Looking to get ahead in Construction training in OSRS? Check out our guide on the best house upgrades to help you get to the top!

Benefits of Construction

Construction is an Old School Runescape OSRS talent that enables players to construct, demolish, and improve their own home. Players may personalize their home to their own requirements by employing the correct materials and procedures. This provides a number of benefits, including the opportunity to practice the Construction talent without leaving the home or finding another site.

Construction allows players to create furniture out of a range of materials such as mahogany and marble. Varying styles of furniture need different degrees of skill to create. Other methods to get XP via Construction include constructing more walls and floors to allow for more furniture in your house.

Players may also construct portals that lead to destinations such as Port Sarim or Prifddinas, allowing for quick travel between areas without the need of Magic or Teleport runes. Both portals also make it simple to trade products with other individuals without needing to meet them in person. Finally, enhanced homes offer a higher boost when utilizing spells such as Bones To Bananas and Superheat Item, both of which need a change in the player’s home. When cast at an improved alter, these spells will utilize less runestones than when performed at an unupgraded alter.

Unlocking Construction

In OSRS, Construction is an elite talent that may help players unlock a variety of new content and prizes. Players must have a total level of at least 65 to access Construction. They may begin training the talent after it is unlocked by creating higher-level constructions in their homes. Building levels vary depending on the building, ranging from simple Oak Doors to high-end Mahogany Kitchen Tables. Construction is also required for several missions, as well as perks like as the House Tab and access to House Parties with friends.

Players may increase their Construction talents by utilizing:

  • Experience lamps
  • Extra XP weekends
  • Awards, which all offer bonus Construction experience points.

It’s also worth noting that certain objects need unusual resources to be produced, such as Bone Shards or White Bricks. Players may utilize Construction to unlock a variety of content and prizes associated to the skill with patience and effort.

Important Resources

Construction instruction in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) requires the proper materials. To build furniture, the greatest home modifications in OSRS need specialized materials such as limestone bricks, planks, and nails. It’s critical to use the appropriate resources before you begin training to ensure you have enough of these materials before you start creating.

The Grand Exchange clerks in Varrock and Edgeville are an excellent resource. They provide a vast range of materials for players to use in the construction of furniture. When acquiring stuff from them, they also offer lesser pricing than other gamers. Other excellent resources are woodcutting guilds, sawmill shops, and specialized internet companies such as Tipit, which provide big amounts of a variety of materials at reasonable costs. Finally, players should ensure that they have enough cash on hand to purchase the essential materials as well as to fix any items that may break during construction training.


Planks are an important component of any home improvement in Old School RuneScape. This Construction Training Guide describes the many sorts of wood planks and where to get them.

Planks may be obtained by chopping down trees with a saw, trading with other players, or purchasing them from the Sawmill operator north of Varrock. Planks of many varieties may be crafted by players, including ordinary planks, oak planks, teak planks, mahogany planks, and even thermonuclear smoke devil planks, which need level 80 Construction to utilize. Each kind of plank demands a different amount of logs to be chopped and a different skill level to construct. Thermonuclear smoke devil planks are the most precious owing to their expensive cost, but they also provide the finest experience rates while making furniture in your home, requiring level 88 Construction.


Nails are a sort of construction material that is used to strengthen wooden constructions. They may be purchased from the Sawmill Operator, who will give players 500 nails for every ten logs they bring him. To create nails, players must utilize a Steel Bar in conjunction with a Hammer on an Anvil. Furthermore, when slain, Cave Crawlers drop nails as prize.

Nails are often utilized for intermediate and advanced construction instruction since they give more experience than planks and soft clay.


Traditional Crafting One of the most sought-after abilities in RuneScape OSRS is leatherwork and gemcutting, which entails crafting different products out of raw materials. Crafting may be a profitable talent if you put in the effort, and it can help players generate money in the game. Crafting levels may be raised through chiseling various ores, making jewelry, and concocting potions. To undertake these tasks profitably, players must have at least level 25 in their Crafting skill.

Crafting-related tasks also include:

  • Making furniture
  • Adding cosmetic elements to player-owned homes (POH)
  • Converting ordinary logs into planks
  • Spinning flax or wool into bowstrings
  • Tanning cowhides into leather components

In OSRS, there are several methods for people to benefit from various crafting activities for personal gain.

What Are Servants?

Construction instruction in Old School RuneScape OSRS has Servants. They provide a simple solution for gamers to enhance the amount of home improvements they may have while also making job management simpler. Servants come in a range of shapes and sizes, from our traditional butler, ‘Tim,’ and his dependable cleaning companion, ‘Betty,’ to the most recent kitchen helper.

When building their home, players may hire a servant to help them with responsibilities like filling the pantry, cleaning up after visitors, and organizing furniture storage. The sort of servant picked will be determined by the intended purpose;. When designing a ‘entertainment room,’ for example, it is advisable to hire a servant who specializes in keeping people engaged. Players may also want a certain appearance. Some servants may also be customized in a variety of ways.

Players may make their house more productive by utilizing servants, making fewer travels back and forth from home base to do duties or store stuff. Servants also give up time for other tasks like as skill training or exploring Gielinor.

Who is Phials?

Phials is a significant NPC (Non-Player Character) in Old School RuneScape, often known as OSRS. He is a talented construction worker with extensive knowledge of the trade and the supplies necessary for different home improvements. He may be located directly north of the bank in Draynor Village Market.

Phials’ primary duty is to provide players with access to the Construction Training Guide and to assist them in improving their homes by upgrading them to higher levels. When players speak with him, he will provide them a Construction Training Guide book, which includes the plan for each improvement, its material cost, and advise on how to effectively utilize those resources.

To utilize these books and guidance, players must build their house improvements in the designated area of their home. This guide walks gamers through each improvement step by step, providing them all the knowledge they need to make their home seem more beautiful while also being more efficient.


The Old School RuneScape Construction Skill requires training. The practice of constructing and renovating homes offers significant money-making chances. To obtain home improvements, you must first gain level 5 in Construction before purchasing a house. There are many approaches for training construction, some of which are less expensive than others. In this article, we’ll look at how to pick the greatest home improvements for rapidly and cheaply collecting Construction XP.

From selecting the most efficient building materials to getting the most bang for your buck from furniture improvements, we’ll cover it everything so you can start honing your construction skills quickly and effectively. We’ll also discuss techniques to training all levels of construction workers, from beginner to expert, as well as the sequence in which you should update your home for optimal efficiency. Finally, we’ll discuss how to generate money while training in construction, so you may benefit while learning this new talent.

Important House Upgrades

Important House Upgrades is an important part of OSRS Construction instruction. Upgrading your home in-game gives you access to a variety of bonuses such as more agricultural patches, more rooms for skill activities, extra teleportation choices, and improved storage space.

When determining which improvements to make, two major considerations must be considered: the cost of the update and the advantage it delivers. A few critical home renovations are deemed necessary and will give significant value nearly immediately upon completion. This includes the addition of a church, Menagerie, formal garden, fighting room, and dungeon.

Adding these features will significantly boost your in-game strength, and some will even give you with strong things that you may use as long as you own your home. You may vastly enhance your gaming experience by installing the appropriate housing improvements:

  • Church
  • Menagerie
  • Formal Garden
  • Fighting Room
  • Dungeon

Prayer Altar

In the game Old School Runescape, the Prayer Altar is a piece of required equipment used in Construction training. This altar may be used to recover Prayer Points and is one of the most cost-effective ways to do so.

The cost of constructing the altar varies based on the kind selected, however it normally ranges from about 10k coins for a basic altar to around 45k for an improved version. In addition, to create a prayer altar, players must have at least level 50 in Prayer and may opt to utilize Space meals or Inventor’s tools. An enhanced altar will also demand more construction resources than a basic altar, thus players must manage their budget appropriately.


The pool is one of the primary enhancements accessible at levels 54-63 of Construction training in the Old School RuneScape game. The pool will cost 250K coins to construct and update, but it will yield a good amount of additional experience while doing so. It also improves the aesthetics of your home.

You may even replenish your pool using Battlestaves obtained from other players via the Grand Exchange. Once filled, these Battlestaves may be used to finish various furniture or goods such as beds, chairs, tables, and more. To finish these things, you must combine two battlestaves for each item. This strategy is not only useful for honing your Construction ability, but it also allows you to save cash by not having to purchase furniture from other players or the Grand Exchange.

Spellbook Altar

The Spellbook Altar is a construction enhancement that players in Old School RuneScape may add to their home. It takes level 63 Construction and 99 Dragon Dhide Bodies to build. The Spellbook Altar allows players to update their Magic spellbook with less runes than the standard way.

To replace your spellbook, you must first construct an altar and carry the relevant runes with you. There are three sorts of altars that may be built: Normal Spellbook, Ancient Spellbook, and Lunar Spellbook, each of which requires various runes and degrees of construction but grants you access to powerful spells in exchange.

You may use the altar to modify your current spell book as well as perform certain special spells from your Normal or Ancient magic books after it is completed. You must be at least level 94 in Magic to do this.

Portal Nexus and Portal Chamber

In Old School RuneScape, the Portal Nexus and Portal Chamber are two of the finest home improvements. The Portal Nexus is an essential improvement since it provides simple access to different locations throughout the game, such as The Grand Exchange and various Slayer creatures.

The Portal Chamber provides you with up to four portals that you may use to transport to different places of your choosing. They save time and allow you to move rapidly across various places in Runescape. The main disadvantage is that they are costly additions, but they will be worthwhile if you want to utilize your home to its maximum capacity.

Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes are an excellent method to level up your OSRS Construction Training. There are two kinds of jewelry boxes: simple and ornate. Plain jewelry boxes offer you one experience point each box, whereas extravagant jewelry boxes give you ten. Fancy jewelry boxes are normally more costly, but for some, the increased XP return may be worth the additional cost.

When creating with jewelry boxes, keep your jewels in the box’s closeable inventory to save time when switching tasks. Jewelry Boxes may also be utilized as part of a series of runs along a route, such that each run is reasonably inexpensive while delivering a good amount of experience per hour.


The OSRS Construction Training Guide for 2022 has some fantastic recommendations and guidance on how to maximize your House Upgrades. Some important pointers include appropriate item organization, preparing forward by developing expandable improvements, and investing in the suitable materials.

Organizing goods in your home is essential for completing construction work swiftly and effectively. Additionally, it is critical to prepare ahead of time while building your home by making improvements that may be readily extended further. This enables you to utilise all available space without feeling constrained when an update is done.

Finally, when it comes to home improvement, investing in the correct materials is critical. This includes:

  • Ensuring that you have adequate resources for whatever job you are doing
  • Buying quality materials that will endure a long time despite weather and/or age wear and tear.

Following these guidelines should make home improvement simple and stress-free.


FAQ is an abbreviation for Frequently Asked Questions. This header indicates that the page will address some of the most frequently asked questions regarding a certain subject. In this example, the website will provide solutions to inquiries about home renovations in Old School Runescape in 2022.

This might contain information about the materials required, construction alternatives and prices, the time required to complete specific improvements, tips and tricks for effective upgrading, and so on. As this is a 2022 Construction Training Guide, players can expect to see information about new upgrades or modifications that have been made during previous years, so they can stay up to speed on any new changes that are created or implemented.

Question: How much does it cost to get level 99 Construction in OSRS?

Obtaining level 99 Construction in OSRS is a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly procedure. To reach this level, players must construct numerous objects such as furniture, tables, benches, and more during their adventure.

The Avernic Defender is a popular equipment in OSRS for high-level Construction training. It takes level 91 Construction and costs one million gp to build.

  • 1 Dragon Defender,
  • 8 Avernic Defender hilts 1.5M gp,
  • 4 sets of Avernic Defender plates 800K gp,
  • and 500 Dragon nails 50K gp

are included in the price.

The Avernic Defender is the most costly equipment in the game, costing almost 3 million gp when all materials are included. Building it grants players 250k xp in the Construction skill, making it one of the finest methods to power train Construction quickly. When outfitted with Magic Armour spells or prospective future defensive weaponry, the Avernic Defender possesses stats that match the Dragon Defender, offering players an advantage in battle situations.

Question: Is Construction available to Free Play players in Runescape?

Construction is accessible to Runescape Free Play users. While the overall level requirements for each Construction improvement differ, most upgrades may be accomplished with a low level. To create an oak bench, you’ll need level 40 Construction and level 45 Construction, both of which are achievable with free play characters. Before commencing any construction project, double-check the prerequisites for each update.

Furthermore, several of the higher-level Construction enhancements, such as Mahogany Tables and Trapdoors, need skill-specific missions that are only accessible to Runescape members.

Question: How do Free to Play players get regular planks for Dragon Slayer?

One of the easiest methods for Free to Play players to gain regular planks for Dragon Slayer is to complete an activity known as Raids. A raid consists of up to twelve people taking on a formidable enemy monster like the Giant Mole or Zulrah. Regular planks are among the prizes from these bosses, which many players utilize to boost their Construction level in Old School Runescape.

In addition, you will obtain cash and different objects that may be sold for a profit and used to purchase additional planks. Raids are a fantastic method to earn normal planks for individuals wishing to obtain Construction experience rapidly. However, before undertaking a raid, players must verify they have the necessary equipment and expertise. Raids may be very deadly.

Question: How much does it cost to get level 99 Construction in OSRS?

Players in the online game Old School RuneScape (OSRS) may level 99 in the Construction skill by constructing different constructions in their Player Owned House (POH). It requires money to enhance your Player Owned House, and the amount you must pay is determined on the sort of upgrade you choose.

If you utilize the Chambers of Xeric or Theatre of Blood rewards, level 99 Construction in OSRS will cost roughly 3.2 million coins. However, frequent high-end furniture updates such as pricey lights, beddings, and so on might cost up to 5 million coins. Xeric’s Talisman Rewards and Demonic Gorilla Rewards are the most cost-effective upgrades, since they provide guaranteed level increases with each item bought.

Finally, it is up to each individual player to choose the sort of training approach they want to utilize depending on their budget.


This article takes an in-depth look into Construction training in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). It includes the finest housing improvements, levels, and other features. Level 57 staffs, level 77 forests, level 91 ores, and level 99 windows are the greatest home improvements for Construction. Having at least one of each of these goods on hand will allow players to save time while training Construction in OSRS.

Furthermore, the most effective approach to teach Construction is to go to a general shop and buy the materials required to make furniture or a room. Finally, when training construction in OSRS, players should keep a look out for any XP boosters and specialities to optimize their experience acquired every hour.


Research is a crucial component of the Farming Guild, since it is a tool that may help you gain new levels quicker. Farming Guild research will need you to identify numerous plants, trees, and crops from throughout the globe. Then, in order to boost your farming level, you must gather these products from their respective sources.

For instance, if you are studying a certain sort of tree, you must get it from surrounding trees in order to acquire experience with that type of tree. Furthermore, certain research activities include the usage of items like watering cans and rakes, which can be purchased or discovered about the guild. Players may fast enhance their farming level and greatly improve their housing improvements by performing research activities inside the guild.

OSRS Construction Training Guide [2022]: Best House Upgrades