  • etc.

Easy OSRS Ardougne Diary

The OSRS Ardougne Diary is a list of chores that must be accomplished in the Ardougne location in Old School RuneScape OSRS. This journal is largely achievement-based, since accomplishing all of the intermediate goals grants you access to a variety of goodies.

The Easy Ardougne diary This job set of 10 assignments, ranging from beginner to intermediate levels, is useful for players as it grants them experience in multiple talents, extra teleports, discounts in town, the ability to capture red salamanders and other useful items.

Among the objectives are:

  • Climbing the Watchtower north-east of East Ardougne
  • Getting a Magic Log from the Tree Gnome Village Maze
  • Earning level 40 Prayer by burying bones on the shattered altar northwest of East Ardougne Church.

Completing this journal will require time and work, but it is well worth it for the benefits it gives.

Item Requirements:

Item requirements are required to accomplish some Ardougne Diary chores. For example, the Black Demon Completing falador diary tasks can reward players with a seed dibber, an axe, and a tinderbox. These items may also be acquired through skilling in woodcutting and firemaking, buying from other players or NPCs, or other means.

Killing Black Demons is also necessary in addition to these goods. Black Demons are Slayer creatures that can be found mostly in the Karamja Volcano Dungeon and drop valuable things like herbs, seeds, and ores. When vanquished, Black Demons have a chance to drop ashes, which may be used to level up the Construction talent. Finally, they sometimes drop uncommon equipment like Rune scimitars and Zamorak Robes.

Skill Requirements:

The OSRS Ardougne Diary Guide[2022] Fastest Way To Accomplish is intended for those that want to complete this task as quickly as possible. Before commencing on the journal activity, participants must meet specific skill prerequisites.

One of the most crucial talents required to finish this quest fast and effectively is the Construction skill. A higher level in this talent allows players to create buildings that are required for particular jobs and reduces the amount of time it takes to build them. Another advantage of having a higher Construction level is the ability to repair furniture and build new objects such as aquariums, which may be utilized for farming or fishing activities in the diary. Players with a high construction level may also create their own Player Owned House (POH), providing them access to a variety of handy functions such as storing teleport scrolls and utilizing teleport tablets from their house portal.

Quest Requirements:

Players must be at least level 32 in Construction and have access to a Sawmill to begin the Ardougne Diary. If a player does not achieve these conditions, he or she may still finish the journal by purchasing planks from sawmills or obtaining them as a daily challenge prize. They will then need to utilize their own Construction level 32 to construct the planks into furniture.

Gathering log pieces from trees and then utilizing them with a Sawmill operator to fashion them into planks is the most effective technique to make progress on the diary entry. This procedure include felling trees, collecting logs, and exchanging them for planks at the Sawmill operator. Players must also ensure that they have enough cash accessible each time they turn logs into planks, since doing so costs money. Players should be able to accomplish this journal job in no time if they have patience and determination.


The Tasks part of the OSRS Ardougne Diary Guide[2022] is a valuable resource for anybody who wants to finish the diary on time. The jobs are arranged in descending difficulty order, with the simplest at the top and the most difficult at the bottom. Each item is accompanied by a description that includes step-by-step directions on how to accomplish it. In addition, relevant links are given for further information on each activity and/or any connected rewards/experience.

Players may ensure that they are completing all essential measures to achieve their diary completion objective as fast as possible by going through these chores in chronological sequence from simple to difficult. This portion of the OSRS Ardougne Diary Guide[2022] is without a doubt an excellent resource for navigating what may otherwise be a difficult and time-consuming job.


Completing the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil chores in the OSRS Ardougne Diary unlocks various significant gifts for the player. These awards provide access to normally inaccessible things such as the Smoke Devils Mask, Smoke Devils Cape, and a Pet Baby Roc. In addition to these things, players may earn up to 1140 Slayer experience points every assignment.

Furthermore, finishing all of the missions unlocks a variety of permanent boosts that improve stats and give valuable skills for certain Slayer activities. These benefits include a 10% damage advantage while battling dust devils or smoke devils, limitless teleports to Pollnivneach, and a higher chance of receiving rare loot from dust devils or smoke devils. Finally, accomplishing all of the requirements enables players to create their own Smoke Devil goods at a bonfire utilized in the creation of Fire Tiaras from scratch.

Medium OSRS Ardougne Diary

The Medium OSRS Ardougne Diary is a collection of chores that players may perform in the Runescape OSRS world to earn a range of prizes. Completing the journal grants various advantages, including access to Trollheim Teleport, advanced agricultural areas, and Ardougne Cloak 2 and 3.

Completing the medium diary also grants access to new missions and activities.

The medium diary consists of 10 individual assignments ranging in complexity from simple to medium. To begin the journal, players must go to County Hub Admin in East Ardougne’s northern center. The first objective is to complete a lap of the Ardougne Agility Course before consulting with Leon D’Cour at Heroes’ Guild for further information on job two.

Subsequent duties in Runescape include:

  • Slaying monsters
  • Purchasing stuff from certain merchants
  • Effectively trading with other players to boost your Slayer level
  • Gathering items throughout town
  • Gaining reputation with various factions

Completing all 10 objectives unlocks benefits such as limitless teleports to Trollheim, improved farming areas, and the chance to wear Ardougne cloaks 2 and 3.

Item Requirements:

To complete the OSRS Ardougne Diary 2022, players must locate and gather certain artifacts. Food, minerals, and numerous runes are among the items required. Servants are a vital commodity that players will need. Servants are NPCs that players may employ in Ardougne and East Keldagrim to assist them with chores.

To employ a Servant, players must provide either two loaves of bread or two cakes, depending on the sort of Servant desired. After making the offering, the player may speak with the Servant to assign chores. Most Servants, for example, may be instructed to:

  • Plant areas of allotment crops for the player
  • Cut trees for logs

Skill Requirements:

Certain skill criteria must be met in order to finish the Ardougne Diary. Fortunately, the criteria aren’t too demanding, and just a couple of the talents required are over level 20. Thieving is one such ability. The journal requires players to pickpocket a Master Farmer in Ardougne as well as complete The Feud, a miniquest requiring 40 Thieving and 40 Agility.

Obtaining Phials from Ghommal at the market houses in East and West Ardougne is another prerequisite for the diary. Phials must be purchased from him for 10 coins each; he will only give you 3 phials every day, so come prepared. You must have level 15 Constitution and wear mourner attire to get him to speak to you, albeit if you have finished Mourning’s End Part I, you won’t need this.

If Iron Man:

Killing a Chaos Elemental is the quickest method to finish the Ardougne Diary as an Iron Man in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). The Chaos Elemental may be located south of the Wilderness, quite near to Edgeville. Killing one will provide you with all four things required to complete the Ardougne assignments.

This strategy works well for Iron Man players since it involves just one trip and eliminates the need to trade with other players in order to get a golden hammer or axe from the Wise Old Man. With that said, if you’re an Iron Man, this isn’t your only choice. Killing a Kraken in 3B may also offer some of the required equipment while avoiding player trade. In the end, both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it comes down to which monster drops your desired things faster, as well as personal taste.

Quest Requirements:

To access the Sporadic Bosses quest, players must have completed the tasks ‘Biohazard’ and ‘Plague City’, as well as level 20 in both Attack and Strength. To accomplish the quest, players may also need some natural runes and a few air runes.

Players must journey to Al Kharid and defeat the three boss creatures there: King Scorpio, Giant Scarab, and General Graardor. For each kill, players will get 7,500 XP. After defeating the monsters, players will be prompted to speak with Brother Jered in Ardougne for a prize of an Ardougne cloak and access to his teleport portal.


The Mimic assignments are part of the Ardougne calendar for 2022. This collection of assignments is intended for mid-level players who want to finish the Ardougne diary swiftly and effectively. The assignments include seeking particular barrels in East Ardougne for an evil entity that has been impersonating local residents.

Completing the Mimic tasks gives players access to the Seers’ Village bank, which may be used to speed up banking and item purchases. Before commencing, players should evaluate how much time they have to devote to accomplishing these chores, since each mimic might take a few minutes to find and kill. Axes, pickaxes, and tinderboxes are suggested for accomplishing these chores more quickly. Completing all of them will also provide players a teleports crystal, which permits free teleportation to different places in East Ardougne.


Completing the Shot Put Room OSRS in the Ardougne Diaries 2022 is a fantastic experience. Players who finish this activity will be rewarded in a number of ways.

To begin, players will get three Ardougne Teleport Tablets, which will provide them access to all four farms in the city. They will also get 50 noted stamina potions and two noted super restore potions. Completing this mission also grants players 5,000 coins and access to the range Shop, which is situated between the southernmost agricultural patches in Ardougne. Finally, the completionist cape emote is available in all four farms, and the player has access to a woodcutting training area with ten yew trees.

As a result, for those who put in the necessary time and effort, these incentives make it worthwhile.

Hard OSRS Ardougne Diary

One of the diaries accessible in Old School RuneScape is the Hard OSRS Ardougne Diary. It gives its players a range of activities to perform, which earn different prizes that are useful for finishing high-level material. The challenges varied from simple to complex, making it an excellent option for both novice and expert gamers.

To complete the Hard OSRS Ardougne Diary, players must accomplish a number of activities, including:

  • Completing four Slayer challenges inside the Ardougne dungeon
  • Harvesting 12 flax without spinning it into bowstrings

Access to the Elite Karamja Achievement Diary, an Ardougne Cloak 3, and a 20% discount from the Fruit Tree Patch Farmer in Brimhaven are among the benefits for completing this diary. Completing this diary may be quite difficult, but by following these instructions, players should be able to do it fast and effectively.

Item Requirements:

A few particular items are needed for the OSRS Ardougne Quest Guide 2022. To ensure that the guide runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, these must be acquired before starting. The bottom line is that these items must be obtained in order to guarantee a successful journey.

  • Enchanted Barrage Amulet, which can be bought for 10,000 coins at a Magic Shop in Yanille. It is vital to remember that wearing this sort of amulet needs Magic level 70, so make sure you have that skill level before purchasing it.
  • Ardougne Cloak 4, which can be purchased at a Magic Shop in Yanille or obtained by fighting monsters.
  • Two knife blades, increasing the total amount of gold invested to 12,000 coins.
  • In the Stronghold of Security, players must collect two objects dropped by creatures: a steel key and an evil symbol. Both of these are rather easy to get and should not take too long to locate.

With all of these goods in hand, gamers are ready to begin the journal.

Skill Requirements:

Completing the Ardougne Diary in 2022 will need a number of abilities. To accomplish the easy, medium, and hard missions, players must have at least level 10 Ranged and 25 Attack.

Players must have 40 Prayer and 50 Magic to perform top tasks.

Those attempting to finish the diary should be advised that certain chores require gathering uncommon materials from creatures or locales across Ardougne. This entails obtaining a Cyclops’ eye from the Cyclopes found in the subterranean caverns of East Ardougne. Players must battle them at least once in order to acquire their drop, so make sure you’re ready for a fight before attempting to take on these creatures.

Quest Requirements:

The Avernic Defender is a weapon that must be obtained in order for players to finish the OSRS Ardougne Diary[2022] mission. To get the Avernic Defender, players must first finish the Plague City mission, which is the first in a series of tasks set in East Ardougne.

Players must next go to the Demonic Ruins in Edgeville and defeat one of Tarn Razour’s henchmen, a level-112 demon known as a Gargoyle. When you kill one of these beasts, you will get an Avernic Defender hilt. The player may then manufacture it into its entire form on an anvil with at least 60 smithing and Runite bars; which needs 55 smithing and crafting.

Finally, for 35 Magic experience points each cast, it may be enchanted using Enchant Level-6 Jewellery.


To accomplish the Ardougne Diary’s Avernic Defenders assignments, you must employ the protection prayer to suffer some damage. This may be accomplished in two ways: by equipping fully charged avernic defenders or by praying against other players when equipped with an Avernic defender.

The basic defense level of the Avernic defender is 25, with a strength bonus of +2. When worn, it also provides an extra 5 prayer points, making it ideal for tanking. It costs 2000 coins to use when fully charged and has a defense level of 75 with a strength boost of +6. To charge them for free, you must acquire 10 immaculate memory pieces from Kree’arra in the God Wars Dungeon – this may be done alone or in groups. It is advised that you do this in groups since the drops will be faster and will cost less coins overall.


Completing the Ardougne Achievement Diary will provide players a slew of benefits. Those who finish the Easy and Hard missions will obtain an Ardougne cloak 1-3 levels, which allows them to teleport about the city. An Antique lamp, which provides tiny amounts of experience, and an Ardougne Cape, which provides additional experience in specific talents, are two further gifts.

Players may also obtain a Redberry Pie, Worms Batta, and a piece of enchanted notepaper, which allows them to keep notes or lists up to 10 pages long. Completing all simple chores also grants players access to two bank vaults situated in east or west Ardougne, while completing medium tasks grants them limitless teleports using their cloak 2 or above. Finally, completing hard mode grants players entrance to the Kourend Catacombs, with extra prizes distributed over its 12 levels, while completing elite missions grants access to Kraken Cove, where they may battle level 252 monsters for rich treasure.

Elite OSRS Ardougne Diary

The Elite OSRS Ardougne Diary is a collection of chores in the Old School RuneScape game that must be performed in order to get access to specific features and prizes.

To complete the Elite Ardougne Diary, players must have level 90 in all four essential abilities, as well as level 61 in Fishing, Herblore, and Thieving.

Access to numerous stores and activities in Ardougne, a range increase of +8 when using the Lunar Spellbook, a 10% chance of making an additional herb while cleaning herbs, and more are among the benefits.

The Elite OSRS Ardougne Diary is one of the most difficult excursions in Old School RuneScape, yet it is possible to accomplish and will be worthwhile at the end.

Item Requirements:

To access the Farming Guild in OSRS Ardougne Diary, you must first fulfill several item criteria.

  • First, a pair of Lightness Boots are necessary. This may be obtained by pickpocketing Master Farmers or by purchasing it from the Grand Exchange.
  • Second, you’ll need an Amulet of Nature to use Fairy Ring code CIR to teleport straight to the farming guild. At level 81 Crafting, the Amulet of Nature may be produced using a gold bar and an emerald amulet mould.
  • Third, it is advised that you carry a mithril grapple and rope to scale the walls surrounding the agricultural guild area rather than walking all the way around.
  • Furthermore, having a variety of seeds in your inventory, such as onion seeds and potato cactus seeds, might save you time when initially joining the farming guild.

Skill Requirements:

Old School’s Farming Guild RuneScape OSRS is a popular meeting place for people who want to study and perfect the farming skill. Players must be level 40 in farming to join the group. OSRS players must also have finished an Ardougne Diary mission, such as the Medium Diaries from Lunar Diplomacy or Fairy Tale Part II – Cure a Queen.

After paying the price and acquiring a gate key from Farmers’ Market Manager Andwele, you will be allowed to join the Farming Guild after you have satisfied all of the skill criteria. Inside are a variety of tools to assist you develop your farming talents, including:

  • Patches and allotments where players may grow herbs, flowers, fruit trees, and hops.
  • Shops where players may buy agricultural implements.
  • Banks where they can keep their products before and after putting them in their bank’s inventory.
  • A section devoted to training tournaments, where competent farmers may compete against one another and receive awards.

Quest Requirements:

Players must have a few unique items in order to accomplish the Lizardman Shaman quest in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). The Monkey Greegree is the main prerequisite, and it can be gotten by conversing with Pikkupstix in Taverley, who will give it to the player if they have finished either Witch’s House or Grim Tales.

Players must also have at least level 60 Combat and have completed Monkey Madness I. Players may also find it beneficial to have 67 Thieving and some food for fight defense.

After meeting all of these conditions, players may begin the quest by going to Ardougne and speaking with Waterview’s Oracle. He will assign them many tasks that must be fulfilled in order to advance in the mission. After completing all objectives, players must battle four Lizardman Shamans and return their pieces of bone pipe to Waterview’s Oracle for a prize of 5,000 gold and one Antique Lamp that grants an XP bonus when rubbed.


The Ardougne Diary Tasks area in OSRS Old School RuneScape is a simple diary to complete. Train Firemaking is one of the tasks in this journal. To train in firemaking, you must ignite a set amount of logs using a certain sort of tinderbox. Any player with Level 30+ Firemaking may finish this challenge.

The primary goal of Firemaking training is to improve the player’s ability level in this particular talent while also obtaining prizes such as money and experience points. Players receive experience points and eventually level up as they light more logs, enabling them to access quicker ways of lighting logs or even sophisticated varieties of wood that yield more experience points per log burnt. It’s also a good method to gain money, since burning logs rewards you with coins every time you fire one.

Overall, Firemaking training is necessary for any player seeking speedier ways for lighting logs or more rewarding experiences while lighting them. It may be an effective and gratifying strategy for raising overall skill level in OSRS and perhaps earning extra prizes from burning the various kinds of wood accessible inside the game with regular practice and devotion.


The benefits for completing the chores of the OSRS Ardougne Diary’s Advanced tier are both physical and intangible.

Physical incentives include:

  • Unlocking eight special stores in the Ardougne marketplace
  • Two pieces of diamond jewelry
  • An amulet of power
  • An enchanted ring of life
  • 50 notable garlic
  • 100 bolts from the Archery store
  • Law Runes available at a reduced price from Wizard Cromperty’s store in East Ardougne

Intangible incentives for performing these chores include:

  • Getting crucial skilling experience across all talents
  • Access to extra farming areas
  • An increased probability of obtaining higher level treasure from particular Kandarin creatures

The completion prize is a one-of-a-kind cosmetic override: Arcane Stream necklaces, which can only be utilized as an item override when wearing Elite Clue scrolls.


This OSRS Ardougne Diary Guide includes a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to address typical questions that players may have when attempting to finish the diary. This section will address issues such as what prizes are available, how tough it is, and what shortcuts are accessible. It also includes useful tips and tactics for doing things fast and effectively while still reaping the most benefits. The FAQ will assist gamers in making an educated choice on whether or not to pursue the diaries.

This guide is intended for individuals who want to finish the diary as quickly as possible and maximize their rewards; nevertheless, experienced players should take any advise with a grain of salt since some of the strategies listed here may already be known to them.

Question: What Are The Best Rewards From The Ardougne Diary?

The Ardougne Diary is a collection of medium-level chores to do in Ardougne. Completing these tasks will grant players various benefits, such as increased farming experience from certain trees and patches throughout the city, monster experience, an increase in prayer points when using the altar at the nearby monastery, and access to a magical chest that grants guaranteed rare drops and summoning charms.

Completing all of the missions will also give players access to Skeletal Mystic Outfit parts.

Some of the finest prizes for finishing the Ardougne journal are the Spiritual Boots and Robes. The boots provide +8 in Prayer bonus, which stacks with the other parts in this outfit. The robes provide an enormous +20 increase to Defense that no other item of armor can provide. Collecting these components would benefit players aiming for the best defensive benefits. While all four costume pieces are obtained, players may use a free Orb Shield, which offers a +6 increase to Magic Defence when worn. Players who get this gear will benefit greatly when exploring in RuneScape’s perilous environments.

Question: What Are The Most Difficult Requirements?

Completing the Elite desert diary, producing 50 or more Nature Runes, having level 56 Farming, and having level 76 Magic are the most challenging prerequisites for the Ardougne Diary in Old School RuneScape (OSRS).

You must perform a number of missions in the Kharidian desert to complete the Elite Desert Diary. Nature Runes are time-consuming to create, but they are still doable with patience and persistence. Level 56 Farming and Level 76 Magic both need a great deal of expert grinding to achieve.

Other prerequisites include:

  • Finishing all of the Ardougne diary’s Hard chores.
  • Stealing from Master Farmers in Draynor’s market.
  • Cultivating Mort Myré Fungus.

Completing these activities will help you become a Farming master in OSRS.

Question: How Difficult Are The Ardougne Diary Tasks?

The complexity of the chores in the Ardougne Diary for Old School Runescape (OSRS) might vary according on your current level. Most of the assignments for Levels 1-20 players will need fight with low-level enemies such as chickens. Levels over 20 will face far more challenging challenges, such as fighting off more strong foes such as Zombies and Giant Spiders.

Many diary missions, in addition to battle difficulties, demand collecting goods from around Ardougne or indulging in other activities such as skilling or solving riddles. These may vary in complexity from simple to moderate, depending on your current skill level and knowledge with OSRS concepts and gameplay.

Finally, completing these journal duties needs patience and commitment, but they are doable if you put out the effort:

  • Fight low-level enemies such as chickens (Levels 1-20)
  • Fight strong foes such as Zombies and Giant Spiders (Levels over 20)
  • Collect goods from around Ardougne
  • Indulge in other activities such as skilling or solving riddles


This OSRS Ardougne Diary Guide2022 contains information on the quickest approaches to accomplish the Ardougne milestones. This guide is broken into four sections: simple, medium, difficult, and elite.

  • Simple: Crossing the river with a log and finishing any of the four simple hint scrolls buried in Ardougne.
  • Medium: Gathering 15 Half Key Pieces from the Stealing Creation minigame, slaying a black demon for its drop, and finishing 4 medium clue scrolls in Ardougne.
  • Difficult: Picking grapes from a vine at Gulluck’s home, catching Western Rock Lobsters south of Yanille bank, and discovering 5 hard clues in Ardougne.
  • Elite: Totally finish any elite clue scroll available everywhere in RuneScape.

By reading this guide, players will get valuable information on how to finish all Ardouhgne diary achievements quickly and effectively, giving them more time to explore the rest of RuneScape’s content.

OSRS Ardougne Diary Guide [2022]: The Fastest Way To Complete It