This guide provides all the information you need to complete every task in the Falador Diary, including how to get there, what you need, and any tips and tricks!

Bottom Line Up Front

The Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) of completing a Falador Diary in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is that it grants players access to extra XP for Combat and Slayer, bonus money, and the opportunity to utilize the Falador teleport. The Falador Diary is one of the most difficult diaries in the game, requiring the player’s perseverance to finish all objectives.

To continue through each tier of the journal, players must accomplish a variety of missions, puzzles, minigames, and assignments. Each job has a set of conditions that must be met before it can be ticked off the list. The upper stages include significantly more challenging activities, but they are well worth the effort since they give a wider selection of prizes:

  • Extra XP for Combat and Slayer
  • Bonus money
  • Opportunity to utilize the Falador teleport

Should I Complete The Falador Diary Tasks in Old School RuneScape?

The Falador Diary assignments are a collection of optional activities available in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Completing all of the Falador journal activities, which range from basic to challenging and demand varying amounts of time and effort, rewards players with rare cosmetic items, access to new destinations, and even the ability to teleport straight between specific locales.

The rewards for completing the Falador journal activities might be valuable for certain players and should be considered before determining whether or not to begin working on them. Access to strong things such as a Bandos godsword, new Monster drops such as jewels, teleportation access to certain locales such as Doric’s residence, and even an unique emote that employs an animation not accessible anywhere else are some of the primary bonuses. It is ultimately up to each player to choose if these benefits are worth the work necessary.

Useful Items While Completing The Falador Diary

One of the most gratifying missions in Old School RuneScape is completing the Falador journal. This guide will provide a list of important objects to bring with you when completing the Falador diary, as well as success tips and methods.

The first thing you must have is a pair of Boots of Lightness. These boots will reduce your weight by 10kg, which will come in handy when attempting to fit into tiny spaces or leap vast distances. A Trollheim teleport tab is also suggested for those doing the elite diary activities, since it offers fast access to one of the essential places. Having an additional source of food, such as tuna potatoes or Saradomin drinks, may also help you maintain energy during your quest. Finally, an Amulet of Glory and a Ring of Dueling are recommended things to bring with you when doing the Falador journal task.

You will have a successful and satisfying experience if you bring these things with you.

Falador Diary Task Tips Before Starting

If you want to finish the Falador Diary in Old School RuneScape OSRS, here are a few pointers to keep in mind before you begin.

  • Before tackling any of the medium or difficult activities, ensure that you have finished all of the simple chores in the logbook. This is an important step since it may help you save both time and money.
  • Additionally, if you need to go around Falador for whatever reason, carry a Falador Teleport with you so you don’t spend time running around and back. When worn while performing journal activities, the Falador shield provides an additional 10% protection increase.
  • Finally, if certain ardougne diary tasks seem to be too tough or costly for you to perform, don’t panic; there are alternatives. Many gamers choose to purchase equipment or supplies in-game from other players or from the Grand Exchange.internet merchants.

How To Do The Falador Diary Tasks In OSRS

The Falador Diary is a collection of chores that OSRS players may perform to receive prizes while exploring Falador and its environs. The challenges vary in difficulty and reward based on how far the player has gone in the journal. Killing creatures, chopping trees, gathering things, and even solving riddles are among the jobs available.

One mission, for example, asks players to gather five pieces of silver ore from the Mining Guild. Another job calls for them to assassinate a black knight-captain near Taverley Dungeon. Before they may finish this journal, players must also uncover a set amount of haunting minesweeps south of Falador.

Completing all of the activities in the Falador Diary grants players access to certain shops, unique equipment, and other rewards in Falador and its surroundings. This OSRS guide includes extensive instructions on how to meet the skill requirements for each assignment quickly and easily., allowing players to optimize their time in-game and reap the most benefits for their efforts.


The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) portion of an OSRS guide to finishing the Falador Diary addresses some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the mission. This section contains a plethora of useful information for players, such as basic tips and tactics for finishing the quest, what materials users need to complete the journal, how long it takes, and how many awards may be expected.

This FAQ offers connections to additional useful resources, such as a complete tutorial and more extensive guidelines for more expert players, in addition to offering easy answers to these queries. Finally, by visiting this dedicated FAQ page, players may ensure that they have all of the knowledge they need to properly finish the Falador Diary.


In Old School RuneScape, the Falador Diary is a collection of chores that players must perform in order to gain different prizes. You’ll be doing activities all throughout Falador and its surroundings, including the Tree Gnome Village, Castle Wars, and the Warriors’ Guild.

The journal is divided into six levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, Master, and Quest Cape, each with its own difficulty level. Players will earn numerous awards upon completion of all levels, including unique goodies specific to each tier. Completing the journal also grants players access to additional activities scattered across Falador and its environs, such as the Cave Kraken boss encounter near Rellekka and the Karamja Volcano Underwater Agility course.

Players may also use the in-game Task Trackers to monitor their progress through these tasks.

Falador Diary OSRS Guide

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