This guide will teach you everything you need to know about using the Dragon Defender in Old School RuneScape. You’ll learn how to get this powerful dagger, what it’s good for, and how to use it to your advantage in combat.

What Is The Dragon Defender?

In Old School RuneScape, the Dragon Defender is a powerful two-handed combat weapon. It is one of the most powerful defensive daggers in the game, providing up to a 16 Defense increase when worn. The Dragon Defender is gained by finishing the quest “Dragon Slayer II,” which takes a total of 108 quest points from the start of RuneScape. Players must first acquire the ability to use this weapon, since it needs level 60 Attack and level 60 Defense to equip.

Once achieved, players will be able to benefit from its passive perk, which grants an additional defense boost when donned with any other armor set linked to defensive metrics. It is notably effective for tanking bosses, as strong defense and damage are critical to victory. The Dragon Defender also possesses a “Resonance” special strike that does massive amounts of crush damage while draining foes’ prayers at the same time. Finally, because of its strong stab defense boost and potential to force enemies back a tile when they hit you, this weapon is great for PvP.

How To Get The Dragon Defender

The Dragon Defender is a crucial defensive dagger found in Jagex’s Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Because of its unique and incredibly strong stats, it is one of the rarest and most sought-after weapons in OSRS: It has a +10 damage boost against dragons, as well as a +2 benefit to Melee and Magic Strength.

The Dragon Defender may be gained through a variety of sources, the most common of which are elite clue scrolls. These may be gained by completing player-created activities like Treasure Trails or by purchasing them from other players. It may also be obtained from some bosses, including Giant Mole, Kalphite Queen, and Lizardman Shaman. The Dragon Defender often comes with a set of attributes that varies depending on who dropped the item; for example, the greater your fighting level, the better the numbers you may obtain on your drop item. Finally, it may be acquired from NPCs such as Reldo in Varrock Library or Diango in Draynor Village.


Minigames in Dragon Defender, the original Old School RuneScape game, are a wonderful method to enhance your defensive abilities. Minigames demand rapid response time and deliberate decision-making to win. Minigames are a terrific method to enhance your experience and prizes in games like Castle Wars and Capture the Flag.

The following minigames are available in Dragon Defender OSRS:

  • Castle Wars – Players must first locate a castle for their side before attempting to take ownership of it. The team who occupies the castle at the conclusion of the game wins; but even if a player’s team loses, they get experience for playing the game.
  • Capture The Flag – Teams must collect flags from enemy castles and return them securely within a time restriction.
  • Mazes – Players must maneuver their way around obstacles while battling off opponents that attempt to stop them from going through each level of the labyrinth.
  • Duel Arena – Competitive bouts between two players in which they must utilize their brains and defensive talents to defeat one other.

Dummy Room

The Dummy Room is an important section of the 2022 Dragon Defender OSRS Guide. It is a defensive dagger guide that will assist players in using the Dragon Dagger’s defensive benefits while defending the castle. This article will teach players how to set up and operate a mock room.

A dummy chamber is an unique room, generally built on the castle’s lowest floor, where players may practice their defensive dagger tactics. The goal of making a mock chamber is to allow players to practice their defensive methods against virtual adversaries without spending money on pricey copies of foes. To do this, gamers must stock their dummy rooms with training dummies that resemble genuine monsters but do not attack or absorb damage from weapons used against them. In addition, players must supply the mock chamber with potions and other consumables for self-healing during practice sessions.

Players may get significant experience defending against waves of real-life monsters during castle defense activities on OSRS servers play-wide over numerous worlds at once by setting up and utilising this kind of scenario.

Catapult Room

The fourth chamber in the Dragon Defender OSRS Guide is the Catapult Room. It is divided into four alcoves, each with a catapult and a pane of glass. The purpose is to defend against dragons using catapults.

To finish this chamber, you must position your catapults in such a manner that a dragon cannot breach your defenses. This is accomplished by prayer flicking two ordinary daggers and two off-hand daggers or a special fire-breath weapon. To keep an oncoming dragon from breaching your defenses, you must hurl either standard or off-hand daggers at its route.

To be effective in the Catapult Room, you must have excellent coordination and timing since you will have restricted movement while defending against numerous dragons at once. Additionally, ensure that your catapults are well stocked so that they can perform their functions as required.

Shot Put Room

In Old School RuneScape, the Shot Put Chamber is a must-have room for Dragon Defenders. When defending against dragons, employing the shot put space will help you swiftly make up the difference.

The shot put room is a tiny chamber near Vespine’s base, right adjacent to a dragon site. It includes two tele-tables that may be left-clicked to send dragon bones across the area, making it simpler for your colleagues to harvest them without having to approach dragons too near. There are also other treasures scattered throughout the region, as well as a portal that enables for speedy teleportation out of perilous circumstances.

The shot put chamber may be utilized strategically to offer your squad an edge and save time during dragon engagements. Some of the advantages include:

  • Send dragon bones across the area.
  • Other treasures scattered throughout the region.
  • Portal that enables for speedy teleportation out of perilous circumstances.

Jimmys Challenge

Jimmy’s Challenge is an Old School Runescape minigame in which players must pass a series of ten tasks with just one weapon: the Dragon Defender. Players must utilize any object or ability at their disposal to defend themselves while completing the tasks. Completing each of the 10 tasks unlocks more goodies and progress towards the big conclusion, named “The King of Jimmy’s Challenge“. It is regarded as one of the most challenging minigames in Old School RuneScape, owing to its unique blend of puzzle-solving, fighting, and strategy.

During each challenge in Jimmy’s Challenge, players must confront monsters of increasing complexity and devise inventive methods to utilize their limited resources and talents, including special attacks use, while protecting themselves from injury. Completing all ten tasks awards players with The King Of Jimmy’s Challenge trophy., Dragon Points that can be redeemed for exceptional benefits such as rare goods, and access to exclusive game content.

Warriors Guild Top Floor Acquiring The Rune Defender

Acquiring the Rune Defender in Old School RuneScape OSRS is a difficult yet rewarding feat. To receive the sought-after weapon, players must first visit the Warriors’ Guild in Burthorpe. The entrance to the Cyclops chamber, where players may display their power and bravery by battling monsters, is located on the top level of said guild.

Once inside, players must make a full loop around the area to obtain all five valuable tokens known as Defenders medals. After collecting these medals, players must return to Burthorpe to gamble for an extra six tokens known as Defenders Scrolls before purchasing their fully charged Rune Defender from a shopkeeper. It takes a tremendous lot of labor, but once obtained and outfitted, it may provide incredible delight.

Cyclops Combat Stats:

Cyclops Combat Stats are critical while picking which defensive dagger to utilize in the critically acclaimed 2022 Dragon Defenders OSRS game. Cyclops is a formidable foe that many players will face while playing the game. It is critical to understand the Cyclops’ Combat Stats in order to succeed against this foe. These numbers include its Attack, Defense, Hitpoints, and Magic Resistance level.

A Cyclops’ Attack rating With a very high Attack rating, the steel dragon requirements gear The summoning familiars use of Cyclops is its most deadly statistic, since it determines the amount of damage it can inflict with a single strike from one of its weapons. It should be noted, however, that Cyclops also has a rather low Defense rating. owing to its massive size, rendering it susceptible to strikes from smaller opponents. Its Hitpoints and Magic Resistance level, on the other hand, are both very high; making it extremely difficult for even the most powerful mages and warriors to beat a single Cyclops’ sheer strength.

Knowing these battle numbers will aid players in tactically countering this tough opponent in instances when physical conflict cannot be avoided.

Killing The Cyclops

Killing the Cyclops in Old School Runescape OSRS is a difficult feat. This 2022 Dragon Defender OSRS tutorial will coach you through every step of defeating the Cyclops.

The Cyclops is a level 68 monster that may be found behind a bronze Key Door in the Warriors’ Guild. You’ll need to carry enough food and potions to survive the duration of your battle, as well as a few particular weaponry. Bring at least two Dragon Defenders with you for their unique attack skills. You should also carry an anti-dragon or dragonfire shield, as well as an elemental shield and an abyssal whip.

Make careful to wipe out any other creatures in the vicinity before fighting the Cyclops. Use Protect from Melee only when absolutely necessary, since it will prevent you from obtaining any drops throughout your battle with him. Use your Dragon Defenders and elemental shields to swiftly inflict large amounts of damage to him while avoiding being struck too hard yourself. When he is beaten, keep in mind that he might drop special equipment like rune platelegs or drago defender sets.

What Is The Avernic Defender?

The Avernic Defender is a defensive dagger included in the 2022 Dragon Defender OSRS upgrade. It is one of the most powerful defensive daggers in RuneScape, with unrivaled stats. It boasts an Attack Bonus of +80 and a Defensive Bonus of +70, making it an excellent pick for high-level players seeking a strong defensive weapon. It has a market worth of around 5,000,000 coins, making it an extremely pricey commodity.

The Avernic defender also has unique powers that give extra defense and stats. Its unique strikes enable it to absorb enemy damage and return 50% of the overall damage to them instead. It also raises the Strength level of any player holding it by two levels while in battle, enabling them to collect more Experience points and do more Melee damage.

Avernic Defender Stats:

The Avernic Defender is a formidable defensive dagger introduced in Oldschool Runescape in early 2021. It is the most powerful defensive dagger available, and equipping it demands a level 75 Attack and Defense. This guide will include comprehensive weapon stats as well as battle styles, special attacks, and other information.

The Avernic Defender has a stab, slash, crush, magic, and ranged attack bonus of +67. It also possesses a +70 stab, +70 slash, +70 crush, and +70 magic defense bonus. It weighs 4kg and attacks at a speed of 6. The Avernic Defender has an aggressive attitude and uses Stabbing as its primary attack technique, with Slash as a secondary. Because of its passive position, Crush is its primary style, with Stab coming in second. The Avernic Defender’s special attack is called Judgement, and it hits substantially harder than standard auto-attacks while draining 20% of your special attack energy and doing 25% more damage to foes until refilled. Overall, this dagger is quite potent and should be included into your defensive loadout.


The Dragon Defender OSRS Guide is a must-have defensive dagger guide for 2022. It gives an in-depth look at the different dragon defenders and how they may be employed to protect gamers from deadly beasts.

The book goes into depth on the many varieties of dragon defenders, their stats and traits, unique abilities, and fighting techniques. It discusses both the attacking and defensive elements of each variety of dragon defender, as well as how to effectively equip and employ them in certain situations. It also contains comprehensive maps of some of the greatest places to practice with this deadly weapon. Finally, it offers useful ideas and guidance to novices on how to get started with dragon defenders in OSRS.

Overall, this book is a great resource for anybody trying to improve their defense in Old School RuneScape.

Dragon Defender OSRS Guide [2022]: An Essential Defensive Dagger

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